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  1. Good luck with it all, sounds like you're on the right tracks! I don't get alerts either... Damn frustrating!
  2. As above please. Looking for a pavoni Safety Valve Cover with attached pipe. Thanks!
  3. Cheers buddy. It's going on long term loan to my mate. He's been wanting something for a while and now he can get to grips with making half decent espresso-based drinks at home! It's a great machine and I'm tempted to dig my one out of the garage and recommission it for winter! Might add a PID as well!
  4. Thought i'd update the thread with some pictures: Straight away I added the Classic OPV and Classic pump: At this point I didn't think about converting to a Classic, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered fitting the OPV as the group heads are different! Anyway, OPV was set to 10 bar with the old grouphead: Then I thought to hell with it, just convert to a full Classic setup, got a spare switchbank and wiring loom out and marked up the conectors using my other Classic as a reference: No pictures of this as I cracked on, but Classic grouphead, solenoid and wiring installed alongside a new boiler seal. Checked the pressure again: Silvia steam wand arrived today: First proper shot: With some milk happy days!
  5. Where are you located? There are a few doing the rounds on the forum!
  6. No worries! Thanks for getting back to me. My parents won't entertain that I'm afraid buddy. It's a good price though 👍
  7. Sorry for the delay - what price are you looking for? The forum rules state if replying to a wanted post then please have a price in mind.
  8. Swapped the Classic grouphead, solenoid & wiring loom over tonight with a fresh boiler seal and she fired up absolutely spot on! Silvia steam wand on order as well as a new group head seal
  9. Can't say I'm surprised about the hole in the case. Gaggia (pre Phillips) were very good at using the same parts for multiple machines if they could get away with it. Makes perfect sense from a production perspective! Probably costs more to not have a hole drilled in the chassis and to do two runs of otherwise identical chassis'
  10. Looking at the wiring diagram, a Classic has a connection from between the brew switch (that starts the pump) to one connection on the steam switch (a normally closed contact), the second connection goes from the switch to the solenoid and then finally from the solenoid to the common neutral. Hopefully I'll get it up and running tomorrow evening and report back 👍
  11. Got it this evening and it's a nice little machine. Fitted a Classic OPV and set to 10 bar. Had a look at the wiring and dug out a spare Classic wiring loom and compared it to another Classic I have and its not just the case of two wires to each contact on the solenoid so will need to install the Classic loom. Subsequently, the Classic loom is now connected up to the Selecta switchback and is awaiting assembly on the bench to get it all wired up! It even has a pre-drilled hole in the chassis for the outlet pipe! Luckily I have a donor machine minus boiler I can rob the group head, wiring, solenoid and opv from!
  12. MartinB


    Went there for my stag do earlier this year. I'll have a think and get back to you! Ps I hope chapter one coffee is on your list!
  13. Got my eyes on one of these and in all my years of playing with Gaggia machines i've never had the opportunity to own one. I gather they're identical to the Classic apart from no 3-way valve and subsequently the grouphead is ever-so-slightly different as it doesn't have the additional holes for the 3-way valve to attach. Also the chassis probably doesn't have a hole for the outlet pipe. Assuming I was bored at the weekend and I wanted to fit a spare grouphead and 3-way valve from a Classic, is it just the case of wiring it in as per the Classic and bob's your uncle?
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