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  1. Hi, Yes I still have the instructions. I’ve also got all the old fittings in case you ever want to reverse the PiD installation. Happy to include those too. I’ll DM you.
  2. I’ve never opened the boiler and it was originally from Leicester but I’m not 100% on that.
  3. Yeah I got this mug Stojo mug they have them in Aldi at the moment too.
  4. I’m selling my Gaggia Classic 2007 model with a fair few mods to it. Its in good working order and I have descaled it recently ready for sale. The mods this machine has are: - Mr Shades PID (steam and brew) - Rancilio steam wand - Brass dispersion plate - IMS shower screen - OPV set to 9 bars Ive included a bottomless and spouted portafilter, blanking plate and both a double and single basket. I’ve also included a slim tray I bought and a longer pipe for the solenoid back pressure. The tray has split but is still functional. It just collects water
  5. Lovely set up! Makes me want to clean around my area now.
  6. That’s an interesting approach to it. In all honesty I could probably do the same as I very rarely print my images and mainly view them on a phone screen. Halide and lightroom are the main 2 apps I use. I just like Halide as it shoots raw. id like to find an editing app as powerful as lightroom that’s either free or has a one off price.
  7. I’ve been using a collapsible mug as my hopper and can get most of my dose out. There’s still some retention but it seems minimal. because the lid creates a seal it helps to blow a lot through.
  8. Thank you for finding a working lid! It’s been driving me mad as my current one spins and catches the grounds sometimes.
  9. I need to get out with the camera again. has anyone else found they often use their phone as a goto? the photo below I shot on Halide which allows raw shooting on my iPhone and gives pretty good results.
  10. Nice to see someone else using the ROK. Mines been used a little less recently but I do really enjoy it. Amazing results from quite a manual method too.
  11. The Sage Dual Boiler came today after purchasing from @Kyle T It's the first time I've steamed milk that looks and holds well.
  12. £525 sounds good. I’ll PM you.
  13. No problem. I could stretch to £500.
  14. Would you take £475 collected?
  15. Wish I had the money! Looks in great condition for a great price.
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