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  1. Hey gents, thank you all so much for the interest. Sorry I'm just back from work and seen I've been messaged by someone who can collect from Newcastle, which I'd prefer. Mfilipsson Apologies my friend if anything changes I'll let you know straight away! If a mod could be so kind as to close the thread that would be great. Have a great evening all.
  2. That's a hefty drop with all the items included, I paid over £20 for the precision basket alone and around £25 for the bottomless portafilter, both of which are absolutely worth having by the way. The shipping is going cost me a decent whack too. : ( Would you be happy to meet me in the middle?
  3. Hi, I've had it around 3 years or so. I am the first and only owner yeah, I bought it direct from Fracino and it arrived on a pallet! I'd prefer to avoid shipping just in case it get's damaged in transit but it could be an option I guess, and free. if you don't mind an absolutely huge to protect it!
  4. Hey Gents, Hope everyone is well. It's actually been a while so I've posted on this forum but always enjoyed my time here. I have decided that it's time to let my Cherub go : ( She's actually not been used at all recently due to it not fitting in with my current kitchen and it's a little ott for my morning coffee at work. Fear not before she was retired she had the usual inside and outside cleaning routing completed and I've only ever used twice filtered water, filtered water from my works water cooler into a filtered jug. She's had an easy life, previously used for my morning americano and weekend flat white. Always cleaned after use and 100% NO CHEESE STEAM WANTS HERE! x It comes complete with a whole bunch of extras. ]1) A bunch of official steam want tips to tame that nozzle. I like the 2 and the small 4 hole tip personally when used with the small motta pitchers. 2) A Bottomless PF 3) A Selection of different pitchers, love the little Motta one personally, it's great for latte art. (two of them have temp tags on) 4) Precision basket, as well as a single, double and a triple basket too. A blank one is included for backflushing etc. 5) 58m Tampers. 6) Knock Box. 7) Puly Caff. 8) Scales and a few shot glasses if ya want then. I actually have a crazy amount of plates and cups too which a selection could go with her too if need be. I'm in Newcastle upon Tyne town centre and looking for £350 for the whole lot but collection only please, I'd like to avoid shipping if possible. Any questions just let me know. Thanks for looking. Thomas
  5. Good idea, might try that tomorrow! : )
  6. Thanks for the reply! Shame I didn't try that when I descaled the machine the other day!
  7. Can you descale the 3 way solenoid valve? That's what I have been told to try?
  8. Hey guys, Had my Cherub for almost 2 years or so now and she's been great. Just today before pulling a shot I ran a few ounces of water through the grouphead into a cup as normal and after stopping the flow I'd say about 2-3 ounces of water came flowing out of the solenoid valve into the drip tray. I've back flushed with PC a bunch of times, the water flushes look clear in colour but still every time I flush some water through the grouphead all this water comes flowing out the solenoid valve immediately after stopping the flow. Normally I get the "Gush" after a shot from the valve doing it's job but this is pretty excessive compared to what it's been like all this time. i can't tell but it also looks like the water from the grouphead maybe flowing slightly quicker than normal... Any ideas? : ) Thomas.
  9. Try more grams again - play around with it, you can't do any harm really. Loosen the grind up a little and try a few more grams of coffee, see what works for you.
  10. Hitting 22/23g in my basket on the Cherub
  11. Enjoy it mate it looks lovely. Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk 2
  12. See the pour at the end from the Starbucks guy lol. Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk 2
  13. Awesome well done :-D great to receive excellent customer service. Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk 2
  14. Rofl, that is amazing, best thing I have seen in a good while! Thanks
  15. I leave my Cherub at work so whilst at work I have 2/3 double espresso based drinks per day. At home on days of I just have one Aeropress.
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