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  1. tonerei


    What did you decide to change it out to?
  2. 😀 you move fast Pearse! I think you will be delighted with the purchase. I will drop around to see the wands when you get the machine. It looks great in the carbon fibre. Oh and not to forget really looking forward to trying out the niche you are getting. ☺️
  3. tonerei

    Custom Linea

    Ah somebody did buy that yellow one on adverts.ie I hope you knocked a good few bob off the asking price? Had entertained this before deciding to go with the Vesuvius. I couldn't get over the colour or his asking price. To be fair it looked in pristine condition. Did a google on Cloud Cafe it is on the North strand. Looks a interesting hipster type neighbourhood coffee shop in a part of the city that was fairly run down. Congrats on your purchase hope it works out well.
  4. Bezzera Unica is worth considering also. Same classica but cheaper to buy. It has a pid. Good value from electros in Italia. Bellabarista don't seem to stock it any more.
  5. Finally got my plug in Volt reader. Two roasts today and it fluctuates between 221-225v. First roast never got over 209c whilst second reached close to 217c but I ended it at that point. Roasts are taking 16mins or maybe 30 seconds longer. Any longer and they are very darkly roasted i.e too much close to burnt and beans become to oily. update: Seeing voltages now in the 214-220 range. I suspect this is possibly contributing to my problem. One observation is when I for instance roast 3 or 4 batches the later roasts get hotter or show higher temps on the display. Wondering is this maybe because by the third roast there would be a bit of chaff in the waste port maybe restricting air flow? Basically temps start getting closer and sometimes as high as 220C. I assume the dimmer mod will not give me any more control over this given the voltages? Another dumbo question I have a power inspired regenerator. Tempted to give this a try to see if it miraculously raises the voltage getting to the Gene;)
  6. Sorry the LM in white I think is really not a nice look. The yellow colour is not nice either at all imho. I am surprised how ordinary the LM looks beside the V. I had plumbed for the LM in Matbats poll but looking at them side by side I would think the V looks way better. Didn't realise the LM was that small. Maybe in SS it would be more of a toss up in looks. Colours work I think for Lacanche cookers but not for a coffee machine as basic as the Linea Mini. Big problem also is the price difference. I am biased as I now have a Vesuvius but unless the quality of the LM is way ahead of the V I can't see the logic.
  7. This came about when DaveC was testing the ACS Minima. He couldn't fit the gauge to that machine because of the design so installed on his Vesuvius. He felt it nicely showed the pump pressure profile changes at the group head and Paolo started offering it with the machines. Older machines or people who decide not to go for it or not install it end up having the machine look you are referring to. Those gauges can fit the majority of E61 group head machines. Another option some people go for is a group head thermometer. Exactly the same principal the gauge or thermometer screw directly into the group head. See video below it explains all!
  8. I wouldn't be worried Kenny there are probably a variety of reasons. Mine was a bit delayed whilst some get them asap as the machine is sitting there waiting to go out. In my case I ended up getting a new machine so don't fret. The Minima looks like it is taking off so maybe also production is concentrated on that. Looks very nice Bezzera Unica and the single Boiler ECM look poor in comparison to the Minima.
  9. There is the tapatalk vesuvius forum but would be kinda nice to have a Vesuvius one here. I don't like tapatalk! Congrats @BobbyBarista that is a super upgrade. You should really enjoy it. Takes a bit of time to get the hang of it and taking it out of the crate it comes bolted to is daunting initially but it will show you how careful everything has been thought out by Paolo and his team.
  10. Would concur my journey was similar to a lot above. New Rocky, secondhand Super Jolly with doser and now Major doserless. Jury out on the Niche as I have spent my funds and am happy with the quality of the Mazzer. Time will tell how well the Niche will last but certainly for home use it seems to be perfect ( Ah I am just jealous I didn't get in at the start of the crowd funding or win the recent raffle )
  11. The price is the price Kenny it includes vat. You are basically buying this at Ecm dual boiler price
  12. Any dropouts I would be happy to take their place
  13. ended up just pulling trigger on one on ebay. Filter and head C300 with 0-70% bypass option. @El carajillo saw your earlier replies on a thread a couple of years ago on inline filters. When I found this on ebay for £85 decided to just go ahead. All I need to do now is get whatever fittings required to connect to incoming and onward to the machine. From what I can understand from my brief looking I can buy a smaller filter next time out when replacing?
  14. In Dublin I think the water is fairly soft we have never had problems with scaling but as a precaution and sure since I will be plumbing in my machine have been looking at inline water systems. It looks to me as this just requires a T off the rising main to get water into the unit and then out of it to the machine. Am I missing something? This should work for me as I am thinking circa 6 litres a week maximum through the machine possibly less. Be interested to hear from members who have installed similar or maybe have better suggestions. The Vesuvius comes with plumbing kit and I intend reducing down to 10mm micro bore to get it under the counter and then back up to whatever is required to make the connection to the filter unit. https://www.jurang.co.uk/shop/complete-brita-systems/350-brita-purity-c150-quell-st.h
  15. Thanks lads I will investigate the 'hearing aid' TBH happy with the roasts so have been lazy. On the other posts re temps I sort of came to the view that the gene is hit and miss on the exact temps
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