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  1. Got them from https://lupafoods.co.uk/product-category/tomatoes/#main I remembered that I had used them years ago and I was short of flour.
  2. Not coffee related but 12 tins x San Marzano tomatoes and 10kg of flour. I smell pizza ..........
  3. It’s difficult to recommend an oven as there are many types of pizza which require different temperature and different cooking times. What type of pizza do you want to cook ? Is the oven for inside or outside use? What fuel to heat the oven? Are you going to use the oven for other types of cooking? These and other issues should be considered before making a purchase. I have a wood fired oven the garden that was a present and it would not be my choice of oven. However if I was to purchase another one tomorrow I’m with Zephyp and would go with the Pizza Party. I’m in to Neapolitan style pizz
  4. Not quite the postie but a drive up the M1 and then the A509 ......... i really have tried to but in the end upgraditus took its course . Looking forward to playing with this new acquisition.
  5. Not quite the postie but a few hand outs and purchases from this mornings outing
  6. Welcome aboard Jim greetings from deepest Watford.
  7. I think you're right there , the forecast for London is quite pleasant for tomorrow in the morning anyway. We were staying about 5 miles from Coverack last week when it had its flash flooding and didn't see a drop of rain !! There were black skies and thunder and lightning close by but we had no rain , how mad is that?
  8. I am currently working a dreaded night shift with the rain falling heavily outside and wishing I was back in the south west. Stayed just outside Porthleven on the Lizard and visited the splendid Origin coffee house a couple of times . A very nice location, a very decent cup of coffee to be had there and on one of the days Charles and Camilla dropped in as well . A trip to a beautiful but horribly crowded St Ives allowed me to drop in to Mount Zion where I had good chat the owner Mike. He is, as stated in previous threads, truly passionate about coffee and what he does. If you're in the are
  9. Spent a pleasant time at Bella Barista today purchasing a Mignon. Very polite knowledgable staff who didn't try to sell,sell,sell to an inexperienced coffee enthusiast like myself. I would strongly recommend this store to others who are just beginning on their coffee experience.
  10. thank you for the welcome Mildred
  11. Thank you for welcome hotmetal We moved to wonderful watford in 2001 so i missed out on the shop that you mention unfortunately. There seems to be only one current roasting establishment in the locality i can find -Viento coffee company- on the St Albans Road. Its is quite pleasant, albeit a tad small. If anyone knows of other places around Watord it would be great to know about them
  12. Thank you for your wise words eddie57, I will stick within my limited budget mate unless I win the lottery this week!
  13. Thank you mr tamper, my son is a big fan of your music
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