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  1. thanks for all your help. The electrician has traced it back to a faulty power cord after all. Are you able to recommend a replacement?
  2. Thanks for a your help. I'm a little bit lost here, I tested the power cord with the multimeter and it works. Beyond that I am bot quite sure what I am doing and how I should go about testing the different components.
  3. Will do, I only replached the fuse in the plug, couldn't any for the cooling tray motor. I'll do as you suggest above.
  4. No nothing works, and no ewelly display lights come on. Yep I have a multimeter and shod be able to use it.
  5. No, it still doesn't, the lights on the ewelly displays don't come on when I switch the power on.
  6. Thank you. The cooling tray motor was not the issue (but had to change it anyway as the wires had melted together). There's no fuse behind the front panel, could it be it has buggered so.ething else? Power seems to come in as the lights shown in the attached image come on.
  7. Good tip, thank you. Stupid question but if there is a fuse serving the cooling tray motor where would it be?
  8. Thank you Dave, much appreciated. In fact I found the wires going into the cooling tray motor had melted together, the protective sleeve was black when i removed the cooling tray. I've ordered a new cooling tray motor and hope to replace it on Friday. Finders crossed it hasn't buggered anything else.
  9. I checked and it isn't the fuse, when I turn the power switch on the lights on the displays don't come and the "operating buttons" don't work.
  10. Hi there, I have my first issue with the Dalian. Have had it for 4 years, cleaned regularly etc. Today during coming something happened (maybe the cooling motor blew up a sit has been playing up recently?) And the whole machine switched off and it won't switch on again. Any help would be greatly appreciated before I start ordering spare parts, thank you already to all.
  11. I've now done a couple of roasting sessions with the roast temp at 175c(as that's my fc temp, or thereabouts) and it's working. I'd say now the roaster works as per the descriptions/roasting aides in the manuals. I am having to pull a lot less air through to slow down the roast, get a nice ror curve and duplicating a roast is not an issue. very pleased.
  12. RDC8, no I didn't change the temp setting, but I'll do that now as per Dave's suggestion. It'll probably be the last (for now.............) missing piece in getting to know the Dalian, always felt the roaster was a little too hot (having the roasting temp controller at 193-195)) for a first at 170-175.
  13. RDC8, if you have time and get a chance to do a sess with Dave go for it, it'll open your eyes (at least it opened mine). With my limited (should really read 'no') experience I've noticed one shouldn't don't worry about hitting first at 195/185 or whatever temp anyone else tells you (Mine sits at, bean mass temp, 172-173 and 175-176 respectively for two beans I am currently roasting). Once you know your 1st crack temp for a certain bean play with the airflow and taste the results. This is the key i found (am still finding): Davec - "The main problem with roasting is in failing anticipate" Bar a couple of early horrors... the roasts on the Dalian have tasted great.
  14. I did the 1-day course with Dave on Saturday. To say it was worth it is a huge understatement. First of all it's a 2-3 day course in one. Prior to Saturday I had done one with a respectable roastery in London's East End and not only was it less hands on, it covered about 20% of the topics we did on Saturday. Anyone who has the Dalian would gain an awful lot by doing this course. And it's a stupid amount of value for the money. Now, my roasting experience is limited but I feel I learned an awful lot, not only about roasting but what happens inside the bean when it's roasted. Dave can go to as much detail as you want on the chemistry etc. And I feel in charge now, confident in approaching a new bean, controlling the roasts and replicating a roast (i didn't think it was possible to that degree of accuracy, makes you wonder why people use software). Bottom line is, if you've got a Dalian, you should seriously consider doing this course. I've got no business interest in this and met Dave for the first time ever on Saturday. The reason I am posting this is because all Dalian owners should now it's available (Given Dave decides he wants to keep doing it going forward).
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