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  1. Ah, yes 8bar sorry The machine is a Fracino Heavenly
  2. All other things being equal, is there a typical reaction to pushing the water through the puck at different pressures? Eg. I am currently pushing 8psi (I know that this is only the pressure whilst the gauge is attached (unless choking occurs of course) but it is a pretty consistent way to measure differences) . If I went up to 9 or 10 or down to 7 or 6 would there be typical things expected to happen? Such as bitterness or sour in one direction or the other?
  3. Update to my recent burr change. I have noticed that since renewing the burrs on my Brasilia RR55OD that static has almost all disappeared. I am guessing that the beans are now being cracked and cut with less static inducing rubbing going on? Is this something anyone else has experienced? Or are other factors at play?
  4. Coffee #1 in Aberystwyth Lady called Emma made me a great espresso which had great consistency and FULL of flavour. I don't usually frequent coffee bars but I would go there again if in Aberystwyth. Great service. Highly recommended.
  5. Dialed back another 3 clicks and I got the timing to 25sec for roughly 2oz and creme aplenty. The one thing that really surprised me was the layers of flavours that showed themselves with even my cheap beans (not the nasty beans.) This is going to be very interesting, I feel like I am going to be getting more from beans already even inexperienced.........much to learn. Thank you for joining me on this tiny leg of my coffee journey Ladies and Gentlemen.
  6. Calibrated the same as the old burrs the Brasilia is grinding finer with the new. So much so that this is all that came out in 30sec compared to the shot at the beginning of this thread.
  7. I think I might go for a cheap little number like one :whistle:of these, just to make do. http://hg-one.com/the-hg-one-grinder/
  8. That IS cheap. Is it any good. Though I'm not sure I qualify to ask such a question really! ☺
  9. .....and the bottom new burr in place.
  10. Old and new plus some images of some rather nice lumps of bronze.
  11. NOT great or even good but I got my hit! Any other ideas thought better of after the event regarding getting beans into cup?
  12. Grinder temporarily out of service, thought I'd resort to mortar and pestle for a French press quickie.
  13. tAClue

    Rubbish beans

    ..or more accurately, beans you don't like. I am in the process of changing the burrs on my Brasilia grinder and have set aside some beans that I just don't like (and are cheap enough to throw away anyway), to run through the new burrs for seasoning. This got me wondering are there any other uses for unwanted (for drinking) beans?
  14. I was just about to ask that by starting a new thread but found this first, and thought it might be worth bumping. So, does caffeine evaporate ?
  15. Thank you Dr. Forinor. I have been using some very similar but want something a little larger that will accommodate a whole PF.
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