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  1. Ah yes, we managed to sweet talk Paul at Vagabond into allocating us all the greens they had of this in the warehouse as an exclusive... Sorry :-s
  2. Glad you're enjoying it... More juicy bangers in the pipeline for next month 😂
  3. Thanks for all the lovely comments and welcome on board @Bhoy Wonder Su
  4. We always keep an eye out for Pineapple notes 🍍... Red Bank, Crankhouse and Black Cat have that coffee in stock - Pineapple Candy.
  5. Thanks all, as always ?... We really do love the Rocko Mountain - although I would say if you're just starting your journey down the rabbit hole @JonnyAour 'darker' sub includes more forgiving coffees with more traditional notes (this month is a Peru blend from Rum Baba in Amsterdam and Foundry's Colombia) Dave
  6. Lovely too see our boxes in the posite thread, thank you and enjoy everyone! Su
  7. Pedal Back Cycling in West Brompton has a nice little cafe serving Girls Who Grind
  8. It's really more of a 'Traditional tasting notes and Blends' subscription... But Dialled In Darker had more of a ring to it ? We focus that subscription on roaster's House blends and single origins with more chocolate, nut, caramel-type flavours (think crowd-pleasing, easy-extracting espresso shots)... And these tend to be a touch darker (but very rarely glossy beans)
  9. ... We do give the roasters extra bonus points when they send us pictures of their own dogs wearing hats - this month we have Lila, who helps run the Cocora roastery in Malaga ?
  10. Hi there, we do still have a handful of this month's boxes left. So if you were to order now we'd get that in the post for you tomorrow. Su and Dave
  11. Hi All, Thank you for all your kind words, environmentally wise we ship in plain cardboard, printed and recyclable, we print on recycled paper and we do not print excessive cards or use colour. In regards to roasters we do check them for ethical practice, North Star are absolutely one of the best, Horsham are also very transparent. Jack was referring to out 'Initiative' subscription that was on the site, but came off for a proper launch early this year. This sub only includes roasters like Manumit (supporting victims of modern Day Slavery) and then there are New Ground and Redemptio
  12. Hi @Kitkat, My advice would probably be to go finer and longer - for our Dialled In settings we had to go down to 1.6 on our EK43 (which is the finest we'll go with an espresso roast in the sub, as we've found that to be about equivalent to the limit of most consumer espresso grinders) and then we pulled the shot out to 1:2.25 (18g in 41g out). Those settings put the extraction as below and hit the Blackberry notes. If you're still struggling, do drop us a line. Dave
  13. DogandHat

    Dog and hat

    Thanks @phil104 and welcome @jackabb and....thank for posting @catpuccino Offer stands until the end of the month, but we ship next week!
  14. @Hasi We could do with some samples coming though with this batch or send directly, will drop you a DM. Put us down for 500g of the new mystery light roast. I am bit of a neaderthol but I want to add 9. Su - 500g light roast and subscription samples, but those we need to discuss, as we don't want samples of coffee we just included! Drop me a DM with a list of your coffee greens.
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