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  1. serves me right for not noticing the three pages to the thread. haha!
  2. Really quite excellent. Cheap too, Espresso/Ristretto - £1.80. Okay, not exactly "cheap" but you don't get a sense of being robbed, infact the service is splendid and the coffee is probably the best I have had from a cafe. Wonder if anyone else has been here?
  3. So sorry to hear your experience. Burnt coffee is such a difficult thing to explain . It really shouldn't be so, but it is. I have noticed a growing trend in certain coffeeshops to go for the 'bean to cup' machines, I suppose, if one is desperate, at least human error is minimised somewhat. I suspect Rhode Island is a newly emerging chain as there is also a place in Bolton called "Rhode Island" and sets itself up as an established coffee house (of the Starbuck/Nero variety).
  4. I use a heavy cast iron crock pot and a wooden spoon to roast my coffee. If it is a nice day I'll do it in the garden (the smell does linger). A good iron pan works well because the heat is retained within the pan itself and distributed evenly. I did try using an aluminium (and considerably lighter) pan, the beans became scorched and the stirring had to be more vigorous to reduce this effect. ASDA currently have wonderful Le Creuset style pans for £35. I did look in Debenhams at Le Creuset, and as much as I love those pans, I can't quite stretch to £200+ for a single pan.
  5. I agree with RoloD. Yet, Chopper does specify a "machine". In which case, keep an eye out for a second hand Gaggia. If possible, do make the effort to see it working "in the flesh" and be prepared to give it a good descaling. Reconditioned machines would remove the gamble effect. If she wants espresso style coffee without the expense I would suggest a Moka pot and use any left over cash for a good manual burr grinder (don't be tempted to buy a cheap electric, they're not worth it). Best of luck.
  6. It comes with a rather wonderful basket, 18g seems to be an understatement as I tend to fill it to between 22 and 24 grams (though I will try 18 and see how that works...will definitely lessen the loss when I pull a bad shot).
  7. Unless they realise the importance of tamping, they're probably going through the act just to keep their supervisor off their backs.
  8. I am so sorry to hear of your bad experience. I have just spent the whole weekend living on instant urn coffee in a Holiday Inn. I just had to remind myself that it was a "coffee based drink" . But seriously, it is because of experiences like that that I keep well away from cafes and if I do go to one, I will make sure there is someone infront of me in the queue so I can examine the skill of the "barista". Thankfully most cafes offer cans of lemonade or smoothies. Moral of the story, never develop an interest in coffee. It isn't excellent, but for mediocre coffee on the go, invest in a handpresso machine. Downside is that it is like carrying a small briefcase (if you get the kit with the cups, flask, napkins and machine).
  9. Yes, a tamper is definitely next on the cards. I didn't buy one online as I want to try it out for a fit in the shop...I'm a little short on shopping time as I am preparing for my 3 month placement in Brazil (voluntary aid work). The naked portafilter is *excellent* for humbling someone who thought they knew how to make good coffee . I have yet to create a decent shot of espresso using this method, though I am sure that the tamper will make it a lot better. None-the-less, extraction time is becoming more reliable as I improve my understanding of grind size and tamping pressure. Also a massive advantage with the naked portafilter is that it is SO much easier to clean! In response to MikeHag: I adore Turkish coffee. I only ever have it with friends (ideally only one or two...until I get a better grinder and bigger ibrik). I consider it on-par with having a bar of chocolate. It is a pleasure not to have too often. In my more intense student days I did have non-sweetened Turkish coffee (my ibrik makes two/three cups at a time). I wouldn't recommend non-sweetened Turkish for anything other than a caffeine fix, the flavour is too intense and in want of sugar. It is a great act of mercy to tell a first-timer not to drink the whole cup .
  10. And yes, that is a manual grinder, approved by Charles Atlas Also, should I paint the jars in which I keep the beans? It seems that the only advantage to instant coffee is that a certain Dutch company makes lovely jars. Oh, would *love* a good quality tamper, I spent my budget on the naked portafilter. I have two tampers, one is the awful (unused) Gaggia one, and the other is a plastic one I bought second hand...it's actually rather good (for plastic). It is however slightly concave and a tad too small ...so far from ideal. Hope I don't offend anyone with the clutter on the top . It isn't usually there, just piled up there to get everything in shot.
  11. Fifty Pound!? Wow, just, wow . I like the tamper, when I first saw it I thought it was an old style car horn
  12. Agreed Just started playing with mine today. Welcome 5thelement!
  13. Hi, welcome to the forum.
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