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  1. Can I ask where you got those instructions from? I didn't get any official Lelit instructions with my Bianca...
  2. Thanks for your responses, have gone ahead and adjusted and will just make sure I leave it open when I'm not using. Got some pretty incredible shots out of it today!
  3. I've just purchased a Bianca and have been playing with the paddle. So far I'm not achieving anything, when brewing with the paddle completely to the left the pressure quickly builds to 11 bar. I believe the issue is that the paddle is adjusted to a point where the flow rate when the paddle is completely to the left is still high enough that the pressure builds in the group head. I don't believe my grind is too fine to a point where it is causing the pressure to build in the group head. Also I thought one of the shots you can do with the machine is a very fine grind with long preinfusion
  4. Yeah steam pressure is fine and has always been the stable (if you read my original post I described the problem in a bit more detail)
  5. I've only used either ashbeck from Tesco or waitrose essential. I bought it early last year. I'm assuming the previous owner used tap water but it was serviced not long before I bought it and they showed me the invoice. Whoever serviced it didn't properly descale the HX from what I've seen come out when I've descale it (very cloudy).
  6. Hi, Reviving this thread as I've found that my shots have now gone back to being watery. I can tell the brew temp is lower as I'm getting very little flash boiling. I'm brewing with zero flushing at the moment as it's the only way I'm getting any kind of decent shot. I'm thinking of trying descaling again as this definitely worked the first time, but I'm worried about damaging the machine by using this strong descaling solution too many times (I've done it twice now in a period of 6 months). Do you think I need to worry about this or just go for the descaling? Also any idea
  7. Hi, where are you based. How much do you think postage to London area would be? Sorry just re read £11
  8. @DavecUK I’ve been stupidly busy moving house, holiday, work etc so only just got round to doing the descale as you suggested. First few shots I’ve pulled afterwards are much less watery and have a much better crema. Also the screeching noise has gone too! I’ll see how it goes over the next week but it looks like a simple descale has fixed both my issues! Thanks very much for your advice!
  9. Ok I’m going to give descaling a go. Do you know of a good descaling product that is not too harsh etc? I have used puly caf in the past.
  10. Thanks again for your advice guys! @kennyboy993 I’d say the boiler pressure bottoms out at 1.2 or close to. I’ve never seen it below 1.1 or above 1.3 when the machine is idle. I’m based in Kingston on Thames so pretty far away! @DavecUK I checked the OPV tube back into the water tank and there was no flow while idle. I’ll try to get back in touch with the company who serviced it and see if they descaled the HX, not sure if I’ll believe them to be honest. If they didn’t (or I decide I don’t believe them) is there a way to descaled it without taking the boiler out?
  11. Thanks for your suggestions! I bought it off Gumtree. It was being used in Clapham. Servicing was performed by Backup Coffee. I haven’t done any real reading of the temperature it is just clear that it is low. I’m getting no crema and generally watery and thin extractions, if I drink the shot it is warm rather than hot even though it has been extracted into a heated cup (while I’m sure my technique isn’t anything close to perfect, I’ve come from a PID gaggia classic and know how to get a decent shot). I’m getting no flash boiling when I flush the machine from idle. Is there a go
  12. Hi, I picked up a Bezzera Magica a couple of months ago for an absolute bargain and have been trying to get decent espresso out of it since. I have noticed that the brew temperature is far below where it should be so am looking for some troubleshooting guidance to help me find where the problem is. I set the machine to come on in the morning about an hour before I use it so I assume it should be up to temperature by then. The steam boiler rests at around 1.2 bar. The steam and hot water wands work as expected so I don’t think there is an issue with the boiler. The group is too h
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