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  1. Thanks Jon, sounds great, at £55 it still seems a lot but looks well made and does the job so think will have to try one!
  2. Seems a good price as £99 from ember direct, it looks like this same part number so is the ember 2 mug to. Considering now, work from home but do forget it so much tea or coffee, i like it warm but not boiling. Is it white plastic? has is discoloured or anything? does it plug in wall or a usb? EDIT: got part numbers wrong, the costco one is first ember but only difference seems to be battery life, but ok if its on desk as will keep warm all day and the saucer dock is smaller on ember 2.
  3. I could do with a tray for sure on mine but the curved front of grinder will be a challenge to model!
  4. Ahh I see, no need then, I have bought the filter and head thing for it but think gone to large and won't be able to fit it all next to dish washer easily. Last thing I needed was a counter to see how many litres roughly gone through filter!
  5. Great write up and pictures, I so need to do this on R58, got filter and everything to do it as well. Do you not need an inline filter? I could not see you had used one.
  6. Yeah I thought that but looked like staple on mine was above seal line but can imagine it varies. To be honest it could come in a black bad tied up for me as not bothered what it looks like, as generally use a bag a week it pretty much goes straight in the grinder when it arrives. I don't want the offers of wine etc or even the invoice as all i do remove address and recycle the rest!
  7. Same here using lockhills in R58, use about 1 bottle a week, which is not a huge amount I don't think as see many buy bottled water to use for everything. Do wish there was an easier alternative and don't really have space for an Osmosis thing either.
  8. Thanks Phil, ahh i see, I did not until looked earlier know there was an earlier PID. Good to know. Was hoping could get Cinquantotto one but its a new thing entirely it seems!
  9. So different to Phil's above? not sure if thats newer or older then, this maybe older one? V2 or what I and Phil have: below is latest V3 i guess.
  10. Claudette at Bella, said latest one touch screen etc won't fit, mine is as Phil's above not sure which version my R58 is, it has the tapered tulip feet around 2 or more years old now.
  11. Thanks Philip top idea and great write up, I will try similar as, now working from home machine is on a lot more but, want to be able to turn off stream boiler as not use that always for milk etc!
  12. oh thats an idea, is the wall bracket custom made? though we have kitchen cupboards above to get in the way this still might work!
  13. Once I get my next 3D printer will have a look see how much it be, for me it be more time it takes to do.
  14. See blog post below, I have been using them to for various things quite handy! Id rather have a reduction the weekly cost of beans than points to collect etc, but every company seems to be doing similar these days. According to this to sounds like bags can only go in carrier recycling so expect mine in plastic house hold recycling end up in tip. https://ravecoffee.co.uk/blogs/news/lets-talk-about-packaging
  15. I have been subscribed to Rave for quite a while now, to be honest the branding doesn't bother me. Have found the beans overall to be very consistent. The bags have changed many times to lately think are now some form of plastic that is recyclable, well it goes in our plastic recycle bag. Not sure on the little metal clips and card on each bag seems overkill though clips are handy and seems they say are stopping them. The offers of wine leaflets or similar just go straight in recycling, same as printed invoice. They do now other some sort of points system to collect to.
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