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  1. You need to know what the 'next steps' are - will they review the situation in a few weeks/months? if so, what criteria will they use, and what criteria have they used this time round? If they're looking for a comparison in order to make a decision then they need a baseline to measure performance from as well. Like a few have already said, it's not clear cut! I had my probationary period extended when I first started where I am now, back in 2013 - nothing to do with performance, it was because i'd had 4x individual days off sick in the first 6 months and my management simply didn't like it because it was above average for the rest of the organisation, which was quite an authoritarian and objective way of making a decision (rather than performance in-role etc). 6 years later and probably in my 4th or 5th role since then, I laugh looking back at how archaic a couple of 'managers' in that team were and glad that those days, and managers are long gone.
  2. Will be in London on Saturday (Lee Valley area) so could potentially do a meet-up.
  3. Willing to package up as good as humanly possible if necessary!
  4. Just to add - I will be travelling to Bristol tomorrow, so could potentially hook-up if anyone between Oxfordshire and Bristol areas were keen.
  5. It's time to sell my beloved Gaggia 'Tin Man' which is fairly identical to the La Pavoni Professional and uses pretty much the same parts as the Professional. Rumour has it they're made in the same factory and it is equivalent to a millenium/post millenium Pavoni being made after the year 2000. Overall it is in very good condition and shines up well! Included is a naked portafilter which I made myself - it's not to the same standard as a shop-bought item but for a home-made effort it does the job - I have also added a temp strip to the grouphead. I have also fitted a single-hole tip to the steam arm, this is one of the best upgrades you can do to these machines as the standard tip has 3 holes and is extremely difficult to manage. The machine was descaled a couple of months ago and hardly used since. There is no structural rust or rot under the drip tray - there's a speck of surface rust but that'll probably come away with a bit of elbow grease. The basket included is a double basket In the spirit of honesty, here are a few negligble points to note There are a couple of marks to the chromed boiler which are pictured. Due to the location of these I think its where milk has splashed onto the boiler and hasn't been cleaned off by the previous owner. When I bought the machine earlier this year, the dial for the pressure gauge was loose and had become detached from the gauge. I have since misplaced this, however between 10pm - 11pm on the gauge is around the right pressure for the machine (around 1 bar I think). A new gauge is readily available online and simply screws in. I noticed whilst cleaning it this evening that the plastic clip that attaches the base to the chassis has come loose. Again, it seems fine as it is and it's still attached to the chassis with the screw that goes into the area under the drip tray, but if the new owner wanted to, a new base is approximately £8 online I would prefer collection as these items are delicate. I won't rule out packaging up as secure as I can and posting, but I can't accept any responsibility for damage in transit i'm afraid. On the plus side, if collecting i'll demo the machine and make you a drink! I am looking for £330 collected from South Oxfordshire. I would have thought postage via Parcelforce would be around £15 but please bear in mind that this is not preferred and I can't accept liability for damage so the buyer bears the risk of this. More pics here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ycE53dzkHFDmQQv99
  6. MartinB

    Wanted, Lever Machine

    The G106 is essentially a rebadged Pavoni Pro - same parts pretty much
  7. MartinB

    Wanted, Lever Machine

    Appreciate i'm not linking you to a for sale thread, but I have this and i'm looking for around £350 for it: I am in Oxford - could probably meet half way between Oxford & Leicester if it makes it any easier.
  8. I'd happily take it if you could package for a courier (I can arrange). Happy to pay for it too.
  9. Thanks @MediumRoastSteam and @jimbojohn55, have replied in-line above. I have a think this week and perhaps draft up an advert at some point.
  10. Contemplating selling up as its not getting much use at the moment. Good condition, apart from the metal dial on the gauge has become disconnected (gauge works fine, so could be repaired or a new gauge fitted) it has a single hole steam tip and a homemade naked portafilter. Thanks! Pic here:
  11. MartinB


    I've never, ever seen a Gaggia boiler as scaled-up as that, ever!
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