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  1. Hi @Dallah ; Sorry for seeing this late. Tapatalk is not giving me any updates. Offer accepted, so long as I’m not too late.
  2. I would expect you would have run some Jelly Beans through in your destruction tests Dave. Surely some unruly minor might do this. I do recall me and a friend trying to blend colouring pencils once... as a child of course!
  3. Getting lots of sweet notes today...
  4. I wash it vigorously, shake it, and wipe it on a towel for good measure. And also the shaving brush... Seriously though, i did get the towel wiping tip online. I don’t hang it. But do leave it out to dry properly. I wonder if it’s hard water related. I don’t think the whole bristles are coming out, rather they are snapping.
  5. I’ve read that as well. Doesn’t seem to make any difference to me either. Oh well I’ll use it till it’s bald.
  6. Is there a definitive guide to caring for a badger brush? I have an Edwin Jagger brush, and it has lost hundreds of hairs over the course of 18 months. In the first few months it would be up to 20 each shave! I queried it and got a replacement, but wondered if it was just my routine. I basically soak it in hotish water while showering, then shave. I haven’t used the replacement yet. I figured I’d destroy the old one first. It now loses a few hairs each go.
  7. On your marks, get set, advise my dad has a Sage DTP and a Niche. he wants another brand new machine for use elsewhere. The niche will be dragged along so grinding is covered. his limit is £600 and he wants a new machine. Small footprint probably the best. The Lelit PL81T looks good but i know little about it. Is anything out there better than that? A silvia?
  8. Now it’s all up and running... why does it need a server at all? Is it for potential updates? Presumably a Bluetooth equivalent would work? Just curious.
  9. Works now. Edit. Maybe not.
  10. I know, but I might suffer for a bit to have something to moan about other than the incessant boredom of working from home.
  11. Same here. Stuck on 5 bar and just ran out of light roast... oh well.
  12. Cheeky marshmallow latte.
  13. Hi @Waitforme ; Yep, I’ll do that. Let’s move to PM.
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