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  1. Ordered this mayself from the email , I remember la bolsa being one of my previous favourites from them :)
  2. Hi mate , on my niche it’s at 8, though a sage dB. My take on these beans is that they are very non decaf but I personally prefer one from Gökotta: vaken decaf . Best one i’ve Tasted by a long way. Vaken means awake in Swedish which is ironic roaster based in Liverpool, not Sweden
  3. Hi all , how did you get on with the Las Brisas. I think it’s one f the werdest coffees I’ve tasted. Using a niche and sage db. Still not sure if I like it
  4. Got the dual boiler on the last code, so happy with it, excellent machine
  5. have a look in the deals section , you need to enter the code
  6. Just done the upgrade exactly the same setup , from dtp with niche to sage dB ... at £779 on sage website it’s a good price and solves the problems for you.
  7. Thank you mate , I’ve gone for the dual boiler from a duo temp pro. Too good a price to turn down
  8. Making an item user friendly and smart is not pointless. Also anyone with any coding experience would be able to setup something easily for this machine because it’s just a process command. The controller could be a raspberry pye or something . I accept its it’s not as easy as I’m making out but worthwhile to the end user.
  9. i agree with this, it should be easier to adjust. Shame as it should be set to recommended out of the box , only if you want out of the norm should you have to adjust.
  10. Ow dear , really simple to code things like this, and won’t be that complex in the first place. Why cant it be preprogrammed with recommended settings , surely it is not too troublesome for them?
  11. I think this system would be aided by an initial startup button and preprogramming of recommended setting etc. It it would be extremely easy to code.
  12. Thanks no123 , btw , it must cost more than 15 a day to keep the two boilers running all day surely? Swaying slightly towards the sage atm but maybe i’ll Be swayed to the minima
  13. Thanks , because you have had both you are in the the best position to judge . I think all all this talk of repairing yourself on the minima isn’t going to wash with most people , people usually get someone to do a repair , however easy , but I accept it will be cheaper with the minima. Not it sure about the false economy , £400 is a lot of money, and who’s to say there will need to be a repair anyway? Does the minima produce a better cup of coffee would you say? Dave said it steams better, which is good, but it’s got standard size portafilter etc. Can you pinpoint what makes it better than the sage?
  14. Thanks for your help guys , I suppose the smart money is on buying a sage dB , but sell it on before end of warranty . Or or do we think the minima will lose less money over two years ... hmmm ... gotta say 12 mins isn’t fast compared to the sage for startup ... from daves review view the steam is better on the minima , anything else apart from build quality?
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