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  1. In our house we've been following the John McClane naming structure, so: Lock Down Lock Down 2: Lock Down Harder (failed to capture the magic of the original) Lock Down With a Vengeance (with Samuel L Jackson) Next one will be, appropriately enough: Live Free or Lock Down
  2. jymbob

    Motta Tamp 58mm

    @Gilly let me know if you're interested. Can send more pics.
  3. I'm just loving reading about the 20 different ways you all have to clean a hoover that was originally marketed as being less effort and more effective than having to empty a bag every couple of months! If it could talk, my 12 year old Sebo X4 would be quietly chuckling and shaking its head...
  4. If only someone would invent a vacuum cleaner where all the dirt got collected in some kind of sack so it could be disposed of once and for all!
  5. jymbob

    Motta Tamp 58mm

    This is currently sitting in my cupboard serving no purpose. Might even have its box somewhere.
  6. Thought I'd try this again, given Tapatalk hates me. Coffee area has moved from the corner to the space where the old boiler was until a couple of weeks ago, hence slap-dash paint on the wall behind. Kitchen remains a work in progress
  7. Ker-shelf! (The sound Batman makes doing DIY) Metal bracket is from an old bed frame, as is the plank of wood. Bit of beeswax, a bit of oil and a few screws = a bit more storage for odds and ends, and a happier wife in the process. https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20201116/efcc40c89f64c0ed417f08a6094e4705.jpg
  8. Hm, maybe. Thanks for the link, I'll add it to the wishlist
  9. So technically this is what I made today, but actually what I did was make my 8 year old daughter happy by helping her with her DIY soap kit. Call it a win Also 80% of a shelf from reclaimed parts to go above the coffee machine, but I'm out of social drilling hours now, so it'll go up later that n the week when I get a spare 30 minutes https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20201115/db425cef3fb004c58f2be0d9eab01851.jpg
  10. I'm constantly jealous of people with routers, table saws, nail guns etc. I spent far too much of today trying to get a drill bit through a 2mm hardened steel bar, and now I need at new 4mm drill bit.
  11. You know the old saying: when you've got a pocket hole jig, everything looks like a potential screw location!
  12. Lots of insta-envy/ideas to be found over in the https://coffeeforums.co.uk/forum/21-show-off-your-setup/ area...
  13. jymbob

    Smart plugs

    Haha, here whichever set has most recently fallen out of favour gets Christmas lights duty. I have a bunch of Energenie ones that work over RF and only fire 80% of the time...
  14. jymbob

    Smart plugs

    Ah, the Tuya offering. Glad they're working out for you. Personally I've found that ecosystem to be a bit hit and miss. Not sure I'd plug anything I actually cared about into one, and having an ampere rating above that allowable by a BS rated plug is... interesting, to say the least!
  15. jymbob

    Smart plugs

    Of course, worth remembering that Tp-link, Belkin and Wemo are all part of the same parent company. For years Belkin networking products have either been rebadged Tp-link or rebadged Netgear
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