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  1. One of the Dog and Hat suppliers a couple of months back had compostable bags. Thought that was a nice compromise between sustainability and convenience
  2. jymbob


    ...and for the others?
  3. I know Pact aren't everyone's cup of ... well, I guess coffee, but personally I'm really looking forward to this one. Going to need a couple of days resting methinks!
  4. There was plenty! I blame whoever was cutting the slices
  5. South of the Thames, eh? Do you know my mate, lives down your way? Folkestone, that's near you, right?
  6. Haven't you heard,@joey24dirt? Everywhere north of Leicester is a 30 min drive from everywhere else. At least, that's what my southern friends think! I've lost track of the amount of times someone has said "oh, they're quite near you... Lancaster/York/Newcastle/Liverpool/Glasgow?" ...and I don't even live in the North!!
  7. FYI If you've got more photos, you can upload them in another post underneath.
  8. My friend's interested but apparently needs to prioritize an "oven" for their kitchen, which is not a brand of coffee machine I'm familiar with... I'll keep bugging her.
  9. Tried some Miura VS 8.5s this evening, closest the store had. There's tight and there's not getting feeling back in your toes for 5 mins! I'll reluctantly pass.
  10. Aw, if I could squeeze my size 10s into them I'd bite your hand off! GLWTS
  11. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F183875450595 Currently £899 plus £19.99 postage. Apparently another case of being told to drink less coffee. He's also selling his grinder.
  12. What to say? I had a Chemex (3 cup). It had an altercation with some falling metal objects and lost. If I do get another it's going to be a bigger one, so I have 80+ FP-2 filters here in a box gathering dust. Anyone want them? Happy to post at cost
  13. Haven't noticed any, but only used it twice, and I tend to stop at the hiss. If anything it feels harder to push the water through than the paper filters! Note they make a fine as well as the superfine (which this is) - I think I read a couple of reviews of the fine that suggested it end up a bit chalky. I'm not an Aeropress connoisseur by any stretch though.
  14. Playing with the Aeropress, still questing to reduce waste. First coffee out was pleasant enough. [emoji106]
  15. I've got a friend who's been on the lookout for an easy to use machine to get her out of the Nespresso range and I think this would be perfect for her. However get baby's just arrived 2 weeks early so she's a bit preoccupied! Hopefully I can chat with her this weekend and confirm either way.
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