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  1. Remove it, clean it, hold it up to the light and see how many holes are blocked... Try and unblock them and if no success then replace 👍
  2. Price and detail is fine by me, January is always a slow time of year sadly!
  3. Or used with incredibly soft water!
  4. Looks like you've got yourself a good one there
  5. Weekend bump!.. Driving to London tomorrow (Stratford) so I can bring the machine and do a meet up if any interest from potential London buyers.
  6. I think a common mod is to fit a dimmer switch to the water pump to control brew pressure, preinfusion, pressure profiling etc.
  7. Here are the pics. I've circled one little nick that is on the right hand side of the base.
  8. You've undone the wrong bolts. Pop those back in, You need to remove the screw holding the shower disc in and then the two bolts behind it!
  9. I have a lovely Europiccola for sale. It's a pre-millenium model with single heating element and a pressure stat. I have this week undertaken the following: Group head clean, re-build and re-grease with molykote 111 grease New piston seals, rod seal/washer/circlip, shower screen seal, roller & lever bolt greasing New steam valve seal Boiler descale The machine is in great condition, with no rust or corrosion to the base. The pre-millenum models are well built and boast the brass piston which helps to heat the group quicker (than post-milleniums) and also helps with temperature stability. Supplied with standard 49mm portafilter, single & double baskets, original plastic tamper (would highly recommend replacing this!!) and original instruction manual. I will also supply the plastic sight glass cover, I removed it as it was split, and, I think the machines look so much better without it (replacements are avaialble for around £5 online). Pictures to follow, need to give it a quick polish 😁 £300 collected from South Oxfordshire. I can post but I would prefer not to. If I was to post then I can package up really well, but any risk will be transferred to the buyer once packaged. Postage will be approximately £15 via Parcelforce including insurance.
  10. In dealing with many classics, I've never encountered a stuck opv or solenoid bolt. Nothing wrong with Allen-headed bolts from my perspective! Definitely a rare occasion, this...
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