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  1. lee1980

    Hearing Aids

    I see, yeah hopefully sorted via the app presume there is one, with mine I do find at times to be honest there is to much to faff with, but need phone to make adjustments to as well.
  2. lee1980

    Hearing Aids

    Which brand is that not heard of them? I have in my app for aids the ability to turn down or off the mics on aids to when on a call or listening to music I don't pick up back ground noise or can some if need to like traffic to not get ran over!
  3. lee1980

    Hearing Aids

    Apart from my work phone land line, every call I make now is using iphone and hearing aids. With an iphone you can set audio/calls etc to go to aids or select speaker or other devices. So when on facebook etc if you play a vid sound comes through aids to instantly usually. I just have phone in hand and use mic on phone to talk, do get strange looks as hard to see hearing aids lol, only issue I have and seems more recently is the sound dropping out generally from left one never right, whether this is phone/app/aids I dont know, usually moving it around some gets it back. For making long calls to my Dad its great as before used to struggle to hear and find land line to much in one ear only. I know some other brands of hearing aids use the mics on the aids for calls to.
  4. Thank all, As I have adjusted the grind better now more coarse its going to max 10.5 which is still a bit high, will look in manual and check what exact procedure is for mine before I mess anything else up!
  5. Will do, googling it says to do when cold as possible? and it looks like it is on the bottom so not sure how will get a flat bladed screw driver under!
  6. Thank you Lake, will look at this, I guess thats 9.5 when pump winds up after level flicked on like?
  7. Thanks, I haven't changed anything settings, seems I have probably been going to fine and not dialling it well when beans vary on each new bag. reducing grind means its around 10.5 to start then near 10, and it starts coming out faster with less pressure build up sprays! I must look at manual and plug in the thingy box to see what I can adjust!
  8. I have tried this morning to, various grinds and along with high pressure get it spurting out all over inside and outside of cup little jets break through puck I guess, but if its to fine or compacted then it takes to long to go through and pressure builds up more then!
  9. Tastes as usual for me, pressure varies i guess depending on grind and amount etc. I think I can lower it plugging in control thingy.
  10. I have noticed recently it starts at the initially and drops to 10 almost once shot starts, is so high likely to do any damage? Sure it was less before, though get same beans find each new bag requires different grind etc.
  11. lee1980

    Hearing Aids

    I never had any issues with calling and the app, I do get drop outs in sound from either ear, this is apparently to do with low powered Bluetooth and usually moving phone sorts it. I had issues with audio streaming and the aids kept going into streaming mode, Resound blamed apple and that but now it all seems to be sorted. You can set calls to come through to aids all the time or not there are so many options perhaps to many. With made for iphone you can also control most things with using the resound app. I read last that aid with full Bluetooth that can connect to any device will drain pretty quick, these made for iphone so far seem to last for ever on a charge and the charger can charge em 2/3 times or more with its built in battery. I have not read anything on what this can do brain etc, I have had hearing aids that connect each other with some sort of radio waves for over 10 years now, not suffered any side effects, not sure if bluetooth will be worse!
  12. lee1980

    Hearing Aids

    I got some Resound Linx Quattro, last RIC rechargeable. Not cheap but none are at this level and so far have been amazing, only issues being with app and iphone control. Updates have since sorted some. They last over a day for me easily, as they use a low powered type of Bluetooth they don't use much power when streaming but can only connect to an iphone/ipad not other bluetooth devices. I believe they now will connect to latest android phones to. For watching films and music the quality is superb and they do not distort at high levels like previous ones did. I have a moderate/medium loss and tinnitus
  13. I have still not plumbed mine in all got all the gear filter etc, but nor changed dish washer there is less room under counter doh! Main I have is the naked porta filte, I have not even plugged in the PDI box thing to adjust anything for me it works very well! I have been pre-in fussing like for 5-10 secs, so hope it has worked after all this time!
  14. Never had it, but as others said go to A+E or walk in or see another GP. As in my experience the are so different and care they offer varies. Our Gp is nothing like you see on TV programs like gp's behind closed doors on C5. Our gp's seem to want you in and our fast as possible and don't seem to be listening and they have 4-6 ladies on the phones, takes ages to speak to ours usually only one on reception! Hope it gets sorted soon!
  15. Thanks Joey, Yeah I guess, its a definite should be used when getting new beans etc, with my current scale I find the porta filter needs to be balanced on and it has a power off timer that is to short must be less than minute and it shuts off!
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