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  1. Your right for using without papers - it’s a noticeably coarser grind otherwise you end up with a mug of sludge. I want some more acidic coffees to have with it as I’ve got mostly espresso type beans which isn’t the best.
  2. I'm waiting for the videos they were putting together to show different brewing methods. I'd ideally like one without using the filter papers as I don't like relying on them to be able to brew.
  3. I think I paid £38 in total. Steep for what it is but I was curious. It looks incredibly well made in person. Better than I thought. Same to you. The best name some would say (more specifically us)
  4. I wondered whether anyone else backed this project? It is an expensive V60 but it looked nice and the craftsmanship seems brilliant. I've only made 1 drink so far as it just arrived. It was incredibly fast to pour and the drink tastes nice. I've not dialled it in with a bean I know though.
  5. Having the first pour over whilst camping. Lovely taste even with my very hit a miss pouring method out here. Looking forward to dialling this one in!
  6. I worked for Starbucks for a short time. I was already really into making espresso when I got the role and it was as they were transitioning to bean-to-cup machines. I have never been more disappointed in my life. I really wanted to amaze people with my espresso knowledge but instead it was a game of who could remember the 8 million drink variations and do them the fastest. Some of the sweeter drinks were nice but just not really a coffee drink. I really don't miss making 15 frapuccino's in a row covered in a sugary gloop that's impossible to wash off. Ugh!
  7. Just had my first aeropress with them today. The smell when opened is lovely. The recipe I used was 16g relatively finely ground, 250g of water @ 90C. Really smooth taste. Not done tasting notes for it yet as I just wanted to enjoy a cup.
  8. Received this morning. Thanks for this, looking forward to them!
  9. I was lucky that I let one run long by accident which was a massive push in the right direction to calm the acidity down.
  10. @mmmatroncaramel is a good shout now you say it!
  11. Just made a nice espresso but with a much longer extraction than I expected. 19.5g in -> 36g out in 46secs. Gave a rounded shot with maybe a little sourness right at the end. Very tasty though.
  12. I just dialed in a new grinder with these beans and ended up pulling a few decent shots. mended up going for 17.5g in - 34/36g out ~ 35 seconds. A real smooth balanced taste. Didn’t make full tasting notes as it was late but will do today.
  13. Same with you @yusuf7869 I always love a good coffee chat! made the first espresso with it this morning and it works great. A lot more fine tuning than with the Sage but far better.
  14. @yusuf7869Would you take £180? I could collect this week.
  15. Oh ok. Sorry I thought people made offers over PMs rather than in the thread itself.
  16. Thank you. No I'd probably not use the hopper in all honesty as I only make espresso for myself. I'll PM you
  17. HI I'm really interested in this grinder. I don't mean to be a pain but what is the total height of it? Just so I know whether it'll fit under a cupboard.
  18. I’m finding like other a slightly short espresso shot tastes best. For me it’s 20g>36g out. it sometimes smells like it’s going to be sour but then has a great taste.
  19. Mine arrived. We have a great postie he brought my green bin down and popped it in there. Saves me a trip Saturday morning! smelt nice out of the bag. Going to leave it to rest as I’ve got a coffee stock pile going.
  20. I’ve also been going for a lower dose ratio and prefer the flavour overal.
  21. Tried a quick espresso shot today on nearly the finest setting on my porlex grinder. I got 40g in 9/10 seconds with espresso everywhere. it didn’t taste the worst but it didn’t taste great. Think I’ll be sticking with aeropress for this batch.
  22. Just been trying my ratios a little bit as I was liking 20g for a 400ml cup. so I tried scaling it with 5g per 100ml (or 50g per litre) and preferred that slightly less concentrated flavour.
  23. Definitely! The first drink I made I did way too concentrated and found it a little overwhelming. I found doing it a little more diluted opened up the flavours and made them more enjoyable. Could just be my preference though (aeropress made btw)
  24. Brewing with the aeropress the main flavour I get is Campino sweets. Lots of strawberry and vanilla.
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