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  1. Yeah. Imagine what attempts 1-10 must have been like! 😂
  2. My friend was in Seattle last week and went to the Starbucks reserve roastery (stick with me) I hopped online and had a browse of their beans and selected a blend called 11... got it last week and just cracked in to it this morning. The packaging is as suitably pretentious as you’d expect. The blurb sounds promising, it’s fair to say I was excited, curious and eager to get stuck in. I opened the bag and took a deep sniff....oh god, rubber, ash, fermented fish, all the trademarks of Starbucks coffee. It seems that even when presented with high quality beans and the opportunity to actually deviate from their usual path, the temptation to roast the living beejesus out of beans still reigns supreme. These are dark, oily and smell nasty (imo I realise this is all subjective) knocked up an espresso at 18:36 in 24 seconds - no adjustment to Niche from previous beans from Extract - Veracruz espresso. Wasn’t brace enough so steamed some milk and made a flat white. Tbh it’s drinkable but not pleasant. It’s bitter, very rich but lacks any nuances mentioned on the bag. Sure it’s my first shot so not dialled in but I’m not expecting to find much citrus here. Shame really but there we go.
  3. Yes the premier cru Brazilian is lovely! Just finished a bag of it during the week. Almost ordered another but went for the rocko mountain instead. CC has become my go to roaster these days if I can’t be bothered searching the myriad other sites out there.
  4. A few from our Roccbox and larger oven too - 60% hydration dough 24 hour minimum fermentation
  5. I run two roccbox’s commercially and they are great. Not perfect for commercial use but very good. Domestically they are amazing, gas or wood, bullet proof and easy to move around. Make sure you get the turning peel as they are a game changer. Not used an Ooni but know plenty who have and they like them.
  6. I ‘think’ square mile supply a few top end London hotel/restaurants however doesn’t mean the people making it care or know how to get the best from it. That said I’m sure heston’s place at the manderin oriental in London has top end kit and they know how to use it - info from a tv programme rather than first hand experience fwiw
  7. Mazzer for my money. At least when you want to upgrade it will have a resale value not far off what you paid (assuming 2nd or 3rd + hand) whereas the sage won’t be worth a lot. It’s also likely to be a lot better longer term so you could upgrade your machine and the mazzer would still be a good grinder to pair it with
  8. Had this happen to mine from when it was brand new and sent it back ultimately. Coffee classic couldn’t solve it they just told me it was the beans I was using... i think it is to do with beans but my theory was that the lighter roasted beans when ground were more voluminous than the darker ones they dial it in with during their white glove service. Mine never worked properly but it’s odd that yours has been and has now started playing up. Have you changed beans or roast style significantly?
  9. On another note why do all toasters have a setting that causes the bread to catch fire? What is the point of the highest settings?
  10. shallow gastronorm pans (and deeper ones for that matter) come in all sizes from full size 1/1 down to 1/9 so the 1/2 is a half size and what you probably want. Nisbets as Joe has mentioned are good and they are often on sale there.
  11. Crikey their range looks bonkers. Sure there weren't that many choices last time I looked. As my R58 is out of action atm I'm back on aeropress so might have to pick up some of the fruitier sounding ones that I'd otherwise have ignored when buying for espresso
  12. I've had them before; this version not the mahogany roast. They are darker than the sort of bean you'd get from Foundry for example or any other light roast but they certainly weren't oily or black when I had some. I liked them fwiw.
  13. Coffee compass is your friend. Their blends will certainly cut through milk, some will cut steel
  14. Their red roast blend is a good solid coffee for milk drinks. You won’t get anything fruity out of it
  15. Had this in a french press earlier 16g coffee to 250g water. Used the James Hoffman method but probably left it too long for the second steep (around 15 mins). It was alright, drinkable but nothing to shout about. I think that's probably what this coffee is all about though isn't it. It's not going to be mind blowing for the price but if it's drinkable and not offensive (which it wasn't) then it's good enough. I'll try another later and go tighter on the grind as I still had a lot of silt in the cup although I appreciate technique is a factor here. My theory being a bit finer will actually produce less of the unwanted 'fines' than going coarser will or is that rubbish?
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