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  1. Jony

    Smart plugs

    Only Got Meross banging bit of WiFi stuff
  2. My back up place is Origin San Fermin £25 kilo.
  3. Your budget is healthy have a good read and decide what one suits you, and buy once
  4. These things really do hold their price, age related £90 posted, I would never sell mine
  5. Going North Monday so anyone wants to know . so any service station will do
  6. I know someone with one of these, pm him ask him you want?
  7. No use for it need the room, and I have a brand new Vostok 2 Group sat doing nothing, no to pms
  8. I may even be able drop off from South West to North West or cumbria
  9. I have a 2 Group Vostok, still sat on the floor and a white clima Pro I don't use. And I use my SS Vesuvius and Niche. And a Moccamaster 😎
  10. Jony


    Good choice the smaller one medium one is good too.
  11. Jony

    Laptop Dilema

    All my phones latley have been P20 Pro now I have the P30 Pro, mac just works don't really fancy Windows.
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