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  1. Hi all, Had my DTP for around 3 months using it every other day or so. When it comes to cleaning I've just followed the instruction booklet,however,on this forums people talk about removing the shower screen and cleaning it. Is this important? If so how often is it recommended?'Looks quite a difficult task prising away so I'm nervous about damaging the machine. Thank you Paul
  2. Hi, Just noticed your portafilter doesn't have the black plastic disc in the bottom that the filter sits on,mine does,do you recommend removing this?something I've always thought was crucial to have? Thank you Paul
  3. Thank you for replying ..... Have you used their subscription service? Just concerned since I'm not selecting a coffee I might get 'average'...or am I doing Hasbean a disservice?
  4. Hi, Looking for people's opinion on coffee subscriptions and whose the best to recommend. I've recently had coffee from Rave and HasBean and loved them both. Quite often delivery can be expensive hence the subscription thoughts. HasBean do a monthly direct debit over 12 months for £6.50 per month including delivery. This sounds very tempting. What so people think of HasBean subscription? You never know what your getting so could be a gamble? Anyone else worth considering? I'm down to my last bag so need to get some ordered lol Thanks, Paul
  5. I'm heading upto Lancaster tomorrow for the bank holiday to meet up with a friend that lives there... Any recommendations of a good bag of beans to buy? I have a couple bags of espresso from Rave so am looking for something from the other end of the scale ideal as a long black,something fruity maybe? Have had the Sao Francisco before that was lovely but that is espresso... Might as well pop in whilst I'm up there!
  6. Well I've been messing with my Sage grinder pro and DTP with supermarket beans and finally switched to fresh beans... Got a few bags from Rave.... I recorded my timings and would like opinions as most people are grinding on much lower settings yet I'm achieving good results (I think) on a high grind setting... The coffee tastes lovely by the way. 18grams of fresh beans ground down using grind setting 14. I'm getting out of my DTP 36gram in 28 secs giving me a good head of crema. Dropping the grind setting to 8 and 10 it's taking a while longer to extract,approx 10 secs extra. Started another bag of beans tonight,thought I'd start at grind setting 12, again it took longer than 28secs... So maybe these beans have to be at setting for 14 from Rave? Reading on here a lot of people tend to grind below setting 8,so it's made me wonder why I'm not. I'm using a Motta tamper and am getting a nice level 'puck' (not sure the terminology of this sorry).... Any ideas out there or should I just 'get on with enjoying coffee'! Thanks in advance Paul
  7. What can you recommend? I'll be buying beans for use in cappuccino and Americano.... Happy to buy a trial pack like the 3 espresso or 2 or 3 others...so much choice and I'm quite new to all this
  8. Hi,looking to try coffee compass if you could PM me a discount code that would be great,.thank you
  9. Slates71

    Rave Coffee

    Hi Am about to try Rave,previously used Hasbean.... Thought might try the espresso starter pack,signature blend,Italian Job and Chatswood blend...these decent espresso to start off with? Actually the 3month subscription looks decent? Rave classed as a decent supplier?
  10. Yes your right I should have continued, I'll have more control when a small set of scales arrive in a few days so I can finally measure the weight during extraction. Regarding the short shots I always assumed that weather you are making a Cappuccino,latte or Americano you always attempt to pull a 36gram shot then add milk or water if required..... Assume that this is not the case?
  11. Bit of an update....... I've changed the grind now to 18 (from 8,14 now 18). Grind time 14 seconds gave me 18gr of coffee. Popped into DTP after tamper (normal tamp for me). I waited approx 13-14secs and then the flow began, finally something positive (from where I was anyway). 25secs later (no weighing during the extraction process until new scales arrive). 25secs gave me 30grm so I was probably 2-6grm short? Anyway the result was a rather bitter Americano. Maybe I need to extract longer,maybe the answer is old beans. One thing for sure the change to 18grind setting certainly helped. A good starting point with these beans but maybe I need to do this again using newly roasted beans.... I have another unopened pack from Hasbean that was roasted 3months ago! Maybe I need to bin them????
  12. OK.. My biggest issue at the moment is my scales are too big to place on the DTP to check the extraction weight and time together. The new scales will be here by the end of the week.ill be able to give more detail then..Thanks anyway.In the meantime I'll keep practicing but I need to get some new beans ordered!
  13. Cricky that's some tough questions..... Grinder settings as stated in my thread test1 at 8 test2 at 14. Burr setting has not been altered. PF was 18gr but I have no scales to weigh at 0.1g (on order with Amazon) weight in cup was 33g. When you say 'pump stop' it's manual and I didn't have scales underneath so was case of pause weigh,carry on until it got to 32gr Apart from all the intricate detail the key thing for me here was the first test I got very little out the DTP but on the 2nd it flowed OK.... So older beans do I need to go coarse? Obviously going forwards I'll use totally freshly roasted and I'll hopefully notice a big improvement
  14. OK guys.... I've tried beans from Has Bean just.... Still not good news but I've done 2 different grinds. Now before I go into detail these beans were roasted on 31st March (yes I sat with them too long with my old naff machine!!) Test 1 - Grinding 18grm on 2 shot setting at grind 8 and got approx that much out. I tampered in the normal way and attempted the extraction in the DTP. The machine again took probably 20 secs to start dripping and only a drop at a time. The machine then stopped and the power button flashed. I'm guessing the portafilter overflowered maybe? Anyway, I turned the dial to the central position for a few secs then back to espresso position. It then began to flow OK. Anyway making an Americano the flavour was far superior to Lavazza and v nice but obviously I didn't do it correctly. Test 2 - Same as above but grind setting 14 and I didn't tamper as strong. The result was a good flow of coffee after approx 8 secs or so (I didn't time this).... Conclusion?? Is it down to the fact that these beans are too old and the older the bean the coarser the grind needs to be? These 2 tests suggest this? I read on here people generally grind under 8.....way off my settings. Sorry for going on but im interested in your opinions and please be critical...I need to learn! Paul
  15. Thank you all for your help..the Motta tamper is now on order and to try my fresher beans later. What concerns me is that you all are saying I'm grinding too coarse but at 12 setting the coffee drops out slowly and only 1 spout like it's really struggling to run through the coffee that's why thought I tampered it too hard
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