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  1. hahahaha, yes I know, a bad workman always blames his tools.
  2. I do like the JoeFrex ones, is there a uk seller?
  3. Hi guys, not been on here awhile but Im looking to update my 350ml pitcher as I've notice the spout is not inline with the handle, it was probable a cheep as it came with the setup. Ive logged into amazon.co.uk and there's loads, so looking for some pointers as to a good one or make please. I am looking to improve my latte art skills, whether that makes any difference to the choice.
  4. Just ordered mine, cheers. BTW the above link will only work if you delete the “,grab” at the end.
  5. I’ve fitted the V3 wand and it works a treat on the Gaggia classic. I’ve also got the PID fitted and the steam temp is around 130deg.
  6. Ive found a 3D file but don't have a 3D printer, can anyone help - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2319146
  7. Looking to get a ‘coffee levelling tool’, do people on here use them and are they worth while.
  8. Trying to find out when to start the timing for a shot. On my Gaggia there seems to be around 4-5 seconds before the first drip and some say start then, others say start from the push of the button. When looking at brew ratios, it’s never clear on when to start the timer. I’m using a unpresurised basket with 9 bar and 13g coffee. Thanks.
  9. Are they best stored in the fridge or freezer?
  10. Where is the best place to store your beans and what is the life span after the roasting date on the packet please.
  11. I’ve bought one now and set the pressure thanks.
  12. After adjusting my OVP, is this about the right time (23 seconds) to reach 9 bar or should it reach pressure earlier. (the leaks don't happen when brewing) [video=youtube_share;fntWszEpMvU]
  13. My postie bought me my new Rok hand grinder from brewtool.co.uk great value at £139 all in including a sample pack of beans. Thanks guys, can’t wait to try it out. Must add, the guys there, Ross and Giles were most helpful.
  14. Can anyone help us on this please.
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