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  1. I own both,Ikawa V2 and Roest. Without any doubt, the Roest is superior,larger batchsize up to 120g,roasting and cooling at the same time,even with lightroasts around Agtron Gourmet 95( Lighttells Cm100 measured) absolute uniform roasted beans, great support from the Roest team. The only advantage of Ikawa is the size, great for travelling. Translating sample profiles to a bigger production roaster is a lot more easier with the Roest, creating own profiles depending on ET,BT or heating power super easy,complete manual roasting a dream. The machine is very powerful,probes are super sensitive,the whole system is very easy to understand.
  2. You may make a vid from the shower screen with water flushing through.
  3. Yes,true, 0.3 grams retention per grind if cleaned completely after grinding is too much,weight is declared in the manual,worth a read before buying......messy.don´t know what you mean,maybe your way of using,but if all that is what is most important to you and not the excellent result in the cup than this is the wrong grinder for you,for sure.
  4. No,as always with a new grinder I grind about 5 kg before activating taste and data,I´m roasting a lot,so there is this bucket with failed roasts,or roasts I´m not 110% happy about,that´s my breaking in material. There are several statements concerning the grind settings,in my opinion it depends a lot on roast,amount,way of brewing and at least personal preference,I´m moving between 3-5 clicks from finest with the V60/02.......single filter:D For people who enjoy drinking darker SBUX like roasts I think around middle grind setting and a faster draw down time could also give a tasty cup.
  5. With the refractometer,to evaluate the percentage of Tds for my given roast,grinder and grind setting I´m following the SCA Golden Cup Standard,V60 02,22/400,3min brewtime. More often and depending on roast and variety I´m moving between 18-21/300.
  6. Thank´s for explaining,I will try that,never used chemex. My Apex has seen around 5 kg,I´m using EKK43 with SSP and original MK burrs next to it,so good comparison possible,only light roast,>90 Agtron Gourmet. Great grinder,consistent TDS now,takes a while to find the right feeling to use the handle,but once found and saved everything fine.
  7. You are using two filter papers,right? Any reason for this?
  8. Kaffeenetz,EK 43 Erfahrungsaustausch,Alignment Thread,starting at post 1403,a user is asking for advice to make his Gua grinding fine enough for espresso,maybe worth a read.
  9. May I ask if you would ship to Germany,Royal Mail,large letter,international standard or economy? http://
  10. Nice price increase ......... almost 25% on DE1+
  11. Good orientation is Mr. Wendelboe´s Video
  12. Hi there, the method with the whiteboard marker is a further possibiltiy to check the runout of the rotating burr very easily after having aligned the stationary one with the dti,but it is better to cover the stationary burr with the marker. It is a lot easier to recognize the transfered colour from stationary to rotating burr than identify the rubbed off colour from a painted rotating burr. In my case the minimum runout oft the rotating one was removed by unscrew the burr from the carrier,turn it 120 degrees and give one screw 1nm more torque,in my case 6nm, than the other two with 5nm.
  13. Hi there, It seems because of some questions too much concerning the date of shipping the thread at HB is "closed"? No matter what,main thing is you keep us up to date,would like to see a video sometime when control over flow/pressure during the shot is possible. At this point of time it will be "in my basket"
  14. Very nice,the silvers skin released out of the central crack of the bean is almost no more visible,that´s really fine
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