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  1. Hi there, did you sell your mignon in the end? Best of luck with the zero too btw!

  2. Yes, Thanks for the offer, I’ll take that. Will pm to arrange payment and delivery
  3. My Niche has finally arrived so now selling my Eureka Mignon mk2. Bought new just on 3 years ago and used for 2-4 shots most days. Cosmetically in excellent condition. Includes original packaging and instructions. £175 plus £20 postage, or collection from Ilkley
  4. Well mine just arrived after a false alarm from DPD yesterday. First one on 15 was a bit fine.
  5. Me too, looks like a lot went yesterday
  6. My DB did exactly the same thing a couple of times after descaling but came back to life each time after being left switched off for a couple of days. In the end the level probes were changed under warranty but it's possible yours might start working again until you can get a replacement.
  7. Hi Have owned my DB for nearly 2 years now without any problems but descaled it yesterday and had no steam afterwards, just 3 beeps. It looks like the steam boiler didn’t fill at some point in the process. I couldn’t get it to work yesterday but after being switched off overnight it worked OK again this morning. Anyone else had this or know what the problem is?
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