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  1. @Hasi We could do with some samples coming though with this batch or send directly, will drop you a DM. Put us down for 500g of the new mystery light roast. I am bit of a neaderthol but I want to add 9. Su - 500g light roast and subscription samples, but those we need to discuss, as we don't want samples of coffee we just included! Drop me a DM with a list of your coffee greens.
  2. Lovely to stumble across us as recommended, thanks to anyone that has mentioned Dog & Hat. Price Wise we are low compared to some subs, as Tom says the margins are thin, but fine in volume - but we believe in not really being more than roasters, and our value is putting together different coffees in the right order for a price that is affordable. Some months it would cost you more to buy the coffees we include off the shelf off the roasters! Also you can buy extra bags from the 8/9 bags coming in that month in the Members area to add to your box, usually around the £8 mark, which Members can take advantage off, and its just bundled in the same box and postage. As an aside, we are SCA certified and now exactly what to look for these days! This wasn't meant to be a sales pitch, but we do re-evaluate what is important to us, and that is commitment and value, you have to have value, and we do achieve that I hope. Su x
  3. ... yeah, we're taking liberties a little 😉 PNG is technically Oceania but it is right on the border between the two regions
  4. Hi @cold war kid, it certainly does seem all about trends - the current trend for fruity, floral, high-acidity coffee is an issue because the terrain in most Asian countries just doesn't easily lend itself to producing those coffees. As Glenn says, you'll find Asian coffee still forms the backbone of most speciality blends (mainly to provide body) but people aren't falling over themselves to get hold of full bodied, earthy, spicy single-origin speciality coffees at the moment. We've seen a definite change in the region though and have managed to include some interesting coffee from East Timor, a couple from China, Papua New Guinea and Myanmar... but they aren't the typical South East Asian profiles (I think we've have had one Sumatran and one Vietnam coffee in the subs that were more 'traditional' for the region). We've tested a few Indian and Sumatran coffees recently and haven't felt they'd fit in the main sub - though now we have the Dark(er) sub you might start seeing them appear more frequently in there. In fact, we've just done the maths and it turns out that Asian coffee has made up ~10% of the coffee we've shipped compared to say, Africa which made up ~33%.... and I'd suspect these numbers would be pretty similar to the market as a whole currently.
  5. Hey, can you please advise if there is still one available? Thanks Su
  6. We have a winner! Its always great to get involved with Coffee Forums, such a fun lovely bunch of people. Some great entries have come in over the weekend and I love them all, the range of dogs with 'hattitude' (a word I have just stolen off @Snakehips) is just amazing, all so beautiful. I did laugh out loud at all of them, especially the bow on the Guinea Pig, if we ever open another business it will be called Guinea Pig & Bow! We could look at these pictures for ages, however the judges have come back with their winners, here they are in all their glory! Junglebert you are the luck winner of the Picture and Coffee, and Jony and Mildred I have something for you also! 1st Place @Junglebert 2nd Place @Jony 3rd Place @MildredM Again, a huge thank you to @snakehips for all his 'artwork' and support. Thanks Su
  7. If there are any more entries, please drop them in before 3pm and I will collate and contact the judges! x
  8. Nice Hat Loki, he is a handsome dog! :-)
  9. Wait, who is this, whats their name?! Hello
  10. I am getting a notice board and these are all going up!! #mintyrocks
  11. Hahah...sniffle snoffle little Guinea Pig!
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