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    Smart plugs

    Well these Meross things knock the Belkin into a cocked hat. And for a fraction of the price. Apart from anything else, setup works. Quickly, every time. With Belkin every step ran the high risk of requiring a 5 minute wait or the thing just falling over completely. Bring on the Christmas lights.... Now what else can I plug in?
  2. LukeT

    Smart plugs

    The newborn? 😁
  3. LukeT

    Smart plugs

    This is similar to my Belkin experience. It would take lots of attempts before making a successful connection although once set it does maintain the schedule even if it lacks a connection. So I've ordered a pack of the Meross ones. Will see how we get on with those. We have some wired in automation in our house for lighting and audio but not sockets. So I'm slightly interested in whether I can get all these things working together and accessed by one app. However, in practice keeping a separate app for coffee machine may even be simpler, since I rarely do anything outside of the schedule with it that the physical switch doesn't cover well enough. thanks folks!
  4. Hello folks, I haven't been on here in a long time. Hope you're all well in these strange times... It used to be that wemo was the smart plug of choice and I think a key reason was that others lacked the necessary current rating for coffee machines. I've had one for about 3 years and it's been ok on the power front but always frustrating on reliability of connection if I want to do anything other than leave it to run on the already input schedule. Having wrestled with it for an hour or more today I have finally got it running again but I think it has to go. I have what should be decent WiFi with a draytek 2862 router and ubiquiti APs, plus I had similar issues on a different router/setup, so I don't think the issue is with that. So have things improved? Are there more recent smart plugs on the market that are better and more reliable? What do you recommend nowadays? Online reviews still seem to point to wemo and tp-link kasa HS100, but the tp-link also seems to have its connection issues plus there may be a power rating question with it. So it doesn't feel like either of these is the answer.
  5. Thanks @Graham J, I'd be really grateful if you could post how this setting is changed. Having updated the firmware I am still struggling to find it.
  6. About as first world as a problem can get but hey ho... I just picked up a second hand Acaia Lunar. In the 'auto tare timer starts with flow' mode it does exactly what I expected when pulling a shot. Cup goes on, it auto tares and starts the timer on the first few drips. However, the auto tare happens in very quick time, like 2 secs, which means that in this same mode (and I think cycling through modes every time loses the point somewhat) I have to be lightening quick measuring beans for my dose pre grind. I reckon it could take 2 or 3 times longer than this to auto tare without causing any disadvantage to the shot pulling bit of the process. But I can't see a setting in the manual to change this delay. Does anyone know if there is one? Alternatively, how do others use theirs to both measure out beans and weigh the shot, without giving up the wizardry of its various automatic functions?
  7. The reality of its use is 90% road in a fairly flat part of the world. If I had anything much in the way of hills I couldn't hack ss in a ratio like that off road, or even on. But I love the simplicity and low maintenance.
  8. Resurrecting a rather dormant thread I know but I meant to pop a picture up of my new bike once built. Single speed "gravel" type thing. It's taken a lot longer than planned but is finally up and running, if not totally complete (still need to route the front brake hose correctly and chop down the steerer a bit more), and so far I'm over the moon with it. Knocked the best part of 2kg off the weight of the old one and running a slightly bigger gear is therefore barely noticeable. It's an absolute pleasure to ride.
  9. Well, I had completely forgotten about LSOL, not looked at the forum in ages and then this turned up. Christmas saved indeed!
  10. Mine's the same. This came up in an earlier thread so I don't think it's uncommon although I don't recall the outcome. I haven't done anything about it myself. My grind setting varies from about 13-20. There will be some variation in calibration but I'd have thought nearly anyone following Dave's video would be within 2 or 3 points.
  11. Re the 2 cups, I came to thinking I might at some point get a second scale for doing multiple drinks, but not a second grind cup. The cup comes free but the scale's still tied up. If you're pre-weighing then another cup would do it but you still have to break your routine for a third, right?
  12. Not sure these are all equal, mind. I had a set with the round buttons which had a wide open casing beneath the weighing platform and died in 2 months I assume through water ingress. My second set (rectangular buttons) is much more enclosed and still working OK after 12m and some abuse by my 5 year old. Not that either is meant to be water resistant but then nor are any of the cheap options so far as I could tell.
  13. Stirring in the Niche cup is working quite well for me and makes for a very convenient workflow. Not quite as good as if I stir in the pf for some reason, but I think the difference is technique. Or that I need a very even depth across the pf before I spin the knockoff ocd spinny tool, which would rather negate the point of the spinny tool. No spurts now but some inconsistency across the basket on a naked pour.
  14. And me. I don't feel I qualify to vote here! Nothing duff about winning a round of this comp!
  15. Also got the Las Lajas to try next but with LSOL and the Rocko on the go and disappearing for a week it'll have to suffer a little freezer time.
  16. Just received a bag of Foundry Rocko Mountain, ordered after it seemed to come so recommended on here. Only a few days roasted so probably not really ready yet but I have to say it's absolutely gorgeous.
  17. Tough gig. I'd have stood no chance of even making the second round!
  18. Re question (a) I figured this wooden plate catches any spillage and can just be lifted off to tip the spilled grinds away.
  19. My singlespeed hardtail is a joy. No noise, little maintenance, light and just so much fun to ride as a result. When I put gears on it I just didn't use it. It does have a suspension fork and dropper post though. I'm getting a singlespeed "cross"/"gravel"/[whatever niche it is I don't really know but it's for road riding with the odd bit of gentle off road] frame built at the moment. Hoping that'll be a lovely thing.
  20. Sounds like I need to go a unit or 2 coarser. 2 shots this morning adding a cocktail shake and a couple of side taps into my routine and both looked pretty good through the naked Pf and tasted good too.
  21. Fair enough, but I guess I'm also "testing" too. That and lacking room for both spout and scale.
  22. Can't do that! I need to know if it's not right...
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