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  1. Thanks, phew been so long since got can't remember. Will do, we have some for the little one and no one i know has told me they have piles yet! lol
  2. Well I better see how I get my tank out I think it just lifts out like, will do when next runs out of water, good advice for sure.
  3. I have looked in mine looks clean, as always used bottled water but of course doesn't mean to say it is clean like!
  4. I have been so slack in cleaning the group head/shower screen, again weeks gone by, and of course it takes longer to clean. I to only use the Puly every few months then re-grease. We are using more than ever working from home so need to on doing this cleaning regularly!
  5. Browsing costco saw this if member cheaper, or can get online membership in stock to. https://www.costco.co.uk/Appliances/Small-Kitchen-Appliances/Coffee-Coffee-Capsules/Dualit-Cafe-Cino-Milk-Steamer-84850/p/252780
  6. lee1980

    True Detective

    Is this on amazon prime or Sky TV, looks like on amazon but pay for it like.
  7. Better check mine, as its heavy thing and kitchen done by previous owner is something of a bodge job!
  8. Thanks for all comments, I read as much as I could on the R58 and at the time had never heard of or seen Bianca. I thought Rocket machines were more well thought off but seems not. Though am happy with mine and not had any major issues yet, will take a peak inside for rust! Bianca has low water feature still does the shot! and can easily switch off steam boiler with out connecting a control panel. will certainly look again when time comes, though at these prices hoping mine last 10yrs or more!
  9. It would be in the way on our counter, and no where to put current controller either! nice revised looks only slight at least.
  10. I see, touch wood not had any major issues with my R58, where is your review of that Dave?
  11. Why is that Dave?
  12. lee1980

    Any bikers

    Currently on xdiavel hardly ridden of late as would commute usually and didnt fancy getting knocked off at all which would be typical in these times! V twin about 1250cc, a bit like harley feet forward position riding but handles so well, traction control cornering ABS and launch control! certainly helps in wet weather. The 240 section tyre is not cheap and the front wears fast to due to weight and tyre is more sports type, but they work so well and rather be upright! Other is possible next bike, new Rocket 3r, only 2600cc triple!
  13. Any one seen this yet? can't find much on it, only saw on BB site. Nice subtle tweaks to looks, but that display, I bet it can't be used on older machines! https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/rocket-espresso-cinquantottor58-dual-boiler-coffee-machine-new.html
  14. Is there any reason why the steam boiler cannot be left off long term? what about remaining water in steam boiler? imagine there is no way to fully empty it like? Should I wait until it runs out of water before turning off might be a good idea? its a shame the control box is not easier to hide/place somewhere.
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