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  1. Hi Rob I didn't weight the dose out I kept the beans in an airscape I know my grinder does produce a lot of small lumps
  2. different beans 16 G in but bit quick out in 18 seconds but looks better and tasted ok
  3. I don't have a bottomless handle yet what way should it look a better amount of crema? the date on the bag was 2nd dec where do you get your coffee?
  4. I opened them and put them in a air tight container what about the shot looks wrong ? I thought I should have had a better depth of crema baby I'm wrong
  5. I didn't weight the output I'm using a la spaziale s40 with Mazzer super Jolly grinder the beans is Ballies belfast Christmas blend the temperature is 119c the pressure is just ver 8 bar
  6. What do yous think of the show 16g in 29 seconds coffee roasted on 2nd dec https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DxOWe3UiJM&feature=youtu.be
  7. Can the steam power/temp be adjusted on a S40?
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