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  1. The Black ring (none) did you mean that one?
  2. MAzzer ZM over on united baristas
  3. Transferwise is choice for this. But there will be more fees to pay I think. Doesn't matter now the deed is done.
  4. Did you use your bank or Transferwise. Well you don't ever need another machine now, just a big flat grinder haha
  5. Jony

    Food Processors

    Magi mix or Kitchen aid seen a few around £100 of kitchen magimix a little more pricy
  6. Mybe some of the Pro Cook range could suit you.
  7. Be quick with only 3 machines left at the shocking cheap price
  8. My view is pointless but other people like them due to a few grams weight diffence
  9. Well that wouldn't be a issue for me haha
  10. They are to run for your tubeless tyre never really wanted to try tubs
  11. No I never bothered let me know how you get on.
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