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  1. Hey! Ah, why not. I'd use Hermes as it's more convenient and even somewhat cheaper. Can drop it off tomorrow. PM me please.
  2. You can get a spare SSR and wires from Mr Shades' shop. Not 100% if the controller will support it but probably will. In that case it's a fairly cheap and easy upgrade.
  3. There's another one that just popped up (I'd argue that £200 is a bit too much for it, but maybe he'll go down). But yeah, PID is a must if you're serious about your *akhem* new hobby.
  4. Just a heads up, Steampunk is offering this great bean now (Christmas speshh) ⚡
  5. Had two bags from Quantum (Scotland) a few months ago. Didn't have any dates on them. Tried reaching out on Twitter just to understand whether I should rest them - no response. Odd. Both bags were pretty average as well 🤷‍♂️
  6. There's one with a PID up in Chester. ⚡
  7. Hey! Accidentally purchased a wrong size distribution tool. Had a few in my basket on eBay and went with the wrong one. 🤦‍♂️ It's 51mm, adjustable height (screw instead of spacers). RRP £16.79. Yours for £13 delivered (within UK) or £10 picked up from SE10. ✌️
  8. 1. tsouthwell2. E4043. ratty4. Gavin5. steffanjtaylor6. MinesAbeer7. Zeak8.
  9. That yellow is so rich, love it! Great job.
  10. I got two bags of it and smashed through the first 250g over the weekend. Loving it to bits! It is indeed musky unlike the Pineapple Candy that we had earlier in the year. I think it's definitely getting into my Top 3 beans this year. Thanks to whoever suggested it here 👏
  11. For me, coming from MC2 it's obviously a step up, and mostly because of: Grind quality Grind consistency Shot taste Noise reduction (BIG one) Footprint reduction Speed (somewhat) Ability to switch beans/settings quick and easy Ease of cleaning Looks (questionable but yeah) Other choices/options were a compromise to one or few the points above. I love this thing and don't regret it.
  12. It quickly creates a recursion and potentially a black hole. Be careful.
  13. I made a big mistake of vacuuming some Indian spices a few months ago. All this time later my house still smells of a curry takeaway when I vacuum. BTW, any tips on cleaning he HEPA filter?
  14. Zeak

    Iberital MC2 - £75

    This has now been sold and on the way to Scotland ⚡
  15. Zeak

    Iberital MC2 - £75

    Awesome, agreed ✌️ I will PM you the deets. @The Systemic Kid cheers boss!
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