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  1. I worked for Starbucks for a short time. I was already really into making espresso when I got the role and it was as they were transitioning to bean-to-cup machines. I have never been more disappointed in my life. I really wanted to amaze people with my espresso knowledge but instead it was a game of who could remember the 8 million drink variations and do them the fastest. Some of the sweeter drinks were nice but just not really a coffee drink. I really don't miss making 15 frapuccino's in a row covered in a sugary gloop that's impossible to wash off. Ugh!
  2. Just had my first aeropress with them today. The smell when opened is lovely. The recipe I used was 16g relatively finely ground, 250g of water @ 90C. Really smooth taste. Not done tasting notes for it yet as I just wanted to enjoy a cup.
  3. Received this morning. Thanks for this, looking forward to them!
  4. I was lucky that I let one run long by accident which was a massive push in the right direction to calm the acidity down.
  5. @mmmatroncaramel is a good shout now you say it!
  6. Just made a nice espresso but with a much longer extraction than I expected. 19.5g in -> 36g out in 46secs. Gave a rounded shot with maybe a little sourness right at the end. Very tasty though.
  7. I just dialed in a new grinder with these beans and ended up pulling a few decent shots. mended up going for 17.5g in - 34/36g out ~ 35 seconds. A real smooth balanced taste. Didn’t make full tasting notes as it was late but will do today.
  8. Same with you @yusuf7869 I always love a good coffee chat! made the first espresso with it this morning and it works great. A lot more fine tuning than with the Sage but far better.
  9. @yusuf7869Would you take £180? I could collect this week.
  10. Oh ok. Sorry I thought people made offers over PMs rather than in the thread itself.
  11. Thank you. No I'd probably not use the hopper in all honesty as I only make espresso for myself. I'll PM you
  12. HI I'm really interested in this grinder. I don't mean to be a pain but what is the total height of it? Just so I know whether it'll fit under a cupboard.
  13. I’m finding like other a slightly short espresso shot tastes best. For me it’s 20g>36g out. it sometimes smells like it’s going to be sour but then has a great taste.
  14. Mine arrived. We have a great postie he brought my green bin down and popped it in there. Saves me a trip Saturday morning! smelt nice out of the bag. Going to leave it to rest as I’ve got a coffee stock pile going.
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