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  1. Just to confirm, I will list the classic separately at some point soon.
  2. Sorry for the delayed reply. Yes the grinder is still available. Let me know if you're interested. Cheers.
  3. They were on the thread for my grinder and it was suggested that a new thread should created. my mistake for mentioning it and discussing it on a thread for something else. I'm not sure what the etiquette should be now - perhaps the person who expressed an interest should be given 24 hours for first refusal and if they no longer want it then Badgerman has next refusal? apologies for the confusion.
  4. Tamper and leveler for sale. £43 plus postage (postage costs to be confirmed once i get a chance to go to the post office) May advertise elsewhere.
  5. Grinder is still available if anyone is interested ; )
  6. to ensure its fair I'll start a new thread for the tamper & leveler
  7. I'm selling this too just in case you're interested Planter. (it's non-branded) I'd take £43 for this and the tamper, plus postage. No worries if you're not interested - the leveler is certainly not a must have. I just enjoyed using it before tamping and found it quite satisfying to perfectly level out the grounds first.
  8. Yes sorry for the delay. Here are some photos. Can't see any marks to speak of. Just let me know if you'd like to go ahead with it and I'll find out how much postage will be. Postage to UK address right?
  9. I would accept £350 for the grinder and gaggia together. So you'd essentially be getting the gaggia for £50. I think you'd probably have to spend a couple of grand more to get a significant step up in terms of the quality of coffee you can produce with this combination. The tamper would not be included in the bundle at that price I'm afraid.
  10. OK just let me know if you want to come and take a look when you're back.
  11. Ok no worries - will track it down soon (full of a cold today so it will more likely be over the next few days) and will post pics so you can make final decision but you have first refusal.
  12. Its the earlier version with the better build quality (apologies I'm not sure of the exact age). I havent owned it from new but the condition is good. I regularly gave it a proper clean and descale, in part because it made so much difference to the quality of the brew, so it has been well maintained and produced good results. It has stood for a few months now so I'll need to check it and will do a full clean before listing it soon.
  13. Badgerman, its not a fancy knock box so probably wouldnt be worth selling by itself - I'll probably just include it with the coffee machine when i get around to selling it.
  14. Planter, once I've located the tamper I'll post pictures (sorry I cant seem to find it just now but will keep digging around). I'm looking for 35 plus postage (unless you can collect). its like new.
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