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  1. Spot on. Send me a pm and we'll arrange payment and postage (unless you can collect?). Martin
  2. Got these with a commercial machine I bought. The baskets are interchangable with my gaggia Classic so I guess that makes them 58mm. £20 for all 4. Not looking to split. Sorry.
  3. Good condition, 2005 Italian model. Some marks but will clean up well... One spot weld has 'failed' on the rear but doesn't affect use.
  4. Smash in a torx as previously mentioned 👍
  5. Just for clarity (as it sounds similar to a previous set up of mine) do you have PID to control the brew but not a PID to control the steam? If so, then I used to start steaming around 135-140 whilst the steam temp was still rising, then it rise go to around 150-160 ad probably dip down to around 155. Have been there and it's frustrating to open the steam at 160 and watch it plummet to the lows like you say! I guess if you can wire up the PID for steam then you'll eradicate most of this issue!
  6. Haven't got round to making a listing as of yet! It has had the OPV mod (10 bar) - no PID fitted.
  7. I have this for £250 - refurbed inside and out last month with new seals and a powdercoated chassis: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/topic/56475-another-winterlockdown-gaggia-project/
  8. I have a Classic for sale. Have offered it in another wanted thread a few days back. I'll dig out the link for you 👍
  9. Nice. Campag for best bikes, Shimano for second best bikes!
  10. Tell us about your bikes then!
  11. Hi @Riz no problem. Happy to accept an offer if you wish. No probs if not though!
  12. Yes, there are some pics in the build thread that show it in better light, I gather the powdercoat code is RAL 7016 anthracite grey. Supplied with single and double baskets, upgraded silvia steam wand fitted and the opv mod done which sets the pressure to approximately 10 bar.
  13. I have this for £250 - refurbed inside and out last month with new seals and a powdercoated chassis: (just the machine, not the grinder!) https://coffeeforums.co.uk/topic/56475-another-winterlockdown-gaggia-project/
  14. Good work - we're all on hand to help as well!
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