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  1. Also put in an order. Thanks for the heads up
  2. jymbob


    You mean: "how will I escape my fate? Aha, little does the evil supervillain realise, but I am wearing RUBBER SOLED SHOES!" *Plays Bond Theme*
  3. jymbob


    Early Connery has not aged well. Without a heavy dose of nostalgia it's quite cringey. Dalton however, now there's a Bond. /controversial
  4. jymbob


    I am a massive nerd. I hate Star Wars. It's awful. Not a big Trek fan either. I constantly have to explain to people that their references are lost on me
  5. I got caught out by another "offer" a while back that basically reframed the offer as "you pay for postage" The issue here is that when I didn't get anything from them, I couldn't get a refund from PayPal because I hadn't "bought" anything.
  6. Thanks for the link. I had a quick search before I posted and couldn't see anything, but that's crapatalk for you
  7. Casually scrolling through Instagram, I suddenly saw an advert for a Niche from the website yestodited.com. They're allegedly selling them for about $40 "discounted from $139.99" Had a quick look around and it's clearly a scam (everything on the site is too good to be true, and several are indiegogo projects) with no intention of ever delivering anything. Thought @Niche Coffee might want to know. Unless, you know, I've stumbled upon the deal of the decade?
  8. Looking forward to getting dialled into these. Second shot of the Ugandan was the best I've had in a while
  9. Didn't think any coffee was arriving today, but lo and behold, beer #8 out of the box contains some
  10. jymbob


    Blimey. I thought mine was bad, but at least the cup survived!
  11. For when you're stuck in traffic between your work machine and your home machine??
  12. jymbob

    Coffee Hit be Quick

    Cheers. Couple of milk jugs ordered. Anyone else who's looking, the link is to page 2 of the sale, and enough has gone that it's all on page 1. Still some bargains to be had
  13. jymbob

    New Phone?

    It depends if you desperately need high-end, or if you're willing to take a bit of a spec hit for a massive cost saving. If you're going high-end, Samsung are at the top, after that OnePlus tend to be the guys to beat, because they usually manage to have really good specs without the massive price tag. The Pixel 4 looks lovely too, but it's well out of my price range for a disposable accessory (which I still consider a phone to be, albeit a necessary one for my job). If you're happy to go for a mid-range phone, Motorola haven't put a foot wrong in years with their G series. Consistently at the top of recommendations, reasonably good support and updates, and some brand value (we'll gloss over how many times they've changed hands in the last decade). Alternatively the Pixel 3a is a solid mid-range, as is the Moto One. I haven't got any personal experience with the Huawei P20 which a lot of people seem to have, and like. They're caught in the middle of the ongoing US-China trade war, which has some implications for whether they'll continue to have access to the Google Play Store (like the App Store) - I don't think the P30 line comes with it installed. There are workarounds, but if you're coming from iOS, I imagine convoluted side-loading of apps is not the experience you're looking for.
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