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  1. Greetings all I'm having an absolute nightmare trying to find portafilter holders for my mazzer majors to rest the portafilter on when dosing (pictured below). I've seen a few old threads on this with dead links so i'm resurrecting the thread. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  2. Hello fellow coffee lovers! Just to keep you posted we've just had our next coffee drop at Long & Short with 4 distinctive beans, including a great Rwandan replacement for those who loved the Ato. We're also offering 10% off all of our coffees using code 'Spring10' for a limited time only. Enjoy! https://longandshort.london/coffee-shop/category/coffee/
  3. Just noticed the thread....I work with Jeremy running Long & Short Coffee so great to see all the positive feedback and for those who've just ordered I hope you enjoy it! Regarding the bag sizes we wanted to keep our deliveries letterbox friendly so we actually cut down our bags to 200g to fit snug into our single/double order envelope boxes...obvious delivery cost perks too
  4. Ivanox

    UK Based Roasters

    We sell fresh to order beans at 'Long and Short Roastery'. Link below https://longandshort.london/
  5. Hi all, I'm curious to know if anyone knows of any good coffee shops that rotate coffee supply by using guest coffee roasters in the UK? Thanks
  6. Looking for a 2 group machine shifting over 20kg beans per month. We have basic Barista skills (SCAE foundation training) but looking to improve and employ skilled staff if need be. Consistency and stability for ease of service as well as having a volumetric capability would be ideal. Budget up to to £4k at a push!
  7. Hi all I currently run a coffee roastery but I'm now branching out into starting a speciality coffee shop. Are there any prize Espresso machines that I should be looking into? Models? specs? etc. Don't want to break the bank so used Espresso machines in good condition are an option too. Thoughts welcome! Thanks
  8. Ivanox

    UK Based Roasters

    Please add 'Long and Short Coffee Roastery' https://longandshort.london/
  9. Hi all, already started a thread and not even introduced myself! Got into Speciality coffee about 2-3 years back and now cant get enough of the stuff I've even ended up selling it. Happy to be apart of like minded coffee lovers and enthusiasts
  10. Should've probably been clearer, I'm pulling together home starter kits to get people into speciality coffee so I'm thinking of the best combination of equipment with brew methods available that would appeal to the masses. I got into speciality coffee with the humble cafetiere and a hand burr grinder, but I don't know if a clever/V60/Kalita etc makes for a more exciting kit? or even go more premium with an Aeropress and electric grinder? Noted on the Melitta and scales!
  11. I'm pulling together a coffee starter kit but curious to know what equipment got you into Speciality coffee and what you would like? Noob to Pro to Boss man level?
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