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  1. Just to fill the depression between the spindle nut up to the lower burr so I don't get all that waste in there, e.g. that half bean I didn't mean fill the whole thing as as you said the beans wouldn't get into the burrs. Would need to be food ish safe and not able to come free and get ground! Guess its just a defect to live with? Cheers
  2. Hi guys, Grinder is due a clean and it's getting boring cleaning out the area where the spindle nut is. Does anyone have any ideas what I could fill the gap with? Cheers Jez
  3. The manual also says after steaming and before making espresso again to flush through the head to bring the boiler temp down so should be ok me thinks
  4. Right or wrong I flick back to head and blast the steam out with the pump until water comes through. Hoping it pushes out the gunk with it? I get slight steam once the machine has warmed up and I purge the head before locking in anyway
  5. Yes, big thanks to Tom for sourcing and supplying and to the forums members who look after us newbs I won't even pretend to say I get all those flavours but I have detected the change from a fresh coffee with a twang to it (technical I know, orange/tangerine) to a more rich chocolate mocha flavour as it's aged. Never had the opportunity to follow the change in coffee like this from fresh roast to aged and for anyone who doubts that happens it really does! Cheers!
  6. This is so embarrassing but I don't taste anything but coffee. It smells and tastes delicious but I can't make out anything [emoji58] Think I need to go taste coffees and have someone tell me what I should be tasting? I got the orange in heavy hammer.
  7. Really? You have more? Starting to realise that 100g a day is not out of the question!
  8. So, I'm into the bag as I have no beans left. Early perhaps for espresso? Please understand I am a proper newb to this and the only other beans I have had are heavy hammer, ever and still working to 18/36/30 as I'm not confident to do anything different.. yet. I can smell they are different to hammer but my nose is shocking, can't describe anything apart from it smells delicious. 18g on same grind setting for HH and 36g out but in 40s (HH was 25s) Espresso was silky in the mouth and made the back sides of my tongue react but I don't know if that is bitter or sour that does that? In a g
  9. Just found mine after waking up from nights. Just finishing heavy hammer so will dive in one drunk Rest in the bag or open or just crack on when done with the other stuff?
  10. In reference to the above I was reminded of a childish rhyming school chant finishing ' the more you eat them the more you FART '[emoji100] [emoji40] I'll see myself out [emoji125]
  11. Beans beans are good for your heart, the more you..........
  12. I think I actually have some.... Tesco beans..... at the back of the cupboard I could try [emoji13] [emoji3]
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