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  1. Yes have to agree, we have a Bosch Dishwasher with aquastop and I believe the solenoid in the dual core pipe is shot. Looks like the part is £148! Any valves doing what you suggest cost a lot of money I don't see the reason. I got my 8mm valve to today 7 euro that plus an overflow and I can sleep at night?
  2. Yes it is a mad way to set it up imho but no doubt there are millions of kitchen appliances out there with this hazard. I am thankful it happened the day after installation to warn me.
  3. Yes have had similar thoughts but I am using 8mm pipe connected to the flexi-hose. Not sure there is a ready made handy valve with 3 pin plug to suit that arrangement ? I live in a soft water area so I could quiet easily just continue on with tank filling and even with my now adult kids love of coffee I survived easily with this arrangement. But the constant advice to use bottled water and suggestions of advantages using filtered water made me decide to take the plunge. Just didn't realise overflowing hell was dependent on a solenoid valve. I think the simplest option is the cistern overflow type arrangement with a convenient stop valve. But I will investigate your more refined 'technical solution!
  4. Thanks Dave nice to have it confirmed. Will defo put on a convenient stop valve beside it and also will investigate an overflow as the V is beside the sink and easy to route a pipe as an extra protection against disaster. In my case the kitchen is on the 1st floor of an old house so not keen on a mishap reeking havoc ?
  5. What happened with this? I ask as I just plumbed mine in. It appears to be fine now but when I left mine for a period of hours came back to find water seeping out. The reservoir was overflowing. Did a few tests and water seemed to be gradually bypassing the valve. It took a few hours for this to happen. Ran a lot of water through the machine and it appeared to be very cloudy. Turned water off for the night and went back to it today. Initially left the machine powered on and heated. No problems. Turned the machine off with the user panel and still no problems. My expectation was when I turned off the power supply the problem would resurface. But no all seems well now even with no power to the machine. I am guessing that particles from the new brita filter I plumbed in or residue in the pipework was preventing the valve from closing fully. I misread the Brita instructions and hadn't initially used the flush valve. I did run a lot of water through the pipework before connecting it to the machine. The fear here is leaving it like this and it reoccurs. From what I have searched online there doesn't seem to be a reoccurring problem. I am inclined to put a stop valve on the supply line beside the machine to turn it off especially overnight. Am I being over anxious? Another option is to maybe create an overflow for the reservoir directed to the draining board. Anybody else experience this? BTW Machine has worked flawlessly for the last year off tank feed.
  6. Shirley the only boring choice can be a Honda Deauville? ? Bullet proof, full fairing and comfortable riding position. I had an FZ750 years ago and swapped on to a Deauville coming home from the NW200. My friend hailed me after 5 miles he wanted off the bum in the air and riding position destined to give one back ache. I wanted to remain in the armchair!
  7. A bit late seeing this. Dimplex do a model for circa £100. It might be a bit bigger than what you are looking for but there is no point in buying something small and cheap it will not do the job. Look in your local adverts there will always be a person selling one because the other half didn't like the noise or the size of it. I got all mine secondhand. Got another model as well as the Dimplex but age is affecting my memory ?. https://www.dimplex.co.uk/product/10l-dehumidifier Correction I see they are now charging £175 but it might be cheaper on ebay etc. This to mind is the size you should be contemplating
  8. £500 off the price paid 10 months ago. Machine normally retails for over £3000. Eh whatever about the warranty query for a machine that appears to be still looking brand new and also appears to be completely under or lightly used that is a bargain for somebody. Add in the handles which look really nice I suspect this will find a home easily enough. Kenny would you mind sending me a pm with the contact details for the niknak handles they look very good.
  9. It is the usual capacitance sensor. I took the reservoir out yesterday and disconnected the connectors. Got the red low water screen on the display. Did a bit of searching on forums and found some mention of being able to adjust this sensor from the control panel. It seems to measure the water based on weight not on a level indicator. Even though there is a finger on the sensor body that pivots as the water lowers a bit like a ball valve in a cistern.
  10. Ran dry recently. Checked connection all seems fine. Now I don't get the last shot warning. The water level on the display which I never really monitored never shows full. Is it possibly a problem with the capacitance unit in the water tank?
  11. tonerei


    What did you decide to change it out to?
  12. ? you move fast Pearse! I think you will be delighted with the purchase. I will drop around to see the wands when you get the machine. It looks great in the carbon fibre. Oh and not to forget really looking forward to trying out the niche you are getting. ☺️
  13. tonerei

    Custom Linea

    Ah somebody did buy that yellow one on adverts.ie I hope you knocked a good few bob off the asking price? Had entertained this before deciding to go with the Vesuvius. I couldn't get over the colour or his asking price. To be fair it looked in pristine condition. Did a google on Cloud Cafe it is on the North strand. Looks a interesting hipster type neighbourhood coffee shop in a part of the city that was fairly run down. Congrats on your purchase hope it works out well.
  14. Bezzera Unica is worth considering also. Same classica but cheaper to buy. It has a pid. Good value from electros in Italia. Bellabarista don't seem to stock it any more.
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