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  1. Jony

    Today I tried....

    No Lavazza is the crime 😂
  2. Just picked up the P30 Pro can't believe how much better the Camera is than the P20 pro but still was tempted for Mi Note 10 but was down to the chipset.
  3. They have some really good cakes don't they I can never decide.
  4. I mentioned this but some don't even enquire I'm on this and have used numerous times. So I would suggest pay it dont ignore as people suggest that's may be a CCJ in the future.
  5. Jony

    Bemor Plus

    Need one for over Christmas or even a Mocca cheers Jony
  6. Go over to FB and go to FIGHT YOUR PRIVATE INVOICE PARKING NOTICE, they help you I am on there, before you do anything
  7. One New phone and these last few days oh and the pin from Has Bean
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