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  1. Jony

    New Phone?

    P20 Pro since 2018, was Apple
  2. Godfather of Harlem oh i's going to be good.
  3. Jony

    Coffee Hit be Quick

  4. Welcome outgrown already shame, you mention the Bianca well with Vesuvius on the forum offer you be hard pressed tp pass up just saying. My Latte art is garbage.
  5. I have had oatley and almond milk, both you can actually make your self and way more almonds in your home made version
  6. Many would be a 1000, you are at 13 what would you class many ? you are actually at a bakers dozen😎
  7. Jony


    Welcome to the forum and Sourdough and tips from you. What Coffee do you like.
  8. I don't know much about machine, but i think is a little high at 11.
  9. Tip get tools before hand! if your unsure ask the davec for what you actually need, making this a easier task to do.
  10. Never had a issue with Feld2 I did grind the opposite way once.
  11. iI wouldn't be replaced, I would just get a big flat grinder.
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