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  1. You mention you are in the Highlands. MacBeans in Aberdeen are an excellent artisan roaster.
  2. Interesting... I wonder how this technology would affect taste of espresso if incorporated into the portafilter basket?
  3. At last!!! A real cafe in Aberdeen - Figment Coffee, 70 Countesswells Road, Aberdeen AB15 7YJ. Just paid a visit, had a cortado, met owner (Neil) - doing everything RIGHT! Great news for Aberdeen.
  4. Descale every month? I thought the Sage DB machine tells you when it needs to be descaled. Doesn’t it?
  5. Thanks eddie57.... I now have a perfect excuse for me having no latte art skills!
  6. I find Arla B.O.B (best of both) works ok. It is a fat-free skimmed filtered milk with added protein which gives it a good semi-skimmed flavour which the family like. My understanding is that it is the protein which sustains micro-foam and the interesting post about the filtering removing bacteria may all go to explain why it works well for me.
  7. from my experience and based on your message, I do not think you will learn anything from White Glove. It’s for complete newbies and for newbies, Sage do good videos...
  8. I had owned mine a while before organising White Glove. As a result, I didn’t learn much other than a walk-through on back-flush and de-scale. So, organise early but don’t expect to learn much detailed coffee skills beyond the basics - which I had already got to grips with by the time I got around to it.
  9. I also have the Sage box. Works well for me and not pricey.
  10. If you measure the water hardness using the indicator stick supplied with the machine and input that to the programming, it is my understanding that the machine tells you when to descale. I have had mine a few months and not yet had that signal.
  11. Hi RossP, I would be very interested in one of these please. Many thanks, Jon
  12. Thanks for the input. The Mignon is great and you put my mind at ease. Thanks!
  13. I also have a Eureka Mignon and use a Sage Dual Boiler. The Mignon delivers great results with the knob in the 1.4 to 1.6 area as shown in the photo. The very slightest of tweaks (really tiny - the wheel is tight and moves in small increments) has quite a large effect on the pour/ pressure / time and output of espresso. Are all burr grinders this super-sensitive? I have not determined where the zero position (burrs touching) is. Once set for a bean, it is very stable but just wondered if all grinders are so sensitive.
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