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  1. With regard to limits the Feld47 can do pretty much anything if your prepared to put the effort in. Large control range with very fine adjustments. When I first got mine I had the settings wrong and ended up with Turkish talc, took a while but managed to do it. Its very easy to tweak the settings. If I was starting out again I would just buy one of these. If your not in a rush and don’t mind some easy exercise you can’t beat this for the price.
  2. Just to address the single use. With a couple simple mods it as minimal retention if any. Lens hood and a modified egg timer is all you need. Great grinder and built like a tank.
  3. Really enjoying the coffee from the grinder, seems sweeter than the Royal for some reason. The wifes even noriced the extra sweetness. Tweaked the grind setting back to 2.3 which seems to give the best results.
  4. Just a little update. I have been using the Feld47 daily and had zero issues. Managed to dial the grind in for the aeropress and 2.1 seems to produce a nice sweet cup of coffee. Really impressed with the consistent grind quality and speed. Lovely smooth action and easy to adjust Lovely piece of engineering, glad I took the punt. My recipe which works well for me for those that are interested. invert the Aeropress using the Aerodisk. 20 grams @ 2.1 92’c water temp 60 second bloom Fill to top and at 2:30 start to press which should take you to 3 mins.
  5. I have been looking for a grinder for the last 6 months to allow me to make great coffee away from home. My home setup is a Rocket R58 and Mazzer Royal which is a beast of a grinder and produces fantastic consistent coffee. When its just me and I don’t feel like waiting for the Rocket I fall back to my Aeropress which again makes fantastic coffee. Three grinders were on the radar KInu M47, Comandante C40 and Feld 47. The Kinu was at the top of the list but couldn’t justify the cost new or 2nd hand (£230+). The C40 looked a good option but I was looking for something that was well engineer
  6. I am hoping for great build quality, precision and a consistent grind. It’s also nice to support UK business ?
  7. Just an update. Ordered on the 8th December and just got a shipping notification today 11th December after dropping Peter a quick email on status. So hopefully should get it soon. Will report back on receipt.
  8. Will do a mini review of the Feld 47 and the all experience for others
  9. Ordered and I got the blank page. Fingers crossed I get a good one.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. It’s given me the confidence to order direct. Hopefully place the order later. Cheers
  11. @catpuccino Any feedback with your purchase? About to pull the trigger on the Feld 47 and buying direct due to the current deal.
  12. Is The Barn a UK reseller? The site I just visited was in Germany?
  13. Hi there, Where are you guys buying these grinders from in the UK? The MBK website has got some great deals on and I fancy a Feld47 but due to the non existant support I am reluctant to buy direct, crazy situation. Any advice on buying one?
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