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  1. IMO all profiles should prioritize keeping the origin caracter. That being said, an "espresso" profile should be biased towards solubility while a "filter" profile should focus on clarity.
  2. Classification should be more than colour based since most roasters don't even use standardized colour scales. I agree that solubility should count but at the same time I have no problems extracting very light filter roasts, especially those coming from a Loring. Ambiguous roast descriptions like "we roast to preserve the origin caracter", can be very misleading since it leaves everything up to the roaster. I've had the same coffee, in 2 consecutive years, from the same roaster that was delightfully light one year and disapointgly medium dark the next. This kind of situation makes recommendations quite a challenge.
  3. Subjectivity comes from the lack of standardization. If one sets a personal threshold where light ends and medium begins it's really not that complicated. If you enjoy a certain type of roast level I'm pretty sure you'll find roasters that will deliver.
  4. Kinu Phoenix îs probably the best deal in manual grinders, right now.
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