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  1. Sounds like you had a damp heating element?
  2. Great to meet you too, do look after the Europiccola!!
  3. Thanks all! Prov sold to @Hardyboater, hopefully see you soon to collect.
  4. Send me a PM to arrange!
  5. Am near Abingdon so not far! Keen?
  6. Here's a pic! I believe it's a 1984-1991 from looking at Francesco's site.
  7. Hi all, I have a La Pavoni Europiccola for sale. Excellent condition, I would be keeping this but I have a Gaggia G106 (Same as a La Pavoni Pro). Excellent condition externally and internally - pictures to follow. Descaled this evening and she is getting up to temperature nice and quick, lovely smooth lever action, pressure relief valve works as it should. I can also provide a rather old (but working OK) single holed steam tip if taken for the asking price - this is a necessary upgrade on these machines as the standard 3-holed tip is a nightmare to work with! £250 collected from South Oxfordshire. Happy to show working, although I don't have a tamper for this machine (49mm I believe) and i'm more than happy to feed you with a coffee or two courtesy of my own lever machine. I can post, but these lovely machines are very delicate and postage is at your own risk. I will package up well as I would expect to receive it but ultimately, if it's damaged in transit then I can't be liable sadly.
  8. I also have a Gaggia G106/ Pavoni Pro
  9. Yep, looks like a 15 or 16mm nut inside
  10. Hi all, Have recently picked up a very, very clean Europiccola. Has high/low switches, sight glass is protected by metal and is obviously pre-millenium. Any indicators on working out the age? No dates inside or underneath either...
  11. Another Skee Mask fan here. 'Routine' is my favourite track.
  12. Smash the head off the last remaining bolt and you'll be able to split the boiler
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