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  1. I noticed this when I was buying greens. I wouldn't usually pay much attention to roasted coffee, but I noticed that there are similarities between the blend and the one I often have in the morning. So after gulping at the kg of pre-roasted, I added it to the order. Ordered on Sunday 17th. Delivered Tuesday 19th. Roasted on Monday 18th. Came in two 500g bags. That's pretty good. Flavours are likely to take a week or two to come out, but I thought I'd try it anyway. Description pretty accurate (citrus not easy to catch). Slight rough edge from the Java/Malabar - adds complexity rather than being unpleasant to my mind. I roast my varieties separately and only blend when I'm making a coffee. I assume this was roasted as a blend, which seems to be usual. On the light/dark spectrum, I'd put this as tenor/baritone. I like a bit more range. So I added soprano (a light roasted Rwandan), baritone (a Brazilian blend) and base (Sulawesi). 2g of each added to 10g of the Pennine Christmas. Definitely more oomph. Actually very nice. Blends well.
  2. I really liked this month's. But then I'm not a light fan.
  3. https://www.pennineteaandcoffee.co.uk/collections/speciality-roasted-coffee/products/christmas-coffee-blend-arabica-roasted-coffee-1kg?variant=19459591209048 Mild, warming, spicy, citrus
  4. The theory is the usual 7-21 days, and that mostly is what it is. But sometimes I'm a bit behind on roasting and sometimes I don't drink some of the roasts as fast as I expected. So 1-35 days will cover the extremes.
  5. I like having one as a check on the quality of my roasting; if I don't suit my own tastes better, I'm doing something wrong. In the pre-Ikawa days when I roasted much bigger batches, I found that my roasting could drift to an extreme (usually very dark rather than very light) and using a range of other roasters helped keep my taste buds balanced. Not so much a problem now I roast across the range all the time. Sometimes if I'm ordering 2kg of a green from Hasbean, I'll order 250g of roasted too just for a reference point.
  6. I'm open to switching subscriptions, but LSOL doesn't work for me because a) its LSOL and b) 500g of preroasted beans is far more than I would ever want to use. It's a bit of a stretch to get through 250g. Most of the other 250g subscriptions I've seen are more expensive than $$$$$ (apart from Hasbean's own InMyMug). I mostly roast my own coffee in small (50g) batches. I have 15-20 bags of greens open at a time (and a lot more more in reserve). This means that I always have a great variety of beans and roasts available freshly roasted for use at any point in time. No coffee is so good that I'd be wanting to drink it constantly so 500g from one roast is just too much. I do think though that Hasbean isn't as cheap for greens as it used to be and I now buy more from Pennine than Hasbean.
  7. I've renewed. Might not have done without the price increase as some of the coffees have been disappointing this year. I'd already concluded that the price was probably a limiting factor. That said, they've tasted better since my Niche arrived. Mostly I roast my own, but like to keep a check that my roasting gives me better results than pre-roasted. This gives me a regular spectrum of coffees (though the roasts all seem to be on the light side of medium), which I supplement with a few from other roasters.
  8. I roast with an Ikawa I switch beans every time I make a coffee I only use Aeropress or French Press, no intention to change methods, but don't want a grinder to limit future options. Generally, I prefer darker roasts. I don't like hand grinding A Niche is at the bigger end of what would be acceptable in the kitchen afaics this thread seems to confirm that the Niche should be just about perfect for me. I'm certainly very happy with mine, even though I'm having to re-evaluate some beans and roasts.
  9. Though getting it wrong first time is no guarantee of getting it right second time.
  10. Quality of MM varies a lot between suppliers. And price isn't necessarily a good guide. I always go by taste. The idea of insects doesn't bother me since I'm aware we all consume a lot anyway, but usually don't notice because they are so small. So I'd test these by taste. Maybe selecting a bad batch so I know precisely what I'm tasting for.
  11. Only tried this month's once, so far, and actively disliked it. Maybe it will improve with more time.
  12. £50 from Lakeland. Though 80 elsewhere.
  13. Thanks. I'll try the Brazil. I can do a typical Sumatran, but have only done one roast of the Rave Super Gayo so far and will be aiming at more complexity.
  14. What profile did you use? I generally prefer darker, but like interesting and complex and happy to experiment. And I have a few kg of the Rave Super Gayo. As well as the Ikawa(Home).
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