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  1. A lot of the pictures is disappeared in the forum and our support banner
  2. You can't feed the Niche when motor is running, cause its will stop when you open the lid
  3. törnqvist is my favorit place in Hamburg https://goo.gl/maps/rUNciskF6Yw
  4. Crazzy.. look same like cell phone holder for car 4 us$ with just add a mirror, but its coffee tool of course its 79 US$ https://www.ebay.com/itm/Li38-360-Magnetic-Tablet-Stand-Holder-Magnet-Call-Phone-Tablet-GPS-Sony-LG-/382248280753?var=&ef_id=CjwKCAjw7MzkBRAGEiwAkOXexP7SJACLRGXksjrBzmJp1QCnT3U1rBV9gnAvJLJ43rRaqxzzzYZDwxoCE38QAvD_BwE:G:s
  5. Why not? how are yours different You can try catch him on FB for advice https://www.facebook.com/wug2grinder So easy installation, try see this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ie-Es5k77Fo
  6. EG-1 or Wug2Grinder : Motorize Your HG-1 https://wug2grinder.boutir.com
  7. Sorry always limited luggage space, but next month you are welcome to ordre and pick up in my place, probably its will be the same price but more fun
  8. EG-1 new Ultra SSP burrs just launched
  9. Wug2Grinder (from Hong Kong) : Motorize Your HG-1 https://wug2grinder.boutir.com
  10. grinder particle size distribution
  11. I dont like blends ;-) only use SO, just buy fantastic light roasted coffee (Biloya – Etiopia) from Clevercoffee https://clevercoffee.dk/en/produkt/coffee-en/biloya-etiopia/ Just love this bean for my Flath Whites Specifications Origin: Etiopien Region: Yirgacheffe Washing station: Biloya Variety: Heirloom Processing: Natural Altitude: 1850 masl Harvest: January 2018 Taste: Clean, sweet and transparent with notes of red berries and red grapes.
  12. Finally good news from LWW EG-1 v2 US$ 3495,- https://lynweber.com/product/eg-1/
  13. Thans for sharing Looks much beter than Mazzer Kony, the grind setting looks improved
  14. Lyn Weber EG-1 v2 show on SCAJ World Specialty Coffee Conference and Exhibition 2018 http://www.scajconference.jp/eng/ pictures by "wug2grinder" from HB forum
  15. Agree... IsI also bring one on the market, looks like its 1L and Hatfields is 0,5L but not easy to see the corect spec. https://www.isi.com/us/culinary/products/detail/product/710/ 8 Delectable Nitro Coffee and Tea Recipes for the NitroPress (Prima-coffee) https://prima-coffee.com/learn/article/nitropress-recipes Any one who bought and has experience?
  16. World of home espresso is wonderfull, be carfull $
  17. JackHK

    Lyn Weber EG-1

    Received in perfect condition and excatly like describe, Thank you so much @EricC Sorry England for lose at LWW dot, I promise to take good care of this beauty.
  18. JackHK


    Hi there, this is a good start :-)
  19. Hi there, welcome :-)
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