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  1. Could you please tell me more about how to clean waterway feeding the holder? Thanks Also any other suggestions or opinions? :/
  2. OK. Thanks for the comments and suggestions. Now slowly... Since I'm not very good in english, let alone more specific proffesional terms, I will probably ask many more questions. A few months ago I did unscrew this first mesh that comes off after you unscrew the main screw you can see. I also took the (probably brass) plate off and put all those in pully caff. This last thing - "group waterway feeding" - I don't know what it means There is probably some mechanical blocking going on right? Thank you for your help
  3. Hi all. I am not sure that my Fracino cherub head is letting the water out as it should. There are ocasionaly some blasts and small sprouts on sides (never when portafilter is locked, I don't have bottomless one). Is this a problem? Should this be fixed and how? Does this impact on the end result of my coffee? Thanks to any opinions.
  4. I'm in need of any old and portafilter if you have any lying around and is not being used. E61 group head. Thank you
  5. And I just want to know if you who know more about grinders then I do (not hard to find such a fellow), do you think that grinders like Eureka Mignon and such are better the old italian grinders that were used in bars and such, like la san marco SM90 (flat burr 74mm) or upper posted Gaggia (flat burr 64mm)?
  6. Hi there! I have bought/got a old old gaggia grinder, it looks super cool, but it needs some cleaning and maintaining... I have a question, the burrs I think are around 63-64mm diameter. Do you think this grinder is sufficent enough for espresso making? Like using it with my Cherub or any other E61 machine? I already have a old commercial grinder with burrs of size approx 72mm so I think that one is better?? The main problem remains on both grinders - that I can not adjust micro and macro. I think the size chages too fast. Thanks for opinions and comments, Regards!
  7. Hi! can anyone recomend me some espresso shops in London. Even better would be second hand shops, but not that important. Specificaly I'm looking for portafilters for my Fracino Cherub. Thanks for any help!
  8. Hi all! I have a HX machine Fracino Cherub. In a rather bad state, but this is not important right now. What I wanted to ask and debate is this: I will not be using my machine now for 14 days and then I'll be home for few days and again it will stand on my counter unused for two weeks again, and so on for 2-3 months. What I want to know is, should I completly drain the machine, like done in video below? Since I'm not a technical guy, I really don't want to unscrew the top bolt to and flp it to drain it, because I'm affraid the it will not work the same once I put it back together. Is it ok to just normal drain the boiler? I have rather hard water (I know I should use bottled or filterd water, and I sometimes do, but it's not always possible), so I'm really affraid that some nasty scale and minerals will clog my machine while it sits unused for 2 weeks at a time. Thanks for any suggestions and help!
  9. Hi! I'm in need of portafilter, either a single sprout one or bottomless one for E61 group head (I have a Fracino Cherub). I'm also in need of single (7-9g) baskets. Shipping to EU, we can find a cheap solution together. Offers please in PM. Thank you!
  10. I have an old san marco SM90/A. I like it and as far as I can tell it grinds good (although I must admit I don't really know what good grinding should look like).
  11. Thanks all for your input! I'll see how things look in the grinder since I did not open it for quite some time and it was used when I bought it. I'm a bit affraid of unscrewing burrs and that I won't be able to put them back together (it's just a fear, "don't fix what....", and the fact that I'm not even 1% MacGuyver).
  12. I know puly caff also has cleaning crystals (which you apparently just put in the grinder machine and grind them if I understand correctly, link below) for burrs but unfortunately I can't get them to my country. https://a1coffee.net/puly-caff-grinder-cleaner.html I was wondering if the puly caff would be OK, since according to the instrucitons on the label you can soak also the portafilters in the solution of 10g in 1L of water for 15 minutes.
  13. Would it be wise to unscrew the burrs and soak them in pully caff once a year?
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