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  1. My recommendation is the sage duo temp pro with a mignon grinder . Second hand from on here if available you will make some lovely coffee with that combo
  2. Anyone given these a go? Definitely better as espresso.
  3. Cheers nick , very useful thank you
  4. Yes I can see the logic is better with the airscape , just wondering if anyone can give their experiance of it. The tight vac dispels air when you press the lid down reducing the amount of air in the container. Its good the code works on airscape , the original link seems to suggest it wouldn’t with planetary designed ones
  5. Hmmm . Seems they don’t do any non airscape ones where the code would work , unless I’m doing something wrong. would this be just as good at preserving beans? https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/coffee/tightvac-coffee-storage-container.html got one already but wondering if the airscape is better.
  6. Hey mate , where’s this discount code please?
  7. What do you all think to this? Again im not sure , the last 1kg special was awful . I’m not sure on this either although only tried through the aero press so far
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