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  1. I need some sort of guidance, and this was mentioned. @rob177palmer
  2. Niche is on here here And is over your budget, there is a White one in the for sale area
  3. Wish it happened to me when I sent all my Niche stuff to joey haha months of messing around.
  4. Jony

    EK43 or similar

    Not me mate. If your not fast your last.🤣
  5. You could treat yourself to the White Niche in the for sale?
  6. Jony

    EK43 or similar

    I could beat you the the advert. Unless you get a PM beforehand
  7. Nope not me. Only R.O goes in my machine.
  8. If you go on Bella Barista on offers nice profitec on their offers
  9. The Lelit Bianca is in your range. or maybe a Vesuvius if one pops up.
  10. Jony

    Hello again!

    Well I asked someone for a recipe on here, not that long ago and its my go to one.
  11. Why a Rocket plenty other models are just as good.
  12. Jony

    Hello again!

    I agree once you get V60 right it is wonderful, welcome back
  13. You really should be looking at a Double Boiler upgrade that is your next step.
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