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  1. Your best bet is to ask someone with a 3D printer to do a custom one for you. I’ve done one in the past. But have sold my printer whilst waiting for my new one.
  2. Hi mate , 3D print a portafilter stand for the niche, measure lots of beans out , and then sorted
  3. No probs mate , great choice. Beans i’d Try crankhouse as has been said above . If you want to get some decaf in for evening coffee then Vaken is superb... https://gokottacoffee.co.uk/ There’s loads of ace coffee out there so probably try some from one or two places then wait for an offer and try some more . Dialling in your coffee takes the longest time so be patient with it mate. Try man coco in Manchester for some excellent ones too
  4. Just to help , I upgraded from the duo temp pro and the dual boiler is a vastly better machine. The niche grinder is awesome compared to the mignon grinder I had before . i am an indecisive person, but my decision to go sage dB was a good one.
  5. Hi Alan , £700 for a dual boiler is an excellent price. They are reliable machines and many many people on here including myself use them on a daily basis. The main gripe people on here have is if it goes wrong you have to use coffee classic to fix it , but how likely is that? And I would say the vast majority of users don’t fix their coffee machines themselves anyway, so the lack of parts available to fix yourself is a moot point. my combo of a niche grinder and a dual boiler serves me very well. I don’t notice the 3 minute startup time so leave it off. Its a great machine
  6. My recommendation is the sage duo temp pro with a mignon grinder . Second hand from on here if available you will make some lovely coffee with that combo
  7. Anyone given these a go? Definitely better as espresso.
  8. Yes I can see the logic is better with the airscape , just wondering if anyone can give their experiance of it. The tight vac dispels air when you press the lid down reducing the amount of air in the container. Its good the code works on airscape , the original link seems to suggest it wouldn’t with planetary designed ones
  9. Hmmm . Seems they don’t do any non airscape ones where the code would work , unless I’m doing something wrong. would this be just as good at preserving beans? https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/coffee/tightvac-coffee-storage-container.html got one already but wondering if the airscape is better.
  10. Hey mate , where’s this discount code please?
  11. What do you all think to this? Again im not sure , the last 1kg special was awful . I’m not sure on this either although only tried through the aero press so far
  12. Ordered this mayself from the email , I remember la bolsa being one of my previous favourites from them :)
  13. Hi mate , on my niche it’s at 8, though a sage dB. My take on these beans is that they are very non decaf but I personally prefer one from Gökotta: vaken decaf . Best one i’ve Tasted by a long way. Vaken means awake in Swedish which is ironic roaster based in Liverpool, not Sweden
  14. Hi all , how did you get on with the Las Brisas. I think it’s one f the werdest coffees I’ve tasted. Using a niche and sage db. Still not sure if I like it
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