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  1. Back flush every day and molykote it's a cam Lever
  2. Where in Plymouth hit me up location. @Tsangpa
  3. Not the select version which I have and one in the for sale area.
  4. Not deciples I've been on the other forum since picking up my Vesuvius and lately a Vostok just like the Reiss and his Lever forum. But I do know what your getting at.
  5. Wifi plug my V is set to come on when I want it on using the internal clock.
  6. Well we all know people can be snyde.
  7. Make sure you tell people this then.
  8. MM 50 gram not going to cut it for most people unless it's pour over.
  9. Bump will add my Climo Pro in White for £2700 for both
  10. Watching Bosche now and Goliath Amazon prime.
  11. Jony


    Welcome and and a great Feld 2 buy you can't go wrong I have one it's great.
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