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  1. glad to hear you both enjoyed the Ethiopian Duromina, hope the other 2 bags go the same way.
  2. @Grimley Website is currently on its way, had a few issues with payment systems etc so not fully live yet. will hopefully be doing the Southwold market either during the week or at the weekend, had a stop start to attending the markets but will be at Wenhaston (very hear southwold) tomorrow and every last sat of the month, likely also at Laxfield every first sat. Have a unit in Halesworth town centre as well and will eventually be setup there for retail but currently just for roasting just now.
  3. Thanks all, went faster than expected - looks like they are all gone. Planter - if anything else is in the box your name is on it
  4. Rob1 - yes mate, me 2!!! igm45 - should be 1 x brazil andre sanchez left for you, - Cheers
  5. Cambosheff - Duro / Guji / Huye - £11.95 Tsangpa - Duro / Guji / Sanchez - £11.95 FEZ - Duro / Huye - £8.95 rob177palmer - Duro / Huye - £8.95 ihavelund - Duro / Sanchez - £8.95 Rob1 - Sanchez x 2 - £8.95 so looks like 1 x sanchez left...I think?
  6. FEZ - £8.95 rob177palmer - 1 x duromina and 1 huye mountain - £8.95 ihavelund - only 1 durmomina and 1 sanchez?....confirm - £8.95 remaining Brazil -Andre Sanchez Estate - x 2 Unless I have counted or missed anything please let me know first up wins as always will confirm everything shortly
  7. Cambosheff - £11.95 Tsangpa - £11.95 will PM with payment details ROM only 2 Guji unfortunately so all gone, remaining below Ethiopia Duromina - x 3 Rwanda -Huye Mountain - x 2 Brazil -Andre Sanchez Estate - x 4
  8. Hi All, Just got the all ok from Glenn for this; Had a local market booked on Sat but unfortunately couldnt make it over the weekend and as a result have around 15 bags of coffee going spare and unlikely to be used until next market on 23/2 (will be roasting fresh batch for this) All were roasted on 1st Feb, all 250g bags and medium roasted. (bean info below all from Falcon) Just looking to cover some costs and have them used so cost is £3 plus £2.95 inc shipping (in large kraft valve bags so unlikely to make large letter depth so will need to be RM 2nd class @ £2.95 unless anyone knows a cheaper service? Ethiopia Duromina - x 5 FSC-1580, Duromina Lot 21, Variety: Heirloom, Process: Washed, Profile: Nectarine, magnolia, honey. Very juicy, delicate and complex. Intense honey sweetness. Cup Score: 88 Ethiopia Guji Highland - x 2 FSC-1498, Variety: Heirloom, Process: Natural, Profile: Intense, blueberry jam, cream and lime zest. Cup Score: 89 Rwanda -Huye Mountain - x 3 FSC-1380, Lot 0320, Variety: Red Bourbon, Process: Washed, Cup Profile: Peach & golden raisin with a refined citrus acidity. Cup Score: 86.5 Brazil -Andre Sanchez Estate - x 5 FSC-1456, Variety: Mundo Novo & Bourbon, Process: Natural, Cup Profile: Plum, hazelnut, chocolate, praline and full bodied. Cup Score: 84.5 Any questions let me know, if you want more than 1 then happy to bundle shipping up to weight limits.
  9. for reference my water quality is very hard mg / litre as calcium 192 mg / litre as calcium carbonate 480 ° Clarke 33.6 ° German 26.88 ° French 48
  10. for those that are in the know - would this be a suitable setup for mains filter? https://www.osmiowater.co.uk/watts-ezfitpro-400-small-whole-house-water-filter-system.html they also have a specific coffee one, but just seems the flow rate is less and needs separate tap.
  11. I think I have been modded down a few K's, thats why I need to be a proxy for others to get mine up above 100!!
  12. @MildredM Maybe you could PM your next post at random to other current online members, get them to post on your behalf to get their count up on the way to 10k!!
  13. my black lab has a fetish for Bananas, sits bolt upright in front of you while you eat it waiting for the the slightest hint she will get a bit of the end.....To be fair she also had a fistfull of kitchen towel in her gob the other day that I had used to clean the grill pan....practically had to have my hand down her throat to get it out as she choked on it and all for the slightest lick of fat!!
  14. SoleBay

    Advice on Whiskey

    Another one to throw in the mix is Highland Park 12yr old single malt. I am not a great whisky drinker (even being from Scotland) and hate the peaty, strong throat busters but the Highland Park is very smooth and a bit of a sweeter finish. very easy drinking and a good one to start off with, usually get a few deals just now for around £20-25, well worth a punt.
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