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  1. 15% off, offer ends Sunday night, use code below at checkout: "LETSGO!21" 518 Location: South East London Author Posted 23 minutes ago · IP (edited) Apparently a juicy banger (according to the roaster). Anyone tried/wants to try? - Plummy jam, chocolate, FUNK - https://www.crafthousecoffee.co.uk/collections/coffee/products/el-salvador-la-providencia PS. There's a 15% discount until Sunday with this code: "LETSGO!21" Edited 14 minutes ago by DavecUK mailchimp referral and tracking link removed.
  2. Apparently a juicy banger (according to the roaster). Anyone tried/wants to try?
  3. If you're switching between espresso and brew, Niche will also be a massive improvement.
  4. Looks awesome. What's it like to clean? Also wondering how did you go around the grouphead?
  5. I looove a well branded bag. It definitely impacts my decision when purchasing. Same with craft beer. Can't do anything about it.. Bonus if it has some texture to it (a la Crankhouse). Having said that, the bag-in-a-box approach (Crooked Nose, Crafthouse Coffee) is a complete overkill for me. Goes straight to the bin anyway?
  6. @shodjoe1 did you end up paying any tax on it by shopping on Ali? It comes at £66.70 and I'm really interested in getting one from there.
  7. Ohh, nice. More competition! Any inkling/info on the pricing though?
  8. Yeah, all valid points really. I do however like the overall design of it, how the adjustments are made, how the handle detaches and reattaches for portability and how the measuring cup acts as a chamber cap. Neat. A bit odd that you have to essentially grind counter-clockwise because of the whole switcheroo thing.
  9. Don't think this has been posted yet. Pretty peculiar product with some interesting engineering (at least I haven't seen grinders where the shaft rotates instead). Atm you can back one up for $208 (not sure about taxes), which comes at £150 ish with shipping (Revolut rates). WDYT? Product page on KS
  10. I'm on a longer visit to Lithuania atm and tasting local coffees here. So far found two very interesting funky lots: a Columbian (unusual pick for me) anaerobic one from TasteMap and (again) a Columbian natural from Strange Love Coffee. Both are pretty amazing. Gotta say I'm spoilt by UK offering and importantly pricing, although ~14EUR for something special is probably still alright.
  11. Zeak

    1 € Espresso

    My wife was serving Caffe Diemme at their coffee shop and I'd say it's very Italian. Dosage-wise, I think Italians don't bother with measuring, just grind super fine, scrape off the excess and lightly tamp? I think in Hoffman's video on Italian espresso he mentioned that the dosage used to be like 20-22g hence the intense crema etc.
  12. Yeah, it's like buying a new car and the steering wheel leans to one side all the time. Soz. On the subject, I love the fact that the affordable SD grinder niche (no pun..) is getting bigger. Competition is only making it better for the end consumer ✌️
  13. Got this in a newsletter - code 'HOTJULY'. I think it's only for this specific combo: Steampunk site
  14. Can't see this offering on the site, probably a sub-exclusive 🤔
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