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  1. Some people have genes that slow down the way their bodies remove caffeine from blood. Myself included, i can drink max 3 espressos at a time. Or 4 through the day.
  2. The only downside i see of the Niche is that you need to do a bit of extra puck preparation. My routine is like this: Grind with Niche, transfer to PF with the cup (portafilter on top and invert the cup), add portafilter collar, use wisk to stir grounds, apply leveler, tamp. Sounds like a lot but once you know what you're doing it takes like time and for me it results in VERY consistent shots, no channeling, tasty. I'm sure some steps can be skipped, probably wisk and leveler parts. I tried stirring in the cup directly, but getting unevenness when transferring from the cup to portaf
  3. Is the decent using only pump control in order to set the flow? Or are there also other parts at play?
  4. I think you're better off trying to clean by disassembling as much as you can and then following the regular descaling instructions with the solution. Bean to cup machines don't have any sort of backflush capability.
  5. I've been using the blow up on the Olympus for quite a while. You can get it to have low retention (0.1 -0.2g) but it takes some technique: after starting the grinder keep pushing the bellows. This way you get most of the grinds out and there is almost no popcorning. Still the solution from Eureka is half-baked: it does not fit flush on the grinder, so air escapes between the hopper and grinder, need to use tape to seal it. Also the top lid should have some valve in my opinion. On the upstroke of the bellows, it's actually pulling air and chaff from within the grinder. Thinking of addin
  6. Can the Niche grind at very fine levels without clogging or high retention? Something like turkish? My current grinder clogs up quite easily so i'm curious how it compares.
  7. Funnily enough i was getting a similar effect on my Sette, but not as bad as in your picture. Did RDT from time to time. Now i have the Eureka Olympus, even though i'm using RDT + single dose alot, there's no staining on the burrs.
  8. Mesmer

    Lelit Bianca

    Can you share more info on how Strada vs the E61s compared for shot extraction? I mean did the extractions run faster on the E61 with the same grind/dose? What adjustments did you make on the Bianca in terms of flow and temperature in order to get the same flavors?
  9. Continued: I took the measurements with an electronic caliper from aliexpress, so i don't know how good it is. Seems to me that the hole pattern is different? or maybe we did a mistake somewhere, as most other measurements are the same.
  10. Inspired by Dany i cleaned my Olympus today: Here's what i found Before: After: A bit surprised as how similar the burr chamber is compared to the Zenith. Wondering if a retrofit might be possible to Zenith owners. One thing in noticed is that even though the shaft is indexed, there's quite a bit of movement. After reassembly when going finer i got a few chirps, but in the end the burrs were touching at the same position as before and also the initial chirping dissapeared. Maybe the burrs reseated themselves somehow?
  11. Certainly great taste in the cup compared to my former grinder (Sette 270W). I wanted to have burr upgrade options and there are quite a few variants for the Olympus: Mythos and SSP burrs. It grinds an 18g dose in about 3-4 seconds, depending on fineness. I do miss some single dosing capability, came to realize that's really important for home use. Maybe the "blow up" hopper solves it.
  12. Can it be done without removing the lower burr? Thinking of doing the same cleanup for the Olympus, i guess it's the same system. Wondering if i have to worry about alignment afterwards.
  13. Mesmer

    Lelit Bianca

    I use a tp link with my e61, no problems so far. As a plus it also records energy usage. I got quite a shock when I switched from a Gaggia single boiler to an e61 dual boiler.
  14. Mesmer

    Lelit Bianca

    If you mean C4 drawing, that should mean 30 seconds (two notches). I don't think the machine prohibits you to use it before proper warm up.
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