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  1. Will look bent because it's not sat in right that's all.
  2. How dare you, on a rare occasion I put a little when I have a espresso
  3. Welcome, I sure people will be here to help enjoy your stay.
  4. I did a rolo one not long ago devine, did cookies last night.
  5. Pact prices went up, so hario site, brewed by hand.
  6. Not postie my Django order still not here 6th July order. Popped to idle hands. Picked these up.
  7. May I suggest have a look on social media platforms, and update your conversation on their accounts this should move them.
  8. 100 V60s, My pouring kettle, Lunars and My Feld 2 and 500 grams coffee plastic V60. 😎Suncream and flip flops.
  9. I've just ordered from Django just my cuppa👍
  10. Until you have said Lever don't miss read what you need or don't need mine are locked right so a vice or stilsons needed
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