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  1. I've been using a rocket fausto for the past 2 months and it's been working like a charm. This morning it stopped grinding. It counts down and the burrs make noise but it's not sucking in any beans. Any idea what might be happening - the chute doesn't appear blocked and the hopper is open. Thanks.
  2. Did you ever figure out what happened to the grinder. I've had the Faustian for about 2 months and it's been working great till this morning. Now it doesn't suck in any beans and just counts down. How did you fix yours?
  3. Hi all: still new to pulling espresso (invested in the ECM Mechanika and Rocket Fausto combo.) The shots are turning out quite good with brew ratios of 1.7-2.0x depending on the bean. Struggling however because when I dispose off the puck, park of the puck sticks to the sides of the pf basket (see pic below.) Is this common - these grinds are wet. I've used different beans (light and dark roasts) but same issue. Yes, the coffee tastes good, but this results in me washing the basket and having to dry if off again between shots. Any advice? Nick
  4. Finally went with the ECM Mechanika Profi IV and the Rocket Fausto. Love it. What a nice upgrade from the super automatic I had before. The shots are coming out great but struggling mightily to get the right foam for latte art. Thanks to all on the forum for advice and personal experiences. And as many others have experienced, Bella Barista was terrific to work with.
  5. I recently bought a new ECM Mechanika IV and in the process of cleaning I removed the portafilter spout. It unscrewed quite easily, but when I try and put it back, it screws past the point where I would think it would stop and therefore results in the spout facing backward. I reached out to ECM and they mentioned that the spout isn't supposed to be removed and I should glue it back on. Has anyone else experienced this? What glue have you used to glue it back on? Thank you Nick
  6. Thanks. I ended up going with the Mechanika and the Fausto grinder combo. Looking forward to receiving it and playing with it. Now comes the hard part - learning to use it and dialing it in!
  7. Well said. My wallet is already feeling lighter than when I signed up on this forum earlier this morning. Initially I was looking at the Profitec 500 and a Compak K3. After speaking with BB and researching a bit more, I'm leaning more towards the ECM Mechanika IV Profi (love the levers for the steam and water.) Struggling a little bit with the grinder - everyone (incl BB) recommend going with a nicer grinder so I'm trying to convince myself to upgrade to the ECM Automatik 64 or a Compak E5. My only hesitation is that I'll likely only be in the UK for 3-4 years and am concerned about dropping G
  8. That's the set-up I'm leaning towards. Are you happy with it? Seems like the ECM grinder is relatively new to the market, but the specs look good and it matches the ECM machines well. Any advice?
  9. So excited to have joined this forum. Saying hi, currently from Toronto, Canada, but relocating soon to London, UK. In the market for my first prosumer espresso machine, and have been reading on the immense amount of knowledge on the forums. :good:
  10. Ha, I'm struggling with exactly the same dilemma. The Profitec 500 vs. the Mechanica IV profi. It'll be my first HX machine, so lot's of research has gone into it (and quite a bit of indecision, too.) The ECM machines look beautiful and I like the lever vs. the knobs personally.
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