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  1. Hi tobyjrn6, the Brewtus and all manual E61 groups have a built-in preinfusion chamber, which is filled before the hot water hits the coffee poweder. Espresso machines such as the Vesuvius and the R60 are supposed to have modified E61 groups, so that pre-infusion is nearly disabled. This is not the case with E61 groups, who are operated by a solenoid valve. So I really wonder why the creators of the Vesuvius and R60 did not choose to use the latter. Preinfusion is not related to the type of pump built into a machine. The Vesuvius uses a gear pumpt while the R60 uses a rotary pumpt. However, pressure profiling can also be realised with a vibra pump and, for instance, a dimmer (some forum members have already experimented with that). The only reason why a rotary pump may be more suited for regulating preinfusion is that you have the line pressure with a plumped-in machine to realise preinfusion. holgr
  2. Hi Jon, sorry for the late reply. No problem, here's the parts list for the "Steam Joystick mod": 8081143 - ECM original Knebel Griff M8 schwarz (new knob for the lever handle) 8002795 - STIFT FÜR HEBELGRUPPE E61 (level handle, you have to cut it, e.g., using a Dremer, since the thread is too loing) 8080420 - ECM HEISSWASSERVENTIL KIPPHHEBEL KOMPLETT MIT LANZE (water vent) 8080419 - ECM DAMPFVENTIL KIPPHHEBEL KOMPLETT MIT LANZE (steam vent) I ordered the parts at avola-coffeesystems.de. They are spare parts for an ECM Mechanika or Technika. The original hint regarding the parts came from d_leonit. holgr
  3. Hi ZappyAd, the simplemost solution to that could be to use the Kemo power control unit (Link).
  4. Hi, sorry now for my late reply. Could you please tell me more about the Rocket 60V? I wasn't aware of the fact that they also disabled preinfusion with that machine.
  5. Hi, no, retention actually is not a problem to me. I'm a fan of mazzer grinders and figured out a difference in taste between the Super Jolly and Major. I would be very interested if there's also such e difference with the Kony or Robur. holgr
  6. Hi Obnic, thank you very much. I forgot to mention another big advantage: The joystick valves are nearly hermetically seald. With the rotary valves, I lost quite a lot of steam pressure over time so that the pump always started re-filling the steam boiler. holgr
  7. Hello, I would be very interested in a direct comparison of the Mazzer Major and Kony by means of coffee taste? Has anyone ever made a direct comparison of the two grinders? holgr
  8. In addition to the unnecessary production of aluminium/plastic waste, the aluminium is said to react with the acids in the coffee, which is not very healthy. So to me, Nespresso is the dark side of power :-). holgr
  9. Ok, thank you for the hint. I'm thinking about doing this (with an arduino microcontroller) for my Brewtus. However, since the Brewtus has an E61 group with built-in preinfusion, the dimmer alone would not work very well. Here in this forum is a guy who claims to have modified an E61 group for the Vesuvius, but who is reluctand to share his knowledge. The best solution to me would be using an electrified E61 group. For your group, a dimmer solution could be interesting even without a PID. I would use the porta filter pressure gauge to check the pressure with a dimmer solution once for calibration. Afterwards, a built-in gauge would be nice, but is not required. I use the built-in pressure gauge for checking if the grinding degree is ok or to know when to start counting for a five seconds back-flush. holgr
  10. Hello ashcroc, you're welcome. What do you exactly mean be "dimmer". A dimmer connected to the pump so that you can do pressure profiling? holgr
  11. If you want to check the pressure at the portafilter, you may better use a blind filter with a pressure gauge. With the Expobar Brewtus III, the pressure measured at the portafilter differs about 1.5 to 2 bars from the pressure measure by the built-in pressure gauge. holgr
  12. Hi, could that one fit? https://www.avola-coffeesystems.de/artikel--ecm-dampfd%C3%BCse-3-loch-18-f--8081302.html holgr
  13. Hi BKane, you want to operate a business professionally. Why are you not applying this approach to the set-up of your business. Talk to somebody who's experience in that area and pay him or her for that. This and other forums are a very good source of inspiration and a good place to collect some "customer feedback", however, if it comes to the core of your business - financing - you should talk to experts. Please don't get me wrong, but if your business plan says that 10k would be enought, I would recommend start working on it again. holgr
  14. Hi, I'd suggest you to experiment with the three parameters grinding, tamping, and filling level of the filter basket. With the LM 1 cup filter basket, e.g., the "normal" advise is not to level the coffee but to weigh the correct amount of coffee and to use a 41mm tamper. I found out, that I personall got the best results when using the normal tamper and level the coffee in the LM1 filter basket. For the LM2 filter basket, I building a "small pile" of coffee. holgr
  15. Hi everyone, I also did the Brewtus joystick mod. However, thanks to a hint from user d_leonit, I used parts from ECM (Technica or Mechanica). So here's my new Brewtanica :-) It's a complete new machine with the mod. I really like the joysticks. holgr
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