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  1. I've just come back to the forum after a few months away... ?
  2. Looks very nice. I couldn't find anything in the review so maybe it is assumed to be obviously the case but do you test the output to make sure it is doing what it says it is? Would it be exactly the same as any other RO system or are there variations in the performance i.e. 90% of XYZ is removed or 95% etc? (Apologies if I missed the reference to this part of the test in the review or on the thread.)
  3. ZappyAd

    Londinium R

    Out of interest is the new LR different to this one, other than the inclusion of the digital pre-infusion? I.e. if you fitted the pre-infusion to this one would it be the same (but older) as a new one?
  4. That is the way I thought about it - 150k/8days/6 outlets = 3k per day * 20% wanting a coffee = 600 drinks. Obviously the visitor demographic is going to be a factor. If it is a kids concert then probably less will want coffee. Also if there are other outlets selling alcohol / smoothies / meals with soft drinks then it will cut into it even more. My guess is the main issue will be capacity at certain times of day i.e. there might be a 10:30 rush but then it gets quiet around lunch time as people are buying drinks with meals. Also the nature of the event is going to squeeze serving tim
  5. Haven’t tried these but they might be the beans you are looking for... https://www.harrods.com/en-gb/harrods/jacu-bird-coffee-beans-125g-p000000000005459073?bcid=F010010070000
  6. A large part of the reason you see mazzers in cafes might be down to things like durability, space being less of an issue and the need to work non-stop during the day. Some of these things might be good for you (e.g. durability), some maybe less so (Space) and some might be bad (if you don’t run it all day then the coffee beans in the hopper will get stale). There is definitely a trade off when considering commercial equipment for home use. Some of this can be modded away (if you are handy) but sometimes you just have to live with it.
  7. Are you sure about the limit? I thought it was infinite because google just ignores those characters. I found out about it a long time ago so it might have changed but I haven’t ever been stopped from creating new addresses.
  8. Gmail has a thing where you can add extra text to your email address and it still gets delivered to you. I use it for exactly the purpose you describe. So for instance if you have [email protected] you can sign up as [email protected] and you get the emails. The only slight issue is that some web developers don't allow a + in an email address so you can't use this (I have encountered it only once or twice).
  9. I was thinking about getting an original wilfa for filter. From a price perspective I wonder if this is 2-3 times 'better', especially if I am not going to even attempt to use it for espresso.
  10. Maybe you could start with something non espresso based, simply because espresso gets expensive and difficult! If you don’t want to grind by hand then something like a wilfa grinder and a french press or v60 would cost less than £200 (£150?) and give you access to a wide range of coffees.
  11. +1 for peli cases. I've used them for moving gear around and they are very good. You can get the cut out foam to match whatever you are carrying and keep it in place. Downside is they might end up costing you a fair chunk of the cost of the grinder!
  12. I agree that a 20% price increase (assuming they are the same beans) is pretty significant. I'm not 100% sure that it is an industry wide effect as (from my very small sample) other roaster's prices seem stable. Is the delivery method the same? Possibly they just decided they could raise the price and demand wouldn't change. I guess you are the test case depending on whether you decide to keep buying them or not!
  13. Based on my experience (and like a lot of things in life) I would say if you can't do it then you will need to spend some time (and coffee) practicing until you can! I always find it difficult to match someone's tasting notes using their exact recipe just because (i) I probably perceive things in a different way (ii) my equipment is going to be different to theirs which will affect the taste. I just use my routine to try to get a taste that I like, starting from 1:2 in 30s and go from there. When I started out I bought one bean by the kg which meant I had a chance of trying lots of di
  14. Just started drinking these as espresso. Big smell of raspberry after grinding but didn't really taste it. Got quite a strong marzipan taste if anything. Will see how they change now they are out of the freezer and into the hopper.
  15. Interesting perspective on the londinium project. In his view temperature stability is pretty poor.
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