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  1. MartinB

    Latest lever

    the espresso shop sell the parts you need - gauge and then an adaptor 👍
  2. MartinB

    Latest lever

    It's a post millennium, 51mm portafilter one switch only. I let it get to approx 90 degrees, sometimes 95!
  3. MartinB

    Latest lever

    My m11 adaptor arrived today thanks to @joey24dirt which meant I could fit my pressure gauge 😎
  4. MartinB

    Latest lever

    Came across this being sold via the La Pavoni Facebook group whilst I was on holiday in Rome (coincidence?) and got in touch with the seller and to cut a long story short I received it last Friday. It was sold with some tlc needed, the previous owner had it from new and visually its in good condition but the group is in need of attention; loose lever where the lever meets the fork/yoke, very loose pins and the piston needs grease too. For now I've swapped group heads over from my Gaggia G106, but I have a brand new handle, pins and bush on order. I'll also order in some new seals so I can rebuild the group head over Christmas. I've also swapped steam tips over so it has a single hole tip, and, a pressure gauge will be fitted as soon as I receive the adaptor! I really like the compact size of the Europiccola plus it heats up really quickly as well. Really think I should keep this one as its in good condition and the black base goes with the black handles/knobs too.
  5. Ah, not quite the same as my current one, but my first Gaggia was one of those. Yes, the Rancilio Silvia steam wand is a great upgrade and will be a lot better at steaming milk. Make sure you clean the outlet valve every now and then (13mm socket required). Lots of spares still available too.
  6. Sounds similar to my Gaggia... Do you have a picture at all?
  7. I've got mine T-pieced as well, however recently got a Selecta Deluxe steam valve which has a self-priming valve fitting which I am considering removing the SPV and mounting the gauge directly to that
  8. Had this a few years, never used it until yesterday. Descaled it, made a flat white and tested out. Hard to know what price to put on it. Standard gaggia Classic portafilter fits, plus is needs plumbing in. Although I used a bottle of water to feed it and it worked fine. Condition is a bit tatty as well, but it's a solid machine and the auto fill works fine as well.
  9. Lovely job. Thanks! Ordering new handle/lever, pins and roller then will fit all with washers too.
  10. Thank you Alberto, much appreciated! I will gracefully decline though as I'm a victim of the espresso shop's black Friday sales!
  11. I meant the entire handle as I have movement where the lever meets the fork, as well as movement at the group head 👍
  12. I think I will just replace the fork and pins as the fork is knackered where the lever joins to it!
  13. Recently bought a Europiccola and the lever is very loose where it meets the end which attaches to the group Before I buy new, does anyone have a spare? Thanks!
  14. Recently bought a Europiccola millennium which has a wobbly lever. Would new pins and roller sort me out or are there any better ways to sort this? It does seem a bit of a weak point!
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