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  1. Missed this as I took a break from the forums. Feel free to keep me in mind if a slot opens up in future - keep missing them!
  2. Weirdly I just came on here after a little hiatus to post about it! Looks like it might produce a nice espresso without any consumables - any thoughts coffee hive mind?
  3. ATZ

    Profitec Pro 800

    Once up to temperature it doesn't really expend all that much energy, certainly nothing significant that has left me querying something on my electricity bill. Height to the op of the lever is 730mm, so Ideally you want it away from overhead cupboards to prevent conflict there. You can see what my set up looks like here. I have it sitting adjacent to our breakfast bar.
  4. ATZ

    Profitec Pro 800

    Most Lever machines of this quality go for around that money, there's a lot of engineering and quality components that have gone into them. Less than half price at only 2 years old is pretty decent value if you think about it. I can confirm I'm really impressed by the build. Mine is now approaching 2 years old and doesn't miss a beat. Key things are regular weekly cleaning and to clean/lub the piston around 12monthly. You might want to ask about this on the machine you're interested in. My missus wasn't keen on the size either (there's a first haha!) But warm up times are easy to combat with a smart/wifi plug. I have mine set to come on at 5am pre morning shots and 4pm pre tea time coffee. Weekends it stays on all day. Feel free to ask anything else @bigsav
  5. Crema definitely does have a flavour in my experience, but it's not good, it's bitter. How old are the beans you're using? I've always managed to get a crema even on under extracted "fast" shots.
  6. @danx I have a single group lever - Profitec Pro800 which has the Bosco group. It doesn't move at all when loading the PF.
  7. ATZ

    ACS Minima

    Give them a ring, always super helpful https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/espresso-machines/acs-minima-dual-boiler-espresso-machine.html
  8. I'm so annoyed I'm on holiday whilst this is on. Trying to work out if I can attend as we'll be in the SW.
  9. @rob177palmer thanks that's useful. See I've been aiming for a PI of 10-15s to see the wetting. With this method is longer acceptable? Or do you experiment and adjust based on taste? My head's becoming cluttered with all the potential variables and this isn't even a pressure profile mahcine, lol.
  10. Sorry that should have read pre *comma* engaging the piston. I aim for weight not time per say 1:2 or 1:2.5 But also time so I have a point of reference. My poorly worded question was if I grind coarse enough to see the drips appear I get a fast shot and if I grind finer I get no visible wetting on the PF but the shot runs at a normal pace.
  11. Yeah Takk is decent. Or if you're close to the N.Quarter the Atkinsons shop in Mackie Mayor market is superb.
  12. Been playing with this. Results are a little inconsistent for me owing to the fact the Pro 800 has a higher peak pressure (two springs vs one). So if I get full "wetting" on my naked PF pre engaging the piston the shot then pours too quickly. Any advice?
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