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  1. Welcome from sunny Newtonhill...
  2. Dr Wu

    Another Scot!

    Welcome from up the road in Aberdeenshire! (And frequently further afield!)
  3. A wee update on this. The Oomph has been relegated to the Garage. The reasons being firstly , its a faff. Despite the blurb , it's a pain to clean properly . The suggested rinse method always leaves some residual grounds in the container. Secondly , it's inefficient. There are a number of seals which can easily deform or slip out of position leading to leaks and being unable to fully engage the plunger. Thirdly , the coffee doesn't taste any better that the much simpler Aeropress. It also seems to lose heat very quickly. Maybe preheating the device would help but that would only increase the faff factor. Your mileage may vary but for my purposes it is additional effort for no improvement in quality of the coffee so it has to go. And I still think it's a daft name.....
  4. Welcome from another Scot although a good bit further North than you
  5. Getting ready for my next work trip ( 4 weeks away) and the handle for my Feldgrind is missing .... Anyone had this problem before and can suggest a solution ? I have emailed MBK to ask if they can supply a replacement but as we know comms are not their thing. There is a slight possibility that I have left it at work but cant risk getting there and having nothing to grind with for 4 weeks and really dont want to take ready ground with me for that length of time so may have to purchase a temporary grinder ( open to suggestions on that too please) I'm hoping someone has got a mate with a machine who could make a handle for me but any suggestions would be welcomed. TIA Steve
  6. I bought one a few months back but only now getting the chance to try it out. My normal method of brewing is an Aeropress with the steel mesh so I thought I would get similar results but the Oomph gives a much cleaner cup which I assume is down to the mesh size. I'm still experimenting with ratios etc but at the moment I am enjoying the Aeropress coffee more . I'm not an expert but for me I get more of the subtle flavours and more enjoyable mouthfeel with the Aeropress but that may be simply down to having may be down to me having more practice. With regard to cleaning, again I find the Aeropress a good bit easier but it not really a big deal . I only fully dismantle the Oomph after 6 or so cups and give it a full clean under the tap with a good rinse in between. I cant give any optimisation tips just yet as I think it will take a bit more practice to dial things in to my taste . Daft name tho.....
  7. Grinder has arrived ! Unfortunately I am about 400 miles away from it at the moment and will have to wait to try it out......
  8. Hurrah! Email arrived last night to say my Feldgrind has been dispatched. Delivery tomorrow hopefully.........................
  9. [quote= Dr Wu, please could you post here when you receive? I'll do the same. Will do
  10. Anyone received theirs yet? I ordered on 1st September but no sign as yet.
  11. Apologies if this has already been posted elsewhere but I was browsing this morning and noticed that Knock are doing a final run of Feldgrinds before discontinuing them for the foreseeable future. Bagged on for myself but thought I would post up the availability as I believe they are quite highly sought after. Link below http://www.madebyknock.com/store/p24/the_feldgrind%3A__October_2014_-_September_2017.html
  12. Dr Wu

    Grind to brew time?

    The Aerogrind would be ideal but from reading on this Forum it seems Knock aren't the most speedy at getting things out the door. I will place a want ad but really need something to replace my cheapy grinder from Amazon
  13. Dr Wu

    Grind to brew time?

    Feldgrind is top of my list but they are almost impossible to find.
  14. Dr Wu


    Thanks for the welcome but the name is the title of a Steely Dan song , no reference to ©rap music, LOL Really shows my age!
  15. Lol, sorry , must read the whole post , not like it was that long... Welcome again, from Aberdeenshire
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