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  1. enough of the dirty are you going to ask me to remove the valve after I've done this? old valve cleaned and reinstalled with ptfe tape. machine is on, and valve has just sealed as normal descaler measured out and raring to go about to turn off and purge the boiler of water slightly excited - will report back
  2. Cheers Rob, done a bit of reading, and it looks straight forward enough to kill an afternoon.
  3. cheers Rob, i steam every day, twice a day. i have never tried to drain an entire boiler tanks worth - the most would be for rounds of tea, so probably only 500mls at a time. Obviously it refills as you do this when its all on etc, but with the boiler opened up as it is - presumably you could siphon it off through the hot water tap - but you still wouldn't get all of it out?
  4. thanks Dave, to respond to @Blue_Cafe's points - its only been bottle fed - mainly to avoid the need to descale etc. the black colour was quite alarming - but it does not rub off at all, and looks okay to be honest. i'm guessing that is the natural colour it goes... or there is some other material to prevent bimetallic corrosion. Literally guessing here. Every day's a school day
  5. Cheers - could you seen any pics? tried a different way below; the anti vac valve is not connected to the drip tray with a tube, and the drip tray is definitely physically separated. how would you flush the boiler out of interest - i can imagine that would be fun - presumably you'd have to suspend the machine upside down....
  6. Update - the hissing stopped for a few weeks, and i so i talked to bella barista in the meantime to check which part is right (there a few different looking anti-vacuum valves). BB suggested trying to take the nut off when the machine was hot, but not under pressure, so i gave that a go before borrowing a friends impact driver. That worked fine. Images below of what i found - general question though - does any of this indicate anything more i should deal with while i have the machine opened up? Removed Valve - note residue on the thread - i presume this is thread lock or some grease Split Valve - note bits of sediment and flecks of brass Removed Pin and O-Ring - These look okay to me, so i think it was just sediment causing the issue Boiler Valve Opening & Attempt at the Internal - I can see the main coil inside (Just in shot). It appears a bit milky looking
  7. i lied - i have the four hole... five hole - that's crazy talk. like using a Rocketdyne F-1
  8. It also helps if all your milk is cold, not a significant amount of hot milk left from the previous drink. This buys you more time... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I’ve nailed it now. You just have to readjust your technique completely. It is worth sticking at it for a month or so. One tip (pun intended) I do have - find the right depth for the tip to be when you start. If you get that right, you can almost just turn on the steam and not have to move the pitcher at all. For me the tip is half submerged. Once you get the hang of it, it’s quite satisfying. Don’t give up too soon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Are those glass panels readily available? Looks amazing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Bee hotel. Not hung it up yet. Made of an old pallet, waste pipes and plumbing bits. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. we are constantly cutting the end off the hose every time it bulges and then fails. i think the internal thread starts to come loose because of the pressure and then it bulges and that pries the fitting off. in fact, the fitting might stay on if you can wrap the hose to stop it bulging. never tried it though. might try a new hoselock fitting first, see what difference that makes. i see that hozelock make a pressure reducer connection as well - wonder if that might do the trick https://www.hozelock.com/product/pressure-reducer/
  13. I have a standard hozelock and gun attachment. It’s about 5+yrs old. We have very good water pressure, near 3 bar my plumber suggests! I don’t need a pressure washer for the car so I like it... there is recoil when I unleash its full wrath. Alas, all is not well. The pipe regularly bulges at the fitting and normally fails spectacularly when the wife is tending her vegetables. I can barely stifle the laughter. Is there a better system which is up to the pressure. Perhaps something with jubilee clips? I still want a gun fitting though ideally. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. thanks for all the comments - i'm glad i have time to think about a decision and it all helps. i'm not getting a la pav for now. i think it is perhaps too far from what i really want next, and maybe something to save for another time. anyway, an option has presented itself, so i am pursuing it...
  15. You have a small child (not essential, but easier to explain) and a lot of Lego! Then you just build stuff. After a while you get the hang of making random things. I’m not the first to make Lego coffee machines, but probably the niche... that is literally niche. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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