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  1. I have had a DL and now have a Melitta. I prefer the Melitta as it makes hotter coffee (I rarely use milk) and offers a greater choice of coffee types.
  2. I have a Melitta bean to cup that does not make watery unpleasant coffee. I have Café Cream and Americanos every day that are delicious.
  3. Roasters tell us the date of roasting but does it matter how old the beans are before roasting? Richard
  4. When I owned a DL B2C this happened to me and I had to send it for repair.
  5. I boughy a Melitta Barista TS in January. It makes great coffee at an adequate temperature. I drink my coffee black.
  6. see page 14 of your manual
  7. From personal experience, one descale is sometimes not enough to remove stubborn blockages. I found that descaling without descaler fluid first and then with descaler fluid solved my similar problem with my previous DL machine.
  8. Do the components of BTC and Espresso machines have a life expectancy, like light bulbs, based upon a given number of shots? If so, perhaps the life expectancy of components also assumes a given number of powering on and off. My machine has a label which says its guaranteed for 15,000 shots or 2 years, whichever comes first. 15,000 start-ups surely will stress the machine more than, say, 10,000. I think I'm beginning to favour leaving the machine on to minimise the number of initialisations.
  9. There is no recommendation in the manual. Thinking about it as a non-engineer; leaving it on all of the time means continual current that presumably stresses the electronics. Turning it on and off, and reheating presumably stresses other things. Please elucidate if I am talking rubbish.
  10. I use my machine between 6:00 and 12:00 every day. In terms of machine longevity is it better to leave it on all the time or turn it off and on as required? Thanks
  11. Thanks for that information. I have decided to get one.
  12. Thanks to all for taking the time to respond. DavecUK your review and videos are most helpful. On the Melitta website one of the main differences between the Barista TS and T models and the rest is the feature called IntenseAroma. Does anyone know if this is a significant feature producing better flavoured coffee?
  13. I am considering buying one of these to replace my deceased DL. Given my age, it could well be the last coffee machine I buy. Does anyone have any information or experience that could assist me in making an informed choice? Many thanks Richard
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