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  1. If you're up for selling any of the accessories I may be interested.
  2. Still requiring one of these!
  3. Here's my gravel bike out and about on a ride over the Easter weekend. Good to get out!
  4. Documented on this thread here: I did this repair last week so if there's anything you need just shout!
  5. It should be able to be dismantled and soaked in some strong citric acid solution to descale and remove any limescale. I think I have a spare 3 way valve in a bag of spares if you get stuck.
  6. Need one of these for my Barista Express. I gather they're all the same across the Sage models. Would prefer to buy new, but currently out of stock! Thought I'd try my luck and see if anything available.
  7. Just thought i'd pop back and update the thread. I didn't actually require any o-rings in the end as I ordered a metal solenoid/water pipe elbow from advice in this thread and duly fitted tonight. It took about 5 minutes and is clearly a great repair and/or upgrade to what seems a definite weak point in these machines!
  8. I have a spare solenoid if you can't get this working. Sounds like it's got blocked... I'd have thought it should be straightforward to sort though!
  9. Would the 52k2 possibly translate to fifth month of 2002 = May 2002? It should have a solenoid if it has the dispersion tube and valve.
  10. Someone I know is selling this. I've done Bristol to the outskirts of Oxford in 55 mins if that helps! https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/freshdisco/m.html?item=174699628461&hash=item28ace8c7ad%3Ag%3A~wwAAOSwgq1gWQnN&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  11. Came across the link on a thread here: https://www.home-barista.com/espresso-machines/breville-bes870-solenoid-elbow-leaking-t66394.html
  12. Gives me a lot of faith having just picked one of these machines up with a duff plastic elbow. Looks to be a nice job well done!
  13. Hi all, i'm looking to come over to the dark side and hopefully collecting a Barista Express tomorrow. I've been told that one of the small o-rings in 'one of the elbows' has sprung a leak so i'm going to sort this as a priority, but whilst i'm there I may as well replace whatever other o-rings are in sight. I gather that inside the o-rings are BS010 and BS007 - assuming this is the case, can anyone point me to a schematic, or let me now how many there are to replace so i can order the right amount? Thanks!
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