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  1. Welcome, be care full your $$$ this is a great hobby
  2. Helle there, nice setup :-)
  3. £50 its isent a orginal, there is many chinese copys out there, the Fuli Royal have a price tag about 400- 500 uk£ [h=1][/h]
  4. The good ting is there are more fokus on alignment than versalab
  5. Agree, people with supermarket beans always have problems with espresso :-D
  6. Hi there, I am from Denmark :-)
  7. Hi There, you nyunnan pu'ereed to post more to get acess to more treads in this forum :-)
  8. JackHK

    Hello Tread

    Any one wanna to say hello in this Tea room hello tread
  9. JackHK

    Hello Tread

    After 5 post I buy something here, now I found another area needs 25 post
  10. Same story here, I leave my QM V2b for more than 4 month, so before I leave my machine.. I descale it and empty all water from tank and both boilers, when I am back home.. fill tank and I have same issue, I only let the machine run briefly, about 15 sec at the time "in think" and help with blow a little in the hose to the pump (to move water forward) after that its run just like you describes, but next day, machine is normal again (I think when no air in the system)
  11. JackHK

    Lyn Weber EG-1

    I take this beauty for the asking price, Thanks @EricC
  12. I buy 2 machines from Elektros, great service
  13. Hello Dear forum, I have been reding here for some time, and today I found out some post I can not view?? you need 20 post before you can read this Hmmm... now 18 to go, have a nice day
  14. They start for some monthe ago, I think back in Febuary, they add around 100 pcs in ther shop.. only for asia ! Thx for info about open for another contry, hope EG-1 v2 soon will ready
  15. I have same qustionand ask Eureka about this Me: Its it possible to add Mythos TITANIUM burrs in your Eureka Drogheria MCD4 75mm grinder? Eureka : Yes, sure. Marco Antonelli Eureka – Export Sales Manager This shop also confirm this https://speedwellcoffee.com/products/eureka-olympus-75mm-burrs
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