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  1. Thanks Dave, I see on your points. on 2. I usually turn lever once the light flashes. Yeah I think so and didnt turn off lever so water came out until it ran out like. Hope so no way of knowing really unless opened or have any issues in future! blame her lol. She gave me to oh your ranting over something silly lol again!
  2. Thanks both, yeah usually when water runs out green light flashes and I turn off lever, only difference is (she indoors) lol left it on and forgot to tell me to. I guess as didn't turn off lever it cut off at some point hopefully! I think some water was still coming out as said it went everywhere having forgot to switch off lever! So hours later I refilled and it just took as above said a while to fill it back up! All seems to work at mo!
  3. It wasn't me of course, but realised a few hours later when refilled with water lever was still on, turning it back of it them seemed to take a while to take in water back through. Is it like to of done any damage being left a few hours water ran out with lever on?
  4. Thanks Dave, interesting for sure and makes sense. I keep saying to wife to put less liquid in to as it seems to over foam and, the drain pipe on washing machine which I put in has like a layer of scum across bottom of eventually the pipe will fill up with this jelly like layer. This happens also I guess because of lower temps now, though its usually 40-60c. Do you put powder in drawer still? as we use the liquid with ball thing goes in drum.
  5. Our Bosch was around £500 a few years ago and best feature is the extra dry and it uses Zeolith minerals, a blower thing at back corner blows heat out to dry, and apart from cups/mugs that even up straight, there is never any drying needed.
  6. Well of course a pet may still do their business on it, hose it down?
  7. Finally got Lockhills at Waitrose again, decided not to go Volvic as was more than double the price but maybe worth it in long run, though been using stretton hills then lock hills since 2017 now.
  8. lee1980


    Ah cool, must be a common issue ours has like a line through it, like something not quite right but still see ok its small but ok. Had no issues so far, I should though descale it more often than last one also! For £20 to, i think it looks good many reckon it cost a lot more.
  9. Yeah I see, I was going to try Bellas citric acid and maybe add a bit more as its less like chemical but still corrosive so be careful.
  10. yeah its near 2litres, but I think id rather put in less first like a litre with 50g and see how it goes.
  11. It says follow instructions on another descale product but imagine for R58, a litre or so dissolved first in warm water pulled in will do. They seem to be saying its perhaps more softer then other descales and not likely to any damage etc. I guess if any left behind it might taste lemony lol.
  12. They suggest this and instructions in this link below, makes sense and to me appears to be instructions for dual boiler to. Gona need a lot of water though! https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/citric-acid-coffee-machine-descaler-1kg.html
  13. Must be wrong then, if we were to add descaler to reservoir we would be descaling to all the, the service boiler, group head and other boiler. I guess the issue is making sure all the descaler and sediment it out on a dual boiler. I got from bella barista, so maybe worth an ask but they may say should of done sooner! not sure of how long warranty was now but expect out of warranty now.
  14. Ah ok, no worries, I think when I asked about this a few year back still wasn't sure of what was best to do. Not sure if have oil skins lol
  15. lee1980


    lol yeah for £20 its good, I need to really plumb my R58 in to save this faff with the bottled water to. Other branded kettles seem so silly price and not good if dont last more than 2-3 yrs not good.
  16. lee1980


    No sadly failed early in year leak somewhere, was going to spend a decent amount but decided to go cheaper, Aldi one below in white, has temp settings and really neat filling flap so no lid etc. I believe the Bosch one is same still on sell to now. https://www.aldi.co.uk/ambiano-grey-digital-kettle/p/803035453645202
  17. Ah looked on whole Latte Love YT, which vid did you follow? there are so many!
  18. Thanks, I see how easy was the descaling to do? I thought it wasn't easy or not recommended on R58. Sounds like mine will need doing then! will search for this info.
  19. Thanks Dave, ah I thought i read on other thread best to do with cleaner like Puly every 6 months or so then re-grease etc? Or are you meaning a different cleaner?
  20. I found an earlier post I had replied to also, 4 points from @DavecUK 1. Group handle and Basket (daily) 2. Shower screen and part of group underneath (2-3 days) 3. Blind filter clean water backflush (daily) is this with the metal blind thing in porta filter? 4. backflush (at least monthly) Im confused as to which is which?
  21. Had mine since October 2017. Really regularly clean out shower head etc and to back flush with Puly cleaner and re lube the cam etc with correct moly grease. Have no issues with, is there anything else I should of done by now or checked? I read one can not easily use descaler and I have been using Lock hills/volvic all the time for water.
  22. Oh really, i guess in my R58 this could be a problem in the service/steam boiler? had it since 2017 and not checked to see if any scale or know really if possible. I read its not easy to use descaler on it if impossible. I was never expecting bottled water to mean no limescale ever.
  23. Rocket tamper stand thing was around £50 to not impressed with it, gathering dust lol.
  24. Well it seems Volvic is a shotage here anyway, got a few 6x 0.5 litre but that was last of it in local Asda. Seen in news something about Volvic taking to much from source in France or something. Will try Waitrose again next for lockhills, all overs seem to have 40+ for calcium, found some with nearly 8 for magensium.
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