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  1. Yes, very neat. Now we just need to have the logo swapped 👀
  2. 1. MinesAbeer 2. hhgclark 3. ratty 4. Marcros 5. Rapid 6. Jollybean 7. tsouthwell 8. Zeak 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.
  3. Awesome. I've ordered both (Mexico and Congo). Looking forward. Did you use it for espresso or filter?
  4. Anyone tried their Mexican SO or the one from DR Congo?
  5. Hey. Taking everything apart will allow you to: a) assess how things look - unless it was used with angel tears or super soft water you'll see build up on boiler walls b) use metal/nylon brushes to scrub that build up from every corner, then soak again and re-asses. c) soak all the other bits that normally would get enough of attention Below is my boiler a few years ago when I first opened it up. You can see a lot of hard scale on the walls that wouldn't come off with a simple assembled descaling routine + all that stuff would then end up clogging OPV or something else.
  6. Zeak

    New posts

    Tapatalk is having a day off for me today too. Won't open any threads. But using the site on mobile is actually nicer.
  7. Unpopular opinion but I've yet to drink a coffee from a hipster coffeeshop that's not at least decent. Pretentious interior - yes, baristas with portafilter tattoos - yes, £4 muffins - yes yes. But never had bad beverage really. Had sub par service, but that's different. Maybe because I'm always super careful where I have it and Best Coffee app is on my "speed dial" and I don't risk it for a biscuit.
  8. Honestly it's bonkers how popular this thing is. Considering how...well...niche of a product it is too. Big players like Mazzer/Eureka must/should be working on something like this.
  9. IMO it's kinda pointless to upgrade to a decent machine whilst keeping that Baratza. It's 100% going to become a bottleneck. PS you already pulled the plug on Mara, congrats!
  10. Yeah ,just checked it out. Sounds good. Also there's an Extended Fermentation version of it: Colombia Villamaria (Extended Fermentation) https://ravecoffee.co.uk/collections/single-origin-coffee/products/colombia-villamaria-ferment72 Is there a discount code for Rave lying around?
  11. Getcho wallets out. This is our second coffee from Jairo Arcilla, who also produced our beloved Maracay, although this one comes from Jairo’s other farm, Villarazo. This lot underwent a process called anaerobic natural fermentation. Essentially the coffee cherries were sealed in a bag without oxygen and placed in water tanks so that the cherries could be kept at a stable 22 degrees celsius. The coffee was left inside the tanks for 60 hours before being removed and dried in the sun. Anaerobic naturals are known for their intense flavours and big sweetness, a result of the coffee seed inside t
  12. I can comment on gasket - only cafelat mate, it's the best; also the dispersion plate - I'd buy the aluminium one (like the original), there's a potential issue with jetting/channeling) with the brass one (check the forum thread). These things are most indestructible. Unless there's a dodgy bolt that's impossible stuck..even then there are options. The rest is stripping it down, descaling everything, not dipping the boiler into the rescaling liquid ([emoji2357]), swapping o-rings and gaskets, replacing bits. It's like AK47 lol. PS looking at that corrosion on the plate though...makes me a
  13. Great thread, been thinking about this the other day going through the "show your setup" thread and again today in another one about grinders where a member was choosing between models that are in the thousands of pounds. I'm personally a fairly pragmatic individual when it comes to...literally everything and always try to find that sweet spot just before I start getting deminishing returns. Coffee is not an exception. At this moment in time the extra fussiness in prep-work, more expensive beans and investments in hardware do make a difference and make me happier. Fortunately I can afford this
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