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  1. DaveP


    In hindsight..... I'm a total f****** idiot. What sort of muppet would try and vacuum seal a bag full of gravy / meat jucies ? This one. Needless to say the pump did a vey good job of sucking the gravy into the machine, where it drowned the circuit board and caused the magic pixies to release lots of smoke. I was a tad cross... so as well as a new vacuum machine, I got another sous vide just to make me happy again, lol
  2. then add 25%. Remember, location location location, a bad / mediocre location is not only a waste of money, but is soul destroying.
  3. Higher is better and it should (and does) hit the seal a fraction earlier, being a bottomless portafilter there is no way any liquid can go down and back up the sides......... So.... if the basket is not damaged and refuses to seal, then the easy option is to lock the portafilter a bit tighter, and if that dosn't work then change the seal
  4. Plan... rental no problem, £50 deposit + 3 months in advance (say £30), servicing and maintenance their responsibility and at their cost. Cash only, lol
  5. I thought my 1st out of the box checks were quite necessary, if any of them fail then it gets rejected and refunded before any maintenance / service work starts.
  6. Checks.... Has it been damaged in transit Are all bits and pieces present Is the mains plug wired correctly Does it work / function correctly.... After the above, then the cleaning / descaling can be done.
  7. Try a 'mix' of Italian Job and Signature Start at 2/3 Italian and 1/3 Signature and maybe progress to 50 50 if required.
  8. I'm impressed... and I don't normally do impressed, lol
  9. I've been a very lucky boy then, but I did say "kinda constant 'ish" lol
  10. The conventional single shot basket is 'different' by design.... (less holes) So grind the same, dose what you want, extract ratio just the same, the holes take care of the worry. Which is why some peeps use different basket sizes.. single, double, treble, apart from the quantitys everything else stays kinda constant 'ish
  11. Update... 1 month in Still a happy bunny, any noted 'differences' from that wot came before have now faded into irreverent memory Usage has now become a matter of being on auto pilot Is it better in the cup... who knows I am struggling with copious amounts of creama, but that may well be the beans (time will tell) Would I recommend this over the Mingon ... well it is easier to adjust and a bit less clumpy if those are valid issues
  12. Late reply.... but FYI you cant do this with instant
  13. Ahhhhhh... Ok then, 'unset' your opv valve (no water being diverted back to the tank) and see if the pressure displayed is approximately the max / working pressure of the pump. The Ulka 48w ex5 max pressure is in the order of 15 bar (give or take)
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