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  1. There's one on fb marketplace at the moment - not a million miles away from you in Chipping Norton. I came across it the other day.
  2. Easily done! At least it was a simple issue in the end
  3. Tebe's are great machines. I wish you well with it!
  4. It will get good money - it's basically a La pavoni professional/romantica without the la pavoni badge. People get fixated on wanting a La Pavoni and not the Gaggia variant (even though these are the same machines!). Between £300-400 if chrome is good underneath the drip tray and there are no leaks etc.
  5. All depends on the condition of the chrome, the base and also any leaks/rust etc?
  6. Will have a spare no doubt. Feel free to shoot me a PM!
  7. Check the for sale section
  8. Up for sale is a Europiccola which is a generation V2.2 and was made between 1978-1983 (dates are approximate, taken from here: http://www.francescoceccarelli.eu/lapavoni_ep_eng.htm) I bought this in September when I had a bit of a crisis as my own machine broke and I ended up buying 3 machines in order to settle on just the one. She has been comprehensively serviced and has the following parts replaced: Element seal Sight glass brackets, steam tap valve and pressure release valve - all internal copper washers replaced Steam valve seal Boiler cap seal G
  9. Yes, that's the part. I recently bought one from mrbean2cup, and a new seal was included with the valve and the overall price was less too. Genuine part!
  10. And the steam power could be affected by scale in the steam valve/wand - or - temperature set too low on the PID. A worthwhile upgrade if not already fitted would be the Rancilio silvia steam wand
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