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  1. I have the same machine as you and would suggest some investigation. I would switch machine off and unplug. Fill both bean hoppers; plug machine in and turn on and note any text on the screen. Remove beans from left hand hopper and note if correct message is displayed. Replace beans in LH hopper and remove beans from RH hopper and note if correct message displayed.
  2. I must be having a bad day as I don't fully understand the problem. I am confused by your second sentence. Is the machine grinding any beans and what are you throwing away? When you say it is happening more and more does this mean that the problem is intermittent?
  3. Not exactly the same, but I do recall this happening when I cleaned our oven and it wasn't totally dry afterwards. When the oven was turned on the the power would trip off. After thoroughly drying out the problem was solved. Maybe your machine is leaking but if you choose to examine it make sure it is totally disconnected from power.
  4. What happens if you unplug the machine, leave it for a minute and then plug it back in?
  5. If I was in this position I would descale twice again and if the leak persisted I would investigate under what conditions it occurred. Is the leak apparent only when dispensing steam, does it leak when dispensing hot water or indeed during the descale operation?
  6. Was the infuser and surroundings clean?
  7. What condition was it in when you received it? Is it set for the correct hardness of water?
  8. Have you cleaned and descaled it thoroughly. Its the first thing I would do with a used machine. You have no idea how it was treated before you bought it.
  9. DrRSG

    Tasting Notes

    Who writes the tasting notes, the grower or roaster, and what type of coffee drink is the best way to appreciate them? Thanks Richard
  10. I've had 2 DL b2c machines. The upmarket expensive one lasted 7 years after failing and repairs after 5. I still have a Magnifica as a backup for my Melitta Barista. Anecdotally, I've heard of these machines lasting longer and their longevity may be due to a mixture of luck and the care shown by the owner. Its probably out of your price range but Dualit have a special offer of a b2c reducing by £100 to £399 but I have no information about their quality or reliability. Whatever you get, follow the manufacturers care and cleaning instructions, or better. stay safe.
  11. I have had a DL and now have a Melitta. I prefer the Melitta as it makes hotter coffee (I rarely use milk) and offers a greater choice of coffee types.
  12. I have a Melitta bean to cup that does not make watery unpleasant coffee. I have Café Cream and Americanos every day that are delicious.
  13. Roasters tell us the date of roasting but does it matter how old the beans are before roasting? Richard
  14. When I owned a DL B2C this happened to me and I had to send it for repair.
  15. Could I have the code please? Many thanks Richard
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