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  1. odd that often bought together £64
  2. I just might have to buy one now.
  3. Jony

    UK Based Roasters

    No you can't haha If I am mistaken I have been known to be. A few people say it;'t not great Boom 3 posts and a Link.
  4. Resistance is futile Dave haha at least you have Air Scape I have yet to get one
  5. Jony

    UK Based Roasters

    Do they roast their own, or get someone else to do it?
  6. Nope not missed anything, some people are just too nice
  7. Like Dave says at least 50, last time used 80 I think, but that is all in the past.
  8. Odd first post, and what do you call standard coffee, for me standard coffee is S.O. And I am sure denny's is chain, and I suppose it won't belong before we have a link. Or I could be wrong
  9. See you next year, keep on it a few on here have them.
  10. From what a few people say, it's a whole new ball game enjoy.
  11. I would do shot first, then wait until pressure is back up then steam milk.
  12. Click over his name and Pm him, should say message
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