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  1. I have two HMV near me and I walked past today in Plymouth as well, cool thanks.
  2. Yep just had little look round and the offer was for on Ear, mine are over haha Yep you can actually please
  3. This now feels a little bit of a shocker, haha thanks for the kick in the balls, that's 6 months coffee,haha
  4. Cheated here, nipped in Richer sounds. Thanks took your recommendation, bought wired ones as the price came down to £119. @Junglebert
  5. You asked we answered you don't like. Which then you all ready know the value so why ask then.
  6. Well if that is all you have, Buy the Niche grinder and a gaggia. anything else not really worth it and a big outlay.
  7. Jony

    St Austell

    La Huella is really good have had this one.
  8. I fancy this just ordered. Usually I don't follow peoples link, but this one did tempt me.
  9. Jony

    St Austell

    Great the fruity could be Aguacate I have bag here, and one other bag they had I have forgotten which one, yes Yallah are ok. Not been to Brown sugar for ages I mean years didn't like their last coffees maybe they have changed supplier to Yallah did you say
  10. Oh god your back, where you been missed your Journals
  11. I never knead just stretch and fold, I follow the book directions.
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