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  1. Would like to give a generous shout out to the Kenyan beans. They are pretty phenomenal, especially for espresso.
  2. Huh, so this one's back then. I think last year it was on offer also in March/April (crankhouse/black cat). Loved it.
  3. Thanks, ordered a kilo of Kenyan. Looking forward ✌️
  4. Well, James' one is 8 quid for 250g which is a very decent price and what I'm usually spending on espresso beans. Also with Niche I tend to dial in fairly quickly.
  5. Looks like the same bean but from Crankhouse - https://www.crankhousecoffee.co.uk/products/ireme-experimental-micro-lot They also just started selling some bonkers DOUBLE (sau whatt?) anaerobic Columbian - https://www.crankhousecoffee.co.uk/products/rafael-amaya-double-anaerobic-pink-bourbon. 16 weasels for 250g though.. How's that ireme in espresso guys? Have plenty of nice filter that doesn't work well through a portafilter.
  6. I had this cratering issue eith the 4 hole brass plate up until I switched from Gaggia stock 18g to a 18g VST basket. Never had anything like it after 👀
  7. Got this today. Man it's quite something. Both me and my better half sipped and then glanced at each other. Filter definitely tastes good IMO - like other anaerobics it just has the pronounced funkiness. But in espresso it comes out real funny. Tamarind is on point, quite acidic. Let's see how it goes tomorrow haha.
  8. Thanks! I just got a kilo as it sounded too good to pass at this price ✌🏻
  9. Yesss pleasssse. Would it be too much to ask to post in this group when it's out? 😀
  10. New (apparently boozy) stuff Crankhouse La Batea Natural ~ heavy breathing intensifies ~
  11. Sad to report but Mandela is no more..
  12. ha. please report back! sounds tempting! I've picked up a 4 bag assortment from @Crownandcanvas. Trying to chase that pineapple dream .) Hopefully the Honduras bean has some.
  13. Thanks @Gilly, loving the new addition. So much better + style points obvs. ✌️
  14. Awesome. Mine's super crunchy and is disintegrating, soo good timing. Please PM the deets ✌🏻
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