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  1. It's that time of the year again, Honne discounted: http://barshaker.ro/Hedone-Honne-Slim Probably still the best value for money true single dose grinder.
  2. IMO all profiles should prioritize keeping the origin caracter. That being said, an "espresso" profile should be biased towards solubility while a "filter" profile should focus on clarity.
  3. Classification should be more than colour based since most roasters don't even use standardized colour scales. I agree that solubility should count but at the same time I have no problems extracting very light filter roasts, especially those coming from a Loring. Ambiguous roast descriptions like "we roast to preserve the origin caracter", can be very misleading since it leaves everything up to the roaster. I've had the same coffee, in 2 consecutive years, from the same roaster that was delightfully light one year and disapointgly medium dark the next. This kind of situation makes recommendations quite a challenge.
  4. Subjectivity comes from the lack of standardization. If one sets a personal threshold where light ends and medium begins it's really not that complicated. If you enjoy a certain type of roast level I'm pretty sure you'll find roasters that will deliver.
  5. Kinu Phoenix îs probably the best deal in manual grinders, right now.
  6. I've got 2 proffing for tonight:
  7. Regular gas convection oven:
  8. You could also argue that a volumetric machine can turn out bad shots if it's not used properly. I'd also add that dialing in on a daily basis and using fresh beans has a bigger impact on shot quality.
  9. I always felt that the cheaper ones try to "whole" the measuring to the nearest full gram and can't be bothered with divisions of it. [emoji16]
  10. A 52mm could be a very tight fit making it difficult to get it out of the basket, since some grounds will adehere to the tamper and the basket inner wall. Also, not all off the shelf parts are created equal so you could end up with a smaller basket and a bigger tamper.
  11. I actually like the V60 results from the Lido 3 better than I like them with the Kinu. I think the Lido gives a better balanced cup while the Kinu brings forward the bitter notes.
  12. Using a hand grinder for every method is a convenience/price thing more than a quality above all thing. Of course a Niche is a better option if one needs it and can afford it but that doesn't mean it's the best grinder ever.
  13. It's a gift from the gods. Wonder why people use something else...
  14. People brew dark roasts, does it matter what grinder they use.... Can you stop the niche propaganda when it's clearly off topic.
  15. Can you guys read? I said brewing, not espresso. If you now of a hand grinder that does both great, I'd love to know about it.
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