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  1. The Asgard

    Kinu M47

    Hi SlowPress, Thanks for the heads up. Emailed MBK via the website asking a few question about 3 weeks ago, so far not had any response. The lack of sales support does put me off given I’m wanting to by one of their products. Reading around, the lack of support for issues seems to have similar lack of response, not good.
  2. Its a fair distance from me 4/5 hrs drive, depending on the route between 240 - 280. Pitty might have ticked the box.
  3. Interested. Looking to reduce my plastic footprint so I would be using it to create cold filtering water for the R58. Any warranty with this?, how much are the filters? Live in Chesterfield.
  4. The Asgard

    Kinu M47

    Hi Tim, The Feldgrind is kind of a plan c if MBK can get some in stock. Pipped to a Feld2 for just over £100 by a fellow forum member. Waiting for some feedback. It was pretty clear you didn’t really want to sell your precious, totally relate to that mate.
  5. The Asgard

    Kinu M47

    Hi Salty, I was hoping to get closer to £200 with the C40 around £190 new. Which version do you have? Like you I’m not in a rush, just need to pickup something before my next holiday in August next year. cheers catpuccino
  6. The Asgard

    Kinu M47

    Hi there, Thanks for replying. Do you have any pics showing the condition of the unit and burrs? Do you know roughly how much use it’s had from you and the previous owner? Age? Very interested mate.
  7. The Asgard

    Kinu M47

    A little bump
  8. No issue with Ashbecks with my R58. My mushroom looked very similar and I just removed the flaky chrome, boiler was fine. Don’t worry about it and enjoy your coffee.
  9. I have a bonavita and it is a fantastic kettle.
  10. The Asgard

    Kinu M47

    After a Kinu M47 to finish off my coffee making gear. Cheers
  11. Please close this thread. Decided to bite the bullet and go for the Kinu M47
  12. Thanks for getting back. Number of options around this price but I would like to try and hold out for a Kinu by preference.
  13. Hi there, Thanks for replying to the thread. How much are you looking for it?
  14. Hi there, I did see the Feld47 earlier. I thought I would throw a shout to the good people here first to see if I could pickup a Kinu on the off chance. Cheers for the heads up.
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