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  1. On a daily basis I use Baratza Forte BG. It is great grinder, the moment I got it, I stopped using C40 - the coffee tastes much better with Forte BG. The same burrset (flat steel burrs (BG)) can also be installed in Baratza Vario. However some people are questioning reliability of Vario. I can't comment on this. Few weeks ago I was testing Eureka Mignon Filtro - pretty good grinder, especially in mid range. The drawback is lack of scale or timer, so it takes some time to get used to visually asses the amount of beans grounded. But the grind quality was really good, especially when the hopper was full (it is not designed to single dosing). Quite interesting grinder is also Eureka Mignon Brew Pro. At least by looking at spec, so far I was not able to test it.
  2. I had Niche and Forte BG. Forte is Vario made for commercial environment. So I can't comment on reliability of Vario, but Forte works great. I exchanged ceramic burrs with steel burrs (BG). If you are looking for espresso grinder go for Niche. If you are looking for single dosing grinder - go for Niche. If you are looking for on-demand grinder for espresso - go for Vario. If you are looking for pour-over grinder go for Vario with steel burrs. If you are looking for grinder for both espresso and pour-over - go for Niche.
  3. It is cheap, it take a lot of place so it is visible. It makes people feel good, they feel prepared. And yes, it is annoying when it ends
  4. Interesting. I did some googling and found this article. I do not have enough scientific knowledge to decide how accurate is this article, but because it is n the SCA site, at least it is worth reading. And from experience, there is a difference in coffee taste related to temperature. It is also very noticeable with good teas. Try brew coffee with 80 C and boiling water, the difference is obvious. The winner - as long as you have good coffee the one with boiled water is much better. If you want opposite results, do the brewing of good green tea, 70-80 C versus boiling water. Here, the clean winner will the tea brewed in cooler water. Few quotes: "When chemists speak of extraction they are referring to the specific separation of a particular substance from a mixture (or whole product)." "Hydrolysis is one of these types of reactions. It is a general chemical reaction that occurs when water reacts with another compound to alter it or break it down." "The second type of chemical reaction that occurs during coffee extraction are known as dissolution processes. In dissolution, water solubility of compounds allows them to be dissolved into the water and hence extracted into the coffee beverage. Examples include chlorogenic, acetic, malic, and other acids, as well as caffeine and trigonelline (Arya and Rao 2007). " "Finally, the third type of chemical reaction which occurs during brewing is known as diffusion. In diffusion, wherever solutes are not distributed uniformly throughout a solution, there is a concentration gradient. Consequently, solutes diffuse from zones of high concentration to where it is lower. In coffee, this means areas of high coffee concentrations (the grounds) move to areas of low coffee concentration (the water). An important particular case where these concentration gradients result in the diffusion of compounds is called osmosis. Osmosis is the net movement of solvent molecules through a membrane (in this case, a cell wall) into a region of lower solute concentration. "
  5. Thanks @Man_Cave. Yep, I am sure you will be happy with the scale. It is perfect for espresso. And really beautiful. Please move to sold.
  6. @Man_Cave, ok, we have a deal. Let's talk on PM to agree logistics.
  7. pj.walczak

    Audio Buffs

    Can you point me to the TV model you have? Looking at this Sonos it has only 3,5 mm input, so you can't use optical cable. You will have to somehow transfer audio from your TV to sonos using standard cable with 3,5 plugs. Usually there should be heaphones output somewhere on your TV. And I would not like to disappoint you, but for TV the Beam would be much better option than Play 5. Play 5 is more to connect iPod, or stream wired/wireless music to it.
  8. I will have the grinder for the weekend. If anyone is interested with this grinder and wants to contribute to what shall I test, just post it here.
  9. Original genuine Londinium double spout portafilter that I bough together with my LR, November 2017. I no longer split shots into singles, so only NPF is in use. DS PF is in perfect shape. Supplied with standard 16g LR basket. 50 GBP + shipping cost.
  10. My Cinco is still for sale if you are looking for espresso scale.
  11. I reduce the price to 140 GBP.
  12. Update: My collegue asked me to keep it for him for next two days, so for now the sale is on hold.
  13. Original Ona Coffee OCD Coffee Distribution Tool - V2 - Gold, bought March 2018 at Seattle Coffee Gear. Asking price: 95 GBP + shipping cost. Can be combined with Acaia Cinco for additional 10% discount.
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