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  1. Discovered last week - under pressure there's a tiny hole on the front of the boiler which bubbles away when the machine is up to pressure. I guess it's water trying to escape and burning off due to the heat. Can this be fixed or is the boiler toast?
  2. I've got a few, maybe 3 or 4 Portafilters from an Expobar machine. Any idea on value? They have different spouts as well, single and double spouts. Assuming all e61 portafilters are interchangeable I was thinking around £15 each?
  3. Yirgacheffe is my go-to bean for V60
  4. Thanks for the feedback gents - nice to read some positive comments on the forum 😍 Parcelforce have just accepted my claim, thanks to @Robbie for providing a comprehensive write-up of the damage and sending detailed pictures. My advice to anyone shipping anything with any courier is to take pictures of how you packaged the item - externally and internally. Luckily I had this to hand!
  5. Thanks for the offer. How about meeting in the middle at £55 posted? Happy to cover any excess postage costs.
  6. Mid-week bump! Good little grinder for the bargain price of £50!
  7. How much do you want for it? Tempted to buy new but may take it off your hands! Is it the 320g hopper?
  8. Pictures below. I've refitted the portafilter resting prongs, however one had to be fitted with a washer as the mounting had split (bit of a weak point?). You could always fit another washer and it would look symmetrical! Anyway, she's here and ready to go! I've had a few messages about the grinder. For clarity, and to keep within the rules of the forum, any questions are to be asked via this thread please 😎
  9. Will get pictures and confirm later.
  10. It's on demand, so the longer the switch is pushed in = the bigger the dose!
  11. Had this for a few years and it's been a trusty grinder paired with my Gaggia Classic and latterly my lever machine. Pictures to follow, however it's the white version of this: Good working order - however the portafilter resting prongs have been removed as I was using a dosing ring and worked a lot better without. Ideal grinder to get you up and running and looking for £50 plus postage. I can post via Parcelforce and would need to get a quote, but I think it'll probably be cheaper than £10 on a 48hr service. Martin
  12. Just upgraded to a Mazzer Mini and looking for a small hopper. I see there's a 320g hopper available, but are there any smaller hoppers on the market at all? Thanks!
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