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  1. Little update - did 20g for a 400ml mug and it came out beautiful. The flavours are less overwhelming and have a more delicate taste.
  2. I’m using aeropress. Used 20g of coffee for a 300mlish mug.
  3. Mine arrived today. Couldn’t resist trying a cup even though they should probably rest. I’ll not mention anything until people have had a bit more chance to get/try them and until I’ve got a good brew going.
  4. Glad it’s not just me finding this is a bit of a machine choker! Just tried 18.8g in 39g out in around 32secs. Tasted lovely.
  5. I’ll give that recipe a go. Need to get mine dialed in.
  6. Merry Christmas everyone. finally opened my first bag of Drop and brewed with Aeropress. I used around 18/19g of coffee and it’s made an incredibly light feeling coffee as I do brew quite weak for a morning brew sometimes (19g: 450ml water). It has a really sweet taste and like it has some citrus tones too - maybe orange? A really refreshing cup and one I will certainly be trying with a stronger brew ratio to really get some flavours out.
  7. Thanks for that, I've never really paid attention to actual time making the drink. It just seems to take me longer - I'm not sure whether I'm fussing too much for a morning drink.
  8. I've recently found myself only really drinking Aeropress coffee. I like espresso drinks but I'm not a huge milk drinker so find the process lengthy for essentially the same drink I could have in a minute or two. Are there anyways to spice up my espresso routine or to make it a little simpler? I'm currently using a Gaggia Classic and a Saeco Pro grinder. P.s I haven't mentioned this near my partner as I have my allocated space. Don't want to relinquish that if I don't need to!
  9. A slightly random request here but does anyone know of anywhere in the UK that sells or would sell straight up coffee fruit berries? I'm a primary school teacher and we're doing about the Maya people. I'd love to take in a coffee fruit berry as we're looking to do a food tasting. It seems like everyone does the extract but not the fruit itself.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I think a timer to turn the machine on may help. I think the issue with espresso for me for me is that I can’t do anything else whilst I’m making it. With my Aeropress I can make my breakfast at the same time. Got pretty fast at it now!
  11. I've been struggling recently with making espresso drinks as I don't have time in a morning to make one but I don't drink coffee in the evening (it really effects my sleep!) I make a lot of aeropress or filter coffee as I can normally crack one out in about 5-10 minutes. Are there any other methods that are equally easy to do that provide great results - or is there a way I can attempt to squeeze an espresso into my coffee routine. Haven't felt like I can post as much recently as I basically make the same coffee every morning! (I do enjoy it though!)
  12. Slowly getting better. Was the first shot with a new bean so unfortunately the espresso shot wasn't the best.
  13. I have a Gaggia classic and had the same issue as you Silky. Even when I don't change any variables my pour times with the same grind on a naked and spouted portafilter are quite drastically different. I find I always have to grind finer for a naked filter than for a spouted one. No matter what I tried it resulted in the same outcome. Still not sure why.
  14. I've been experimenting recently with different Aeropress filter combinations and wondered what others used. I didn't realise until recently there was such a big difference between paper and metal filters and currently I prefer the metal filter for a cleaner taste (albeit less clean cup!) Do you have a particular combination, multiple filters, filter sandwich?
  15. This seems to replicate the tastes I'm consistently getting on pour over and aeropress. Loving it!
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