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  1. Not seen anything like this before but is very good to see, its almost like restoring an old car! Wow to have the space in kitchen for one of these!
  2. Thanks all for more, tips, it does seem to vary on level of roast and how mature beans are since roasting I find. Never tried water, you mean drops or like from a sprayer?
  3. As discussed I need to first insulate garage ceiling area and then back of door, doubt will ever be able to fill every void/hole! and as above the door is meant to be ventilated for typical not attached garages I guess. I doubt will do before end of the year now with xmas looming!
  4. I didn't get a look at this on weekend much, daughters birthday I have been consumed by Frozen 2 and all associated things lol. One thing that will mean door will always let air in, is the way I guess made to ventilate a typical garage. The front panel pressed and castellated in section so where it is welded between frame, there are always openings to let air in as its not fixed close to frame! So to be less draft etc id have to fill in all these to!
  5. This is pretty much what I get, but find its a case of dialling in grind for each new load bag of beans, usually once done its good for whole hopper full.
  6. Thanks all, I have tried various seals but its getting it to stick to frame and stay there is problem, to best stuff so far has been like U-channel rubber seal for cars etc slides over edge, just need mine a bit thicker. Agree need to insulate garage roof space first to. See if can get thing board to insulate back of door!
  7. Hi Joey, its a pitched tiled roof as main roof, triangular trusses, with a timber ceiling to garage, I do plan to insulate the ceiling between the trusses using the more modern foam board type insulation. Though think most is coming through gaps in door where it closes.
  8. Just to see if any ideas really, we have a semi with integrated garage. Back is like utility with washing machine, sink, fridge and food shelves, front is for tools shelving and motorbike and cycle. So still need to open garage door daily. Its an older (1985) Garadoor, still shuts reasonably tight and square. I have tried foam and rubber EPDM type seals to all mating faces. Have a rubber flap along bottom so that helps as it touches ground. I do not want to change it to a modern up and over as they seem very think and flimsy by comparison though have better sealing. This is pretty secure to with a bolt and pad lock and 2 pacri bolts that go into floor of garage plus the original lock. My only other idea at the moment is getting hold of some heavy old curtains and putting in front inside door.
  9. I have one of these for Thule roof bars that accept the 'T' bolts. Only been used to carry a cycle 2/3 times, otherwise as new apart from dirty as been on car for a few months. Will give a good cleanAfter £40, local collection only. Bristol BS30
  10. Awesome I need one of these tampers to compliment the handles!
  11. I believe the smaller KTM bikes 390 below are made/assembled in India by baja or something, ones I saw always looked really good and looked more expensive than were. Now the recent, revised super duke 1290 R wow!
  12. I commute all year round apart from snow or when its icy out on our road! On a Ducati Xdiavel, and mad thing is all the tech traction control, rider modes and cornering ABS means its probably been the best and easiest bike to ride in bad weather! They have Bosch IMU thingy now that detects lean angle and all that on all axis like a gyro. Its so planted and modern tyres grip so well when on just wet roads, brakes to work amazingly well. I got used to it but there are days when think is this safe!
  13. Same here, some pucks are nice in solid come out in piece others soft and leave some behind needing a wash of of basket in between shots. I regularly use the group head cleaner thingy someone mentioned on here with the red handle and silicone thingy and of course often clean shower head. Now finally got in to cleaning and greasing the group head properly to.
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