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  1. I dont believe alignment can do it?, like i write in the first post.. I can go finer but then I need to lift the burr holder little with my nail like on the picture for the burrs not touching
  2. Here is the finest grind I can get from this without burrs is touching, just little to fine for Kalita
  3. The burr is only touching when i gently touch the burr top in the font like in the video, I try take apart and collect again many time, stop where burr is touch is same position every time 😢
  4. I also try "Rocky mod" first with a single layer of thread tape and once more with a double layer, but it is scraped off, so unfortunately the fine idea from Morten did not work
  5. No springs, https://www.cafeparts.com/Espresso-Coffee-Grinder-Parts/Compak/K3-Touch-K3-Shop-K3-Push
  6. Today I try clean everything, but still same resultat 😢
  7. Yes, I clean it completely, and already exploded the diagram and check everything is intact
  8. Because like i show in the video, burrs are touching when i push on top at the grinder with my finger, when i release my finger burrs are not touching.
  9. I just buy used k3 grinder can't grind fine enough for espresso? the grinder is from 2008, I do not think it seems like it can be fixed with metal tape and alignment, any help or input for solution?
  10. I just buy used k3 grinder with similar problem, I edit and made new thread istede highjack this
  11. eureka, eureka, eureka with Largest burr diameter you can afford
  12. Dear forum "Scam Warning" I but Acaia scale at royalcoffeeshop.com to good price, the shop is located in taxfree Singapore after what they say ? I ordre 15 November 2019 shipping to tax free Hong Kong, promised delivery date 14 December, first they gave me wrong tracking number and correct it the day after (ok) here I can see another customers order from Israel also not deliver ? Tracking Number : IDRO45KYS0UHMXWG Estimates Goods Received Date 12 December 2019 Shipping company information : PT Nusantara International http://www.nusain.com I contacted royalcoff
  13. How to ordre this nfn disk? I buy my niche zero in Hong Kong
  14. Hmmm not much description on the kelvin roaster??? 120 grams popcorn air popper with timer ? https://www.kelvinroaster.com/design
  15. Ikea Spice jar ? use it every day, fits nice to the 58mm basket after grindning https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/rajtan-spice-jar-glass-aluminium-colour-40064702/
  16. JackHK


    I buy mine in Hong Kong retail, + you can pick up same day, - more expensive even HK is taxfree https://www.coheehk.com/product-page/niche-zero
  17. La Marzocco, Automatic milk steamer, expected quarter 3 2020
  18. DIAMOND INSIDE BURRS The new patented process for a superior crystal structure of the burrs https://www.eureka.co.it/en/news/id/73.aspx
  19. Eureka did it again ? Future is comming "Eureka Zeuz" Some outer parts are still 3D printed, so the design will maby be little differents when launch, look the Burr's direction, its very easy to open just remove the plastic cover outlet funnel, its simlar like the Lynweber EG-1 85 mm flat, diamond burrs, touch display, 1400 rpm, power 1,5 Kw., weight 25 Kg. / 55,12 lb, grind 5,5 to 6,5 grams /sek.
  20. Agnieszka Rojewska introduced boiler less prototype espresso machine with in-line induction heaters at Carimali booth
  21. Little at BB Crem One - Dual Boiler PID with Rotary Pump. LFPP (low flow pressure profiling) https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/crem-one-dual-boiler-pid-r-lfpp-wt-wc.html
  22. @DaveC Do you find out what Crem means with (low flow pressure profiling?)
  23. Ditting K804 Lab Sweet Burrs
  24. Even direct at BB its the same file name https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/pdf/GeneCafeCBR101closerlookv3.pdf this file is from 2008 or before
  25. To get more even grind ? I never load my EG-1 with out motor is spinning, with conical grinder its even more important
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