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  1. BB were superb as ever, they sent me a new o-ring free of charge! It’s a bog standard o-ring, external diameter 8mm (internal 7mm) and you can find them on eBay if you should ever need one. Not sure if it’s rubber or silicone but I agree silicone would last longer.
  2. I’ll speak with BB and post the solution in due course . . .
  3. Hello? I Promise it I already googled it and searched on these forums and drew a blank . . .
  4. The o-ring on my R58’s steam tip has let go, I assume they are available for buttons on eBay etc. Anybody know the spec please? Best Steve
  5. I find that half a pound / 250g of beans isn’t really enough by the time I’ve dialled in, and a 1kg bag is too much, especially if the bean isn’t to my taste! For me, a pound of beans / half a kilo would be the ideal size to buy in. I can’t seem to find any roasters which sell in that unit size though. I know, I know, I could buy two half pound bags but that’s extra packaging and extra expense. Does anybody know of a roaster which sells in the “in between”’size? Thanks Steve
  6. Bought a new naked portafilter from a fellow forum member. First shot was amazing. I put it down to a fluke but decided to record the second shot just in case. Wow. Just wow. Tasted great too :-)
  7. Yep, the R58 has an E61 grouphead. Let’s go for it - Please could you PM to do the admin? Best Steve
  8. Hi there if this would fit an R58 (which I think it would?) then I’d be happy to buy at asking price. Best Steve
  9. Hi there. You’ve not mentioned saucers so presumably there aren’t any? cheers steve
  10. Hi Rolo, I read somewhere that a cooling flush isn't required on these, despite the fact that they are HX machines. Is that your experience? Do you normally do a CF and if so how many seconds? TIA Steve
  11. Hi there I’m showing my ignorance here but is this a Giotto Premium Plus or a Cellini Premium Olus? Best Steve
  12. The catch cup on my new feldgrind kept falling off from brand new but over next few days as the o-rings got grubby with coffee dust the friction increased and now it's perfect. Same could happen with your o-rinmgs on your aergrind. Keep going and see what happens . . .
  13. Seriously impressed with the Feldgrind. My coffee tastes markedly better than it does from my old hand grinder (Tiamo plastic job with ceramic burrs). Sounds obvious but I was surprised at the difference. The catchcup kept falling off while I was seasoning it with rice last night which had me worried. But it seems to have gained some friction now I've used it for a day and it stays in place now :-) Maybe the o-ring has become a fraction stickier now that it's not shiny and new? As others have said, definitely worth the wait. Best Steve
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