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  1. Probleme solve, Cleaning Inlet Check Valve, actually there was no problem with the brew or puck
  2. Hey Coffee friends I just decale my Quick Mill V2B, but the brew manometer behave strange, and keep hold the presure? so i remove and descale the "no return" Inlet valve, just like Clevecoffee's gude here https://clivecoffee.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000333734-Quick-Mill-LUCCA-M58-Vetrano-2B-Cleaning-Inlet-Check-Valve But its was not successful, here is a video I still guess this is may be the "no return" Inlet valve or do I miss some thing?
  3. No, what I 'm saying is the steam power is better in both Profitec 700 and ECM Synchronika, than other similar e61 machines in the marked, the spec are very much the same in both machines. Other e61 machines in the marked have 1L to 1,4L steam boiler, with about 1,5 bar for max, some lower
  4. Best option from Profitec 700 (only, not 600) and EMC Syncrhonika in my opinion the upgradet 2L steam boiler at 2.0 Bar presure, but I am agree they brew coffee like many other 🙂
  5. Yes yes I know, it was the rules until 31 December 2020, now the UK is completely out in the EU and out of the VAT. cooperation that was valid until 31 December 2020. So now all UK orders from UK is with no VAT, and you will pay the VAT to your own country when you import, if you have VAT number you dont need to pay (I think also in UK) but if you are private you need to pay, thats why you dont pay Vat to Italy when you are overseas customer, exatly like Norway, Hong Kong, USA ordre is from the EU, will EU company not charge the EU VAT for overseas customers
  6. Sales tax 😉 try change the country in elektros.it shop, thats how you do it right 🥳 BEZZERA Coffee machine MATRIX TOP MN Price for Norway (outside eu (VAT Excluded)) https://www.elektros.it/no/en/matrix_top_mn.html Price for Germany (inside EU (VAT Included)) https://www.elektros.it/de/en/coffee_machines/matrix_top_mn.html irrelevant stuff removed
  7. LOL you can't be serious, maybe they only look in supermarked ;-)
  8. I don't think, I believe La Cabra tailor made info for each bean, maybe we need to ask them directly to find out
  9. Or upgrade your HG-One 🥳 Wug2-M1 HG-1 Motor Mod https://wug2grinder.boutir.com/item/Wug2-M1-HG-1-Motor-Mod-(Delivery-by-022/5056342477242368
  10. I just received new coffee from La Cabra 🥰 looks intresting, the date on La Cabras coffee seems to be tailored to the individual beans 😉 I will still keep my standart and start use for espresso on 6 day after roast
  11. Also only mostly espresso here, I also like La Cabra, but its depends on which beans there have
  12. Then I think they do not update there whole website completly Try look inside example here 14 days 😉 https://www.lacabra.dk/products/los-pirineos-semi-carbonic-maceration-petites
  13. La Cabra just change the resting time from 21 days to 14 days for espresso 😁, I am not agree even La Cabra's beans peaks after 6 or 7 days in my taste, some times notes are disappearing in 8 day also La Cabra's coffee
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