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  1. I know, but if you can't be bothered to search what do you expect. One solution is just ignore me in your settings
  2. Won't be long at his rate🤣
  3. Tons and tons and tons and tons on this already.
  4. Have both and I use very mature cheese
  5. 3k is quite pricey, what does it come with
  6. No worries. From what I've gathered the decent is supposed to be good.
  7. Well your over budget in either circumstances.
  8. Well buy the other one then that's all shiney. Twenty machines are not going saturate the market you sure it was 20.
  9. No yet it just happens I'm mega busy for a fortnight, not got a clue when it's being set up.
  10. There is another Vesuvius in the for sale
  11. Eight out of 10 buys, I going to say that's wrong and put what little street cred I have left so that smells like!! Why name the other machine them so Mara X it is then or even Ecm.
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