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  1. Press and hold TT App Info Force close Storage Clear cache ... then reopen it. You'll have to log in again, but that what's just worked for me
  2. Mary had a little dress, Its split was rather high. So everywhere that Mary went The boys could see her thigh. Mary had another dress, The split was at the front. So she didn't wear that one!
  3. This also works if you find yourself in a bunk barn in the Peak District making coffee in a saucepan on a stove...
  4. I can only offer experience based on a little van based on the outskirts of Oxford which I only visited occasionally, but: Really strong (almost like concentrated) Thick texture ... but can be full of flavour It puts me in mind of a prolonged (ie: over 10 minute) Aeropress brew, but it's definitely its own thing
  5. Gotta love it when you get two replies, one saying "don't do that, it'll be a nightmare" and one saying "yeah, piece of cake" [emoji1787] Thankfully it looks like I have a third option, so I guess we'll never know!
  6. [quote name='nigeljh']Thanks @TomBurtonArt I have a spare bottomless of that I’m happy to pass on if you’ll cover the postage @jymbob ? According to Tom it should fit, it was used with the Izzo Alex he bought from me[/QUOTE] That'd be very kind of you. If you could PM me a rough price, we can go from there.
  7. So, my trusty bottomless PF doesn't fit in my new machine (Wega mininova formerly belonging to @TomBurtonArt), and it seems to be that the lugs on it are noticably thicker and more angled than the PFs supplied. It worked fine in the Fracino FCX2 it replaced, and the Faema I briefly had before that, but it won't get much beyond about 8 o'clock with an 8mm gasket. I'm loath to go thinner, not least because the other PFs will then be well past 6. Anyone have any experience in filing down the lugs on a PF? Is it doable, will it trash it, are there better options?
  8. IMS screen and Cafelat gasket [emoji106]
  9. Currently residing in the office for testing and spouse acclimation. It's running well and I'm trying to remember how to steam milk again. Thanks again @TomBurtonArt for the sale and @joey24dirt for courier services![IMG]https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20190503/a3653777af52ce4822befba03f301951.jpg[/IMG]
  10. The Wega is up and running, but my milk skills have gone backwards in the month without an espresso machine, so no photos today. Maaaybe I'll have the hang of it by next week
  11. There are children's books, and there are children's books. Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen only make books in the latter category. Circle arrived this week, Triangle and Square have been around for a while now. (If I'm going to read from the same selection of books every night, I'm going to do my best to stack the deck in favour of ones I actually enjoy)
  12. I think it's a bit like having a dishwasher: it's something you _could_ do yourself, but the feeling of just telling something else to do it for you is hard to beat, even if it might not do it quite as well. NB: you're brave having a robot hoover and a dog: I've seen some horror scenes where a little "present" gets destributed all around the house!
  13. Not particularly coffee related, but our new robot companion arrived a few days ago, and he makes swift work of spilled grinds. We're treating him well, so we hope we won't be treated too harshly after the machine uprising.
  14. If only there was some middle ground where everyone could meet up next time. A sort of "mid-lands"...
  15. Thanks one and all for imparting knowledge, friendly banter, delicious coffee and good company. Extra thanks to @joey24dirt for his CFUK courier services. It'll be a while before my disposable income will stretch to a lever machine, but I'm looking forward to getting the Wega up and running when I get home!
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