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  1. Have a look at the wilfa uniform, Its easy to go from espresso to filter and is within budget. I would say save up for a niche though
  2. I have used the ENEA on demand a lot, has a really handy piece of software on it for keeping your weight dialled in through fineness adjustments. What are you looking at / thinking about exactly?
  3. Hi Kitch I can deliver for £180. Its a deal Drop me a DM
  4. Hi, I've fixed the images. You should be able to see them now.
  5. I'm selling my gloss black Mignon Mk II that I have had for 2 years. Purchased originally from Bella Barista in Oct 2016 it still has just over 1 year of warranty. It has seen very light use at home due to my espresso set up being second to filter, around 40kg on the current burrs. I will include a brand new set of spare burrs. Selling due to all my espresso equipment being under used. Selling for £180. Pick up from Norwich or can deliver for £10
  6. I joined because my housemate was tired of me talking about coffee! Let us know how you find it
  7. I have never come across a job post or coffee shop that favours a qualification over passion and skill. If its purely for learning, a basic course and chatting to the people in your local shop + on here is probably a much better route
  8. Yeah that concrete is not going to stay clean for long
  9. I browsed the site a couple of times before signing up. Everyone seems so helpful it didn't take a second thought
  10. Found it through google when searching a maintenance query
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