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  1. My favorite brand is Original Beans: https://originalbeans.com/ Zotter is also pretty good - https://www.zotter.at/en/online-shop/brands/labooko.
  2. This is bit different style of bread, Polish style Whole grain flour (rye and wheat) from stone mill powered by water, rye sourdough, sunflower seed, poppy seeds, salt, honey. On top Nigella sativa and sesame seeds. It is fresh and tasty even 10 days after being baked.
  3. Correct, at the beginning there was only standard cone. Later they introduced a light cone, then the filter one. I have the light cone installed.
  4. For home use and grind by weight etxMax is really hard to beat: https://etzinger-ag.com/grinders-en/etzmax-m-en.
  5. @coffeechap - yes, makes perfect sense to start with standard burrs if you want to keep the price at reasonable level. However, it would be great, if there will be option to upgrade to different burr set, when ordering the grinder, to make sure end-user doesn't have play with alignment. So we start with price X with standard burr, then you have an option for SSP for +250 GBP, etc... Unless you believe there won't be any benefit of different burr set like SSP HU.
  6. All the best for the project! I would like to see single dosing grinder with minimum electronic parts. Just switch on, plug the pF, pour the coffee beans, wait several second for the grinding to complete, take the PF, tamp, brew. Would be great to have vertical burrs. If sky is the limit I would put the SSP 98mm high uniformity as a standard, with options to exchange for SSP brew burrs or SSP Italian espresso. Perfect alignment from factory. A big benefit would be the ability to easily switch between burrs sets. Easy to clean. Would be ideal, if the grinder is near zero r
  7. For machine, I am already there - LR. For grinder - I am very happy with etzMax, but if I had unlimited budget, I would like to have one more grinder: Monolith Max with SSP burrs. And IKawa Pro for home roasting.
  8. 1. Boiler is not insulated. 2. In LR rotary pump should be more silent. Resolved now in LR24. 3. When I moved from NS Musica to LR, I was missing a volumetric dosing. Or at least a button to stop extraction. 4. For this price, quality control at factory should be better. In my unit for example older version of pstat was installed, which failed after few months. It was exchanged for free, but still... Other then that, great machine. For myself, end-game.
  9. On a daily basis I use Baratza Forte BG. It is great grinder, the moment I got it, I stopped using C40 - the coffee tastes much better with Forte BG. The same burrset (flat steel burrs (BG)) can also be installed in Baratza Vario. However some people are questioning reliability of Vario. I can't comment on this. Few weeks ago I was testing Eureka Mignon Filtro - pretty good grinder, especially in mid range. The drawback is lack of scale or timer, so it takes some time to get used to visually asses the amount of beans grounded. But the grind quality was really good, especially when th
  10. I had Niche and Forte BG. Forte is Vario made for commercial environment. So I can't comment on reliability of Vario, but Forte works great. I exchanged ceramic burrs with steel burrs (BG). If you are looking for espresso grinder go for Niche. If you are looking for single dosing grinder - go for Niche. If you are looking for on-demand grinder for espresso - go for Vario. If you are looking for pour-over grinder go for Vario with steel burrs. If you are looking for grinder for both espresso and pour-over - go for Niche.
  11. It is cheap, it take a lot of place so it is visible. It makes people feel good, they feel prepared. And yes, it is annoying when it ends
  12. Interesting. I did some googling and found this article. I do not have enough scientific knowledge to decide how accurate is this article, but because it is n the SCA site, at least it is worth reading. And from experience, there is a difference in coffee taste related to temperature. It is also very noticeable with good teas. Try brew coffee with 80 C and boiling water, the difference is obvious. The winner - as long as you have good coffee the one with boiled water is much better. If you want opposite results, do the brewing of good green tea, 70-80 C versus boiling water. Here, th
  13. Thanks @Man_Cave. Yep, I am sure you will be happy with the scale. It is perfect for espresso. And really beautiful. Please move to sold.
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