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  1. Never had it, but as others said go to A+E or walk in or see another GP. As in my experience the are so different and care they offer varies. Our Gp is nothing like you see on TV programs like gp's behind closed doors on C5. Our gp's seem to want you in and our fast as possible and don't seem to be listening and they have 4-6 ladies on the phones, takes ages to speak to ours usually only one on reception! Hope it gets sorted soon!
  2. Thanks Joey, Yeah I guess, its a definite should be used when getting new beans etc, with my current scale I find the porta filter needs to be balanced on and it has a power off timer that is to short must be less than minute and it shuts off!
  3. Thanks Joey any links to scales?
  4. I had been stirring with finder as it falls in basket, perhaps not best way! ah ok i think its 21gm that came with rocket naked porta filter handle. Which basket be a good upgrade? I need to weigh more especially when new beans are added. I was getting the kickstartes scales on here, forget what called now, but need something better.
  5. Still getting random spurts from naked basket, sometimes its like many spurts that sort of shower inside of walls of glass, other times its on tiny pin size stream shooting out the top of cup and going everywhere. Is there one typical cause for this?, been trying to be more consistent will all weighing and tamp pressure etc. Just seems random, one time it will build to one nice thick flow stream no spurts clean glass etc, other times just the 1 tiny spurt!!
  6. Yea I a sure am but as ever lots to consider as long term got good benefits etc. Yeah that is right fee was estimated to low and not realised the complexity of the building. Thanks yeah I will be having a serious think over all this depending on how things go over next 6 months. As been pointed out I am going to ask what has been done inline with HR procedure or if it is just a chat between us like.
  7. Thank you all, I understand its a bit hard to be able to tell all the in's and out's of this, and I was caught on the hop by it and am never very good at explaining my self in these situations either. I posted on here as there are some pretty level headed knowledgeable peeps. I have only really other wise discussed with the wife. Previous issue was same thing really on a large project them suggesting I was taking to long to draw up an coordinate, this time around I have been very clear on letting them know when I am struggling to meet dead lines etc. Outcome was to be overseen by higher up technician and to meet a couple of points in regards to planning work ahead and looking what is required in a more efficient manner and helping out the engineers more. I did pretty much say to them well not much point in doing extra hours then is there if they are still not happy! I do wonder if I take it to heart to much, as since chatting its like nothing has happened and all pally like. I get possible feeling it was done as a way of them venting issues on it as fee is spent on job etc and was also low to start off with. I think I need to ask though if the this warning is on record etc and if it will affect my future there.
  8. Over the past year or so had a few issues in work, and last week had a verbal warning. I work in construction drawing buildings for structural steel and concrete generally large buildings and we use like 3D software now to model in 3D. They are saying my performance one project is to slow and comparing me to others etc when it is quite hard to quantify and explain a lot of factors affect speed in drawing production. I have a laptop to and over past year put in a lot of evening hours and late nights to meet deadlines to. my line manager and tech director called me in for this chat, saying im not fulfilling my role fully etc and not fast enough. Seemed a bit harsh given others on my team doing same job do no extra ever. This was said to me after working previous day 7:00am go home at 6pm and work until midnight!
  9. It was interesting to see the process of how its freeze dried etc but sure could google it to lol
  10. Of course yea no worries.
  11. I should be able to take it for £78 delivered but at end of this month, unless summat else crops up.
  12. Thanks for heads up Cooffe, though may of been to slow!
  13. THanks slowpress, I think I would try it as it first, as pour over is how I do it now in work. Presume I can buy the Redclix and add it after to?
  14. I like that finish to, found it on other sites for £205, do you find grinds fine enough compared to a full size one? How is it to clean? do you use daily? I see they have like a jar to store beans to, I think as accessory?
  15. Apollo is 223 but seems can only get direct form bplus, maybe custom charges etc to. Though review on coffee geek it does sound really good!
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