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  1. Zeak

    Experimental/funky beans

    Oh boy. Just when I ordered two bags from Horsham, they introduced something really interesting. Lactic fermented washed bean fr West Java. West Java - Finsa Andung Sari Washed Varietal – Andung Sari Preparation – Washed - Lactic bacteria wet fermentation Location – Sunda, West Java, Indonesia Altitude – 1400 masl Importer - Nordic Approach This is our first ever coffee from West Java and it's a taste profile we don't normally experience from Indonesia. Coffees from this part of the world are often processed using the wet hulled method know for rich chocolate, earthy flavours that very much divides the crowd. This coffee is very different and has been processed as a washed coffee with a focus creating a clean, high scoring microlot of just 8 x 69kg bags. https://www.horshamcoffeeroaster.co.uk/products/west-java-finsa-andung-sari-washed
  2. Zeak

    Experimental/funky beans

    Awesome! Can't wait to hear what you think about it .)
  3. Zeak

    Experimental/funky beans

    I went with Colombia - La Primevera. Got sold on the extended 34h fermentation. Also, Origin sent me an email with something juicy inside. Has anyone tried it?
  4. Woop woop! Got mine today [emoji3590] Thank you kindly.
  5. Zeak


    A few extra grams out indeed can make a massive difference. I'm going as far as 18/45g and with the beans I had last week, it opens them up incredibly compared to 18/40g.
  6. Brazilian SO Tiramisu sounds very posh [emoji1362]
  7. Whilst we're on the subject, putting the moka pot Inthe dishwasher (probably not advised by the manufacturer anyway) is a similarly bad idea. But, I recently bought an enamel cast iron pot and after the very first curry it got a massive PIA stain that wouldn't go away no matter what (heavy rubbing, isopropyl alcohol etc). A few Puly Caf sessions later it's almost as good as new.
  8. Hey, as Hoffman's Patreon supporter I got this in my inbox. He didn't mention if it can be shared with a wider audience, so I feel I'm not doing anything wrong. And it's just 10%.. PATREONUUE2010 "It will give you10% off coffee (sadly not equipment or subscriptions though), and will last for a couple of months, then I will post a new one."
  9. Zeak

    Experimental/funky beans

    Oh damn, just reading this makes me excited: "Newerly Gutierrez (Son of Gildardo and now in charge of Monteverde's processing) has a unique system for processing naturals with fermentation times running from 60 hours up to 100. This lot is his 'yellow' natural, which means it had an extended fermentation of 80 hours. With that in mind, expect funky notes of rum and raisin, tropical bubblegum, stewed banana and funky berry!"
  10. Zeak

    Experimental/funky beans

    @Jez H I did (George Street Blend and Rwanda, Sholi) and it was very very good. Free delivery on all orders which makes it appealing too. The discount code is gone though .(
  11. Zeak

    Cream pot lids

    Is it just the smaller tubs/pods or all of them? I just use and re-use cling film for stuff like that. Not ideal, but not aware of a better solution .(
  12. Zeak

    Experimental/funky beans

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Producer: Jairo Arcila Farm/Mill: Maracay Cultivar: Castillo Process: Anaerobic EF1 Natural ( * airhorn * ) Location: Quindeo Altitude: 1,900 - 2,000 masl Harvest: May - July Expect notes of Pomegranate, Blood Orange, Passion Fruit. https://kissthehippo.com/collections/all-products/products/colombia-maracay £14 for 250g though. A bit on the ouch side.. Might cop if there's still that 20% discount.
  13. Zeak

    Coffee from the Cat

    I concur. My bag was at its best when it was almost done.
  14. Zeak

    Coffee from the Cat

    Tropical IPA is a very good description for the Nicaraguan [emoji531]. I've just finished my kilo and had 500g from Crankhouse right before it. BC's version was a tad milder in the funkiness department which might be good news for some. I personally loved it both as espresso and brew, but ended up using most of it as the former. For the price + forum discount it's almost a steal compared to Horsham and Crank. Cat promised some funky new stuff coming out this week btw.
  15. Zeak

    Experimental/funky beans

    I'm easily persuaded these days + super disappointed in my recent purchase from Quantum Signed up.
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