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  1. I am happy for 600 rpm on my Lynweber EG-1
  2. Slingshot Technology upcoming patented Bi-Conical Burrs - a fusion of conical and flat burrs
  3. This is from Korea https://btcompany.imweb.me/shop/
  4. Try compare with The Jack from Asso, the org OCD and all the China ocd leveler have very large food print almost like they tampe 60% when you inset it πŸ˜‰ Asso The jack is much better πŸ˜‰
  5. Don't like the Black, give us new color
  6. Same here, I have been looking this milk steamers for long time.. so here is my 2 cents I will guess (we don't know for sure) WPM use same technology in there Thermo-block Espresso Machine https://www.wpm.hk/en/products_detail.php?id=310 they use in there Milk Steamers MS-130D / MS-130T https://www.wpm.hk/en/products.php?c1id=91 I think and guess (again dont know) dualit cino milk steamer is same product (OEM) https://www.dualit.com/products/cino If all same maybe its will steam like this WPM KD-310 200 ml milk 35 second to reach 53 degrees and it absorbs 15 grams of water as
  7. I found this list online, almost completed uncompleted list on the SD in the marked You can look the att pdf file Single Dose Grinders - Electric2.pdf
  8. No, Nothing can beat the Niche price level Ceado have some new, but price starts just below 1000 UkΒ£ https://www.ceado.com/en/product/89.html
  9. Update.. I did not try to come to a conclusion from the beginning in this thread, because the seller of the grinder followed the thread here and he has now taken the grinder back. 🏁 My conclusion is it's not worth to repair the grinder, cause the threads are too worn for its posible to align the burr's Thank you all for your help πŸ˜ƒ
  10. I use ikea spice glass with my EG-1, thats my set up
  11. I dont believe alignment can do it?, like i write in the first post.. I can go finer but then I need to lift the burr holder little with my nail like on the picture for the burrs not touching
  12. Here is the finest grind I can get from this without burrs is touching, just little to fine for Kalita
  13. The burr is only touching when i gently touch the burr top in the font like in the video, I try take apart and collect again many time, stop where burr is touch is same position every time 😒
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